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10/19/2018 - 1:24pm Thanks everyone.  Great…

Thanks everyone.  Great ideas, and a bunch of places I haven’t been... the sarcastic replies are hilarious.  

For those that asked; there is only four of us headed out.

07/21/2018 - 9:44am FYI: The photograph of the…

FYI: The photograph of the Southfield office towers does not show the pick up location of 27777 Franklin Rd.

04/01/2018 - 9:55am Not a hoops expert...

...but MAAR seems WAY more dialed in on defense than Poole.

03/25/2018 - 12:04am Watch it again; pretty sure

Watch it again; pretty sure he was.

03/21/2018 - 12:58pm Counter Intuitive?

Why would it be counter intuitive to learn that the closer the defender, the worse the shooting percentage? Isn’t it completely intuitive and the entire point of playing defense in the first place?

02/13/2017 - 7:39am The point is moot.

Would love to see either of these guys on the Lions.

02/06/2017 - 11:09pm My favorite Roundtree...

...moment was the .gif of him and Shoelace dancing at an M hoops game.

12/13/2016 - 10:39pm With all due respect Mr. Yost,

It is Dr. Seaver.

11/22/2016 - 9:57am I like that he called out Marcus Hall

Byesman vs. Epic Double Bird of the Week.


10/28/2016 - 1:17am Right back at you trueblue.

Right back at you trueblue.

10/28/2016 - 1:15am Plus one for you my friend!

Plus one for you my friend! I can't believe I missed that!

10/27/2016 - 11:13pm Not sure that it's "dumb" to

Not sure that it's "dumb" to give Brian a shout out every once in a while on the board... But you are probably right, I just did a quick review of your recent posts and "smart" is the only word that comes to mind.

10/27/2016 - 10:51pm I may be a brown noser...

...but I am happy to report that I have never kissed John Navarre!

09/09/2016 - 7:01am This. ^^^^

Refs should be calling penalties with simple objective criteria (unlike the mystery of Targeting in the college game). Then a panel should be reviewing all head to head plays during the week to dole out fines and suspensions.

08/13/2016 - 8:10am And on 4th and 1...

Moeller was a mad man and never gets enough credit for his offensive genius.

08/12/2016 - 10:30pm Thank you.

You raise an important point. ;)

08/04/2016 - 4:45pm My wife and I are actually...

...trying to get pregnant now, and have a Christmas vacation scheduled on Key Largo and Marco Island. Are you suggesting that we change plans?

08/04/2016 - 10:39am Home alone...

...would be my preference by far. Usually end up at home with the mgowife and mgokids though. I try to keep a strict "no talking policy", but the glorious silence (besides the broadcast) rarely lasts for more than a minute or two.

05/21/2016 - 8:26am A picture of a panda bear with a sad face holding a sign saying,

"Save the baby humans."

Not trying to be political here... The bumper sticker just has great irony.

05/14/2016 - 11:11pm Henson

His nickname was "Super" Drew Henson back in those days. He was a jounior; I was a senior. I guarded him all game, and I'm not sure what he ended up with but it had to be around 30. Yes, basketball, by FAR his third best sport. I probably scored six or eight. We won in OT though. Go Mustangs! (Northville)

02/15/2016 - 9:10am Riccardo Legacy

John Riccardo (the deceased) was truly an amazing man.

His priorities were extraordinarily clear and straightforward:

1. God
2. Family (wife first, kids second, others third)
3. Work
4. Michigan

That said, he was a HUGE Michigan Man and worked extremely hard to rise to the top of one of the world's largest companies. Think about what that must mean from a capacity standpoint... I am always amazed when I learn about (and even more so, when I interact with) people who are able to produce SO much more than me, across so many facets of life. Not like 20% more, I am talking like 20 times more!

02/06/2016 - 11:07am Who?

Mr. Plow?

01/16/2016 - 1:25pm Congrats!

Also, congrats! Fatherhood is awesome.

01/16/2016 - 1:24pm Avatar

Given the possibility that you may be having a daughter, and you probably wouldn't want her objectified by all your "friends" on the Internet, my advice as a new parent would be to change your avatar.

01/06/2016 - 7:40am Best Gift Ever

Regarding the set that StephenR showed above: My wife bought this exact set for my birthday a number of years back. The kids and I get it out each year for a couple of weeks at Christmas. One of my favorite gifts of all time. It's very old timey, but putting the iPhones down and playing with it is a real joy.

11/02/2015 - 8:40pm Thank you and...

...I am sorry that you are stuck in East Lansing. I should have been more clear wrt Rudock. I was thinking specifically of his injury from Saturday's game (I am up to speed on the regression from last year, horrible deep ball injury theory). Specific to the helmut ripping hit, the reporter's question above seemed to indicate that he (we?) had already been told that it was shoulder related, not a concussion, and that's he's expected back as early as next week. When did this news come out? (because I am picking it up here (in the Monday presser) for the first time)

11/02/2015 - 7:06pm Where can I find any thing from Harbaugh...

