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08/24/2018 - 6:45pm Would really love to see U-M…

Would really love to see U-M donate a big chunk of proceeds ahead of the Game to women's charities and defenders of domestic abuse. Maybe the team can wear purple laces and sweatbands at the Shoe. Coach Harbaugh should use this occasion to actively and publicly promote domestic violence awareness. Require his players to volunteer for a domestic violence hotline. Relationship training. Not just to troll OSU, but because this is a very public issue among professional male athletes and it would be responsible to take the bull by the horns. The Michigan Difference.

08/02/2018 - 5:10pm When you're the highest paid…

When you're the highest paid public employee in the state and your contract essentially states you're a mandatory reporter. Provided the ability to direct payroll in that capacity, you have an obligation to the institution and to the state to ensure the flow of those monies is not to a known domestic abuser. That buck stops with the head coach, and IMO is a fireable offense. We'll see how it plays out.

What could potentially be much more damning is if Meyer did report to the athletic department (similar to Paterno), but the institution along with Meyer made the combined decision to keep matters quiet.

In 2009, Urban should have looked Zach Smith straight in the eye and said: "Zach, I knew Earle Bruce. He was a great coach and my mentor. You are no Earle Bruce". And fired his ass. 

Plain and simple. You cannot be both a high-paid and highly visible public employee at an institution of higher learning AND a domestic abuser. Can't happen. WTF does it say to our student sisters and daughters in the State of Ohio if Ohio State University can knowingly maintain contact - let alone a contract - with a man who violently abuses women? Because...FOOTBALL??? 

***k that.

08/02/2018 - 4:49pm Well that didn't work...

Well that didn't work...

Here's the link -

08/02/2018 - 4:48pm Brian and Sam Webb cut to…

Brian and Sam Webb cut to the quick this morning! My sentiments, exactly.

Great piece, Brian. If anyone's interested in Sam's take, you can listen here:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="180px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

12/14/2017 - 9:14pm It doesn't seem coincidental

It doesn't seem coincidental that this deal occurred on the heels of disbanding net neutrality. Word on the street is the loss of net neutrality rewards couplings and pairings of established media outlets/apps, which will be offered with data plans for high-speed consumption by the public. 

I read somewhere to expect flat fee offerings for general data usage (email, text, browsers) from the major data providers, then a la carte "packages" will increase your bill to match your data preferences; i.e., you can purchase a plan consisting of ABC, ESPN, Disney, FOX streaming apps for sports and entertainment television and film, or a different "bundle" on a with a different provider. Ultimately, the market will dictate what we're willing to pay for these streaming services, but my sense is this is the beginning of the destruction of cable television and advertising as we know it. The future is data streaming, not channel surfing, for most entertainment consumption.

To me, it's not so much that the consumer will experience a major difference in the hit to his wallet; but we'll see a fairly significant redistribution of wealth in entertainment media. "Cable" will continue to control the spigots of our media consumption, but only to the extent they can pair with the biggest data providers, which requires establishment in mobile. It's then a race for the established media networks to bundle themselves competitively, providing services tailored and attuned to the present and future attention span; i.e., binge consumption, sports highlights, and a heavy dose of social media (connecting fantasy sports and entertainment media to 140-280 character commentary). 

If more people choose to connect to the media via pre-bundled apps then surfing the web, the losers would appear to be proprietors in the competitive online marketplace, the blogs and alternative sources of entertainment media that may not be included in app bundles available through the service providers.

10/26/2017 - 7:35pm I got you

09/05/2017 - 9:38pm ARMY

BOOM! - Ahhh

U.S.M.A. Rah! Rah!

U.S.M.A. Rah! Rah!

Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah!

AR-MAY! Rah!

Team! Team! Team!

Go Army, Beat Navy!

08/25/2017 - 12:07pm I just had a conversation

I just had a conversation about this and am firmly in camp "give me space". Apparently, the phenomenon could be partially cultural and rooted in population density, from places where queues are expected to be tight. The person inches from your back may be just as anxious about over-spacing as you are of under-spacing. 

Last time this happened to me I just turned around with a startled look, "oh...hey there. Didn't realize the line was so tight!" And lo and behold it wasn't, and the guy backed away a couple feet.

08/18/2017 - 5:17pm While we're canvassing for

While we're canvassing for car advice...

My lease is up in October on a Honda Civic. It's been my daily driver I took over from my wife when the kids were born. The catch is I've become a "super-commuter" in the last year, and I put 104 miles on my car, daily.

I think this makes leasing my next car out of the question, because of mileage overage fees - but in any event, the economical car you're initially happy to pay $200-250/month starts to feel less than cozy because you're paying mid-level / low-end lux prices for it. So I'm thinking something used, maybe a hybrid.

So my concern is choosing the right car at the right price. Has to be a car that can rack up 25-35,000 miles a year without falling apart, at a monthly price consistent with what we've been paying - or in the case of a hybrid, maybe a little more if the gas cost would off-set.

Any ideas? I've been looking at a 2011 Lexus CT 200h, and it's checking off most of my boxes; but my concern with that vehicle is how it'll respond to the mileage.


06/26/2017 - 1:49pm Worst: just moved to a new

Worst: just moved to a new town in 6th grade. Went to a varsity football game with some kids and we pick up a game of touch at half-time. We're playing on a green about twenty yards from the varsity football field, alongside of which, in about a three-foot ditch, a brook runs the boundary.

Our QB drops back to pass. There's no better time than this moment to impress my new friends. I picture myself catching the winning TD and make up my mind I'm going for glory.

My defender is well shorter than me, and from what I've seen, much slower. I'm confident I can burn him one on one, so I start into a sprint down the seam. I'm about three steps past my man and knowing I have him beat, I start looking over my shoulder, calling for the pass. My heart is racing. GLORY. It comes...

I don't look forward as I'm sprinting full speed to get under the ball. OVERTHROWN. My teammates are yelling "brook, brook!" 


Best: nothing on a varsity field, unfortunately - but I've had my share of game-winning shots in pickup basketball games, boxball at recess, hitting that last minigolf hole-in-one for all the marbles. So I'll go with one that was at least meaningful.

As an adult, I played in my law firm's annual golf outing. It's a scramble, best ball. I was an associate at the time, and not very good at golf (I'm still a terrible golfer). But I put in some work at the range and built up some confidence. I just wanted to help give my foursome a chance, and not be a complete brick.

As we approached the 18th hole, I've been more brickish than helpful but I haven't committed any atrocities. I hit a couple good putts and I wasn't embarrassing myself on the green. My long and middle game was poor, but we had a gunner off the tee and my mentor and partner in the foursome was very strong with his irons. I've played to expectations, and I wasn't upset with myself.

We get into the tee-box on 18 and there's some chatter starting up our group is neck and neck with another for the best score. Winning team gets some nice swag - clubs, balls, sweaters, etc. Someone reminds us that the scramble rules are each team has to use a drive off the tee for each player, at least once. My drives have been shanking left and pulling right all day, and they're not exactly long balls, either. But with the pressure mounting on this par 4, I pull out my 3-wood. I take a few practice swings and start feeling confident. I line up my shot. Backswing, down-swing, CONTACT.

The ping of the ball resonates and I know I've hit the ball true. I follow through and look up to see the dot of my ball soaring straight as an arrow 170 yards down the fairway. My teammates are jubilant. We're well set up and about 225 to the pin as we load into the carts.

My mentor is ecstatic. He senses victory and can't wait for bragging rights over the other partners. As our foursome make their drops alongside my ball, some friendly trash talking starts. "Noonin"! Our ace shanks his layup wide.

My mentor drops his ball. Overconfident, he pulls out a hybrid and takes no practice swings. He hits on top of the ball. Our third mate hits for safety, an OK shot that hooks a bit and lands in the rough under a tree hazard about 100 yards from the pin.

I pull out my own hybrid 4, a TaylorMade Burner. I've never had any luck hitting this particular club off the grass and I'm reluctant to try now; but we're well-situated, so I figure why not. I take my practice swings and line up. PING!

I know I've made good contact again as my shoulders roll into my follow-through, and I see my ball soaring again straight toward the pin. For someone who rarely golfs, to hit two in a row like is a majestic feeling. The ball drops and takes a nice roll toward the green, about 75 yards away.

My team is confident we have the tourney won, and now my mentor is building me up: "You did it! This is YOUR hole. We're at this point because of you, finish it up." I pull out my gap wedge and line up my shot.

I phase out the chatter around me and imagine my grandfather, an avid golfer, standing next to me, giving me a pep-talk. "Take a couple practice swings. That was a great swing. OK, line up your shot."

My ball lands 2 feet from the pin. My team doesn't even bother with their shots; and I soon sink a pretty putt for par, along with the tournament victory, bragging rights, and from what I understand, a new client, who was in our foursome and extraordinarily happy to have won the tourney.

That one felt good.

06/15/2017 - 4:03pm I know I've got it reversed,

I know I've got it reversed, but it looks like he's saying "Sayonara" to his glasses as they magically disappear from his face.

01/16/2017 - 2:52pm Ric Flair

Ric Flair

01/10/2017 - 2:03pm Remind me: Hand was a

Remind me: Hand was a high-five? Low-five?

Down low: too slow (to go pro).

01/01/2017 - 11:33am Thanks, I know the story

Thanks, I know the story well. Wax wings and all. In any event, "overconfident" in navigating the rules is what I had in mind. As in, a defensible sense of confidence that tragically turned out to be misinformed. The point being, unintentional and therefore unfortunate.

12/31/2016 - 11:01am If I intimated anything, it

If I intimated anything, it was only whether a player could mistakenly run afoul of NCAA restrictions concerning agents, even after pursuing what seems an abundance of caution. That's what I intended in saying "too close to the sun". If that was lost on anyone other than you, I apologize. Analogous situations happen all the time. People who have seemingly and legitimately earned their confidence that they're on the right side of a rule or law only to see it adjudicated opposite to their expectations. People are clearly thinking the explanation coupled with the fact Pep wasn't even on the sidelines supporting his team was weird. I was merely offering an opportunity to discuss it.

EDIT: I honestly have no intent to troll the board. If that's how this is being perceived, please delete. As I understand it, NCAA rules regarding agents prohibit student-athletes from having any agreement, verbal or written, for representation either now or in the future. NCAA rules also prohibit student-athletes, their relatives or friends from receiving any benefits from an agent. In the legal world of defined terms (what's a "benefit"?) and over-cautious responses, I thought it could have been an interesting conversation.

12/31/2016 - 10:12am Anyone think Jabrill and his

Anyone think Jabrill and his mom may have been flying too close to the sun interviewing agents? My sense is someone in compliance caught a whiff of a major infraction at the last minute. Angelique on Pep interviewing agents here: ‪…

12/31/2016 - 9:54am I think his mom got too close

I think his mom got too close to the sun interviewing agents and Michigan had to stay on the right side of it. Explains his legitimate emotion at not getting to play, and that his "injury" is so questionable.

Link: ‪…

12/30/2016 - 1:46pm What about "Jim Har-claws"?

What about "Jim Har-claws"? Or "Jim Har-paws"? Or..."Cat"?


12/29/2016 - 2:35pm Ethan Frith:

looks totally

Ethan Frith:

looks totally like:

Henry VIII

12/29/2016 - 2:23pm "If you don't know me by now..."

Keith Weeks:

looks totally like:

Mick Hucknall

12/19/2016 - 10:42am New Year's Day Sale at World

New Year's Day Sale at World Market Stores. Quality furnishings at factory prices. Time to "reload" on living room sofas and loveseats.

12/19/2016 - 10:28am Sounds like they might be

Sounds like they might be playing telephone at Rutgers. "Kill the football program" somehow got distorted to "Hire Jerry Kill".

12/01/2016 - 2:49pm That's good. Maybe they can

That's good. Maybe they can give the raw footage to their proctologists and avoid a colonoscopy. 

EDIT: beaten to the punch by Jevablue. Great minds...

11/03/2016 - 1:25pm spicier.


11/02/2016 - 12:08pm Peppers sprint is the

Peppers sprint is the statement of the game. Can someone 'back-to-the-future' it at the end-zone, and have Peppers appear on the Heisman stage (or into the end-zone on a Bama still)?

10/17/2016 - 1:08pm Brett McGatlin. Every

Brett McGatlin. Every snap from "Train". Jay Harbaugh poached as OC. "Boiler Up!"

09/11/2016 - 9:25am Moncreif or Forte? PPR. Flex

Moncreif or Forte? PPR. Flex spot.

08/12/2016 - 11:01am "At the end of the day"?

"At the end of the day"? Pretty sure you're supposed to be doing your coaching during the day.

07/14/2016 - 11:28am Me too! Somewhere between the

Me too! Somewhere between the ages of 3-6, I distinctly remember having a habit of running across our very busy street as soon as I felt my mother's grip on my hand loosen. I remember sensing a rush of my mother's anxiety (like a too-fast blown bubble, needing to burst) as I sprang away from her grasp; coupled with a natural sense of daring; finally followed by my mother's sense of relief as I looked back across the street to see her with my older sister. As a child, you only understand there's a rush, and the feeling you're a hero when you see your parent's relieved face. Of course, there's also a feeling of "I won; I got here first!".

If I had to make sense of it: boys like the feeling of adrenalin rushes, feeling like heroes, feeling number 1.

Having that sense, as a parent of two 8-month-olds (a boy and girl), I know I'll have my hands full! My goal is for my kids to feel like heroes when they're helping - doing right - and when I make them feel heroic for it; getting their rushes in controlled environments, feeling number 1 because I'll always make myself second. I know it won't always be easy, but that's my goal.

06/28/2016 - 3:26pm Thanks. Kind of assumed I'd

Thanks. Kind of assumed I'd be negged; but I don't care if it helps the site save a little face, and I trust your explanation is entirely sufficient. My comment isn't about personal sensitivity. It's a very common epithet.

06/28/2016 - 2:09pm Re: "Package or No"

Big fan of your writing and have been reading long enough to know this comment had ZERO intent of racial undertones; but please consider rewording "those guys suck and their coach is an eggplant" for your new readers. Particularly in Italian-American circles, "eggplant" or "melanzana" are interchangeably used as epithets.

06/24/2016 - 12:09pm Maybe NY should exit the US

Maybe NY should exit the US next and join with the UK to form a miniature capital markets hegemon. The New York Kingdom. #NYExit

Just for the mental gymnastics: do any of our 50 have an economic incentive to leave the US and form an economic alliance elsewhere (or go it alone)? I mean, a revolutionary and civil war was fought over this sort of thing in America; Britain does it over tea and crumpets. 

Seems to me if you decide to form a union, it shouldn't be an "at your convenience" sort of thing. 

06/22/2016 - 6:15pm Do you work for Pitchfork?

Do you work for Pitchfork?

06/09/2016 - 10:42am "You are stealing our sons

"You are stealing our sons and daughters..." And daughters

05/20/2016 - 12:59pm As a parent, you're entrusted

As a parent, you're entrusted with the well-being of your kid. Some kids are built differently than others - size, shape, hormones, reactiveness, impulsivity, smarts; and it's up to each parent to recognize where their child falls on the spectrum if those traits should impact their safety in a game setting. It's not so difficult to make a rational informed decision to allow, prohibit, or condition your child's participation in football on these variables and traits, especially if you can also compare them to the physical/mental/etc. traits of your child's anticipated competition; and take into consideration the safety measures your child's league intends to employ. 

As a citizen (and a lawyer), I understand that the law presumes a standard of reasonable prudence. So I'm comfortable to presume that parents of children who play football, and the children themselves, have done their due diligence re: player safety in a reasonably prudent fashion; and have performed a reasonable risk/reward analysis. I'm OK with the fact that reasonably prudent people can draw variant conclusions; it's human nature. People are entitled to make their own informed decisions. 

If the consequences of football concussions were ever proven to have a net negative societal impact, it would be a different story. But a discussion of whether children should be afforded the liberty to play football - which can be dangerous absent safe protocols - is not akin to, for example, a discussion of whether the drinking age should be reduced. We can safely leave the decision to play sports in the hands of parents and the players, themselves; lest we further devolve into a nanny state.

05/09/2016 - 2:37pm I never want to think about

I never want to think about Pedo State University ever again. I hate that when 'new' information keeps popping up, it forces my attention to how the gravity of child endangerment by a state athletic department, and victimization by one of its employees, has been trivialized into 'NCAA penalties' that