...or the program in general from post game? Two subjects seem to be understood by others (but not by me) prior to this presser that I have not seen here on the board, on the main page, or anywhere else for that matter, namely: Rudock's is a shoulder problem and Shane being officially behind Wilton on the depth chart.

11/01/2015 - 7:29pm This .gif is...

...what the refs should use to define targeting. Makes me so freaking angry.

Edit: Whoops! NOT this .gif! The Rudock one above.

10/26/2015 - 3:48pm Thank you...

...for your calming comments. I am now over it.

10/26/2015 - 2:21pm I don't understand...

...what is going on when people confidently and clearly state something that is simply wrong which can very easily be verified as incorrect.

He said, "wouldn't". It is super clear in the video.

10/08/2015 - 9:20am This. Is. Awesome.

I love that we have this guy... I honestly find our punting plays to be some of the most exciting this season.  As good as our defense is... when Blake can pin the opponents's deep... it just positions us so well for so many things, e.g. safeties, panicky opposing QBs, opportunities for Peppers to field returnable punts, short fields for our offense, etc.  

07/24/2015 - 6:17am Finger Guns!!!

Bang, bang, Mgobloggers. Bang, freaking, bang. Harbaugh.

07/17/2015 - 7:40am I smell something unknown to

I smell something unknown to mankind.

07/17/2015 - 7:31am Friday is... favorite day of the week.

(Except in the fall, in the fall, Saturday is my favorite day of the week.)

Go Blue!


07/13/2015 - 10:44pm Should be... exciting second half. Things started to get a little heated after the bullshit Bedoya no call.

07/13/2015 - 10:42pm Alvarado

Was humiliated on that goal... Seriously, he might have stayed out too long partying or something last night... That was PATHETIC.

07/13/2015 - 9:10pm Wonderful news Cactus!!!

Both my mom and wife are / were teachers and both have found it to be an extremely rewarding career! Welcome to The D, so many good things are happening here; the region is definitely on the upswing... Great M-loving teachers moving to the area is just another sign of great things to come.

07/11/2015 - 9:03pm Saw Brian today...

... at the AFC Ann Arbor soccer game, and after introducing myself, I honestly had to take a deep breath to collect my composure before thanking him for all the work he's put into the site. I know this sounds super cheesy/insecure... But I spend significant portions of time on here every day, and then there was Brian just chilling with a friend taking in the game. I owe this man so much of my happiness!

PS - I hope my six kids didn't annoy the hell out of you and your buddy!

02/24/2015 - 4:26pm Health Update

Great post Ace. Thank you as always for your thorough work. Would you mind giving us an update on your health? My family and I have been remembering you in our prayers for months and it has been a while since I've seen anything. Obviously, I hope, as all MGoUsers do, that you are feeling better and better each day!!!  And if there has been some recent update that I've missed, I apologize to Ace and the Board for wasting everyone's time!

02/23/2015 - 8:49pm Health Update

Great post Ace. Thank you as always for your thorough work. Would you mind giving us an update on your health? My family and I have been remembering you in our prayers for months and it has been a while since I've seen anything. Obviously, I hope, as all MGoUsers do, that you are feeling better and better each day!!!

01/20/2015 - 10:27pm Wait... Is Dakich transferring?

Somehow I thought I read at some point that Dakich was transferring? I remember being sad about there being no more awesome cheer/dancing after big makes.

04/01/2014 - 1:44pm Thank you!

Those lines are great.  I can so vividly picture him saying each one of them.  RIP Bo; you are missed! 

03/15/2014 - 7:55pm My GOODNESS!

I never post either, but have been LOVING Ace's giff'ing of Dakich these last few weeks... And while I've never heard of the referenced movies, this Dackich - Dance Movie mash-up is one of the highlights of my life. Thank you, OP.

08/30/2013 - 1:34pm Jake Ryan

Ryan's tracking Minnesota sweep where he just manhandles the blocker like rag doll and crumples the ball carrier like a middle-schooler is just great... can't wait to have that guy back!

08/30/2013 - 1:32pm That is almost...

...exactly what I was thinking... hilarious.  My thought was, "Sweet, now I am going to have to skip out of work early... all because I can no longer use my brain... all because of that AWESOME FREAKING VIDEO!"

04/26/2013 - 10:06am Congrats!

Welcome!!!!! You are now a member of the most prestigious and distinguished alumni family on planet earth.

01/31/2013 - 11:13pm Was Stauskas recruited as just a shooter?

If so, Beilein was way off the mark on this guy.

01/31/2013 - 12:57am Thanks...

... I would be david molk ripping limbs pissed if I missed the game thinking it was cool and the gang for Sunday.

01/30/2013 - 8:50pm A win on Sunday...

...will make would make Novak swear like crazy in his European huddle.

01/30/2013 - 8:47pm It's like 10,000 knives...

...when all you need is a spoon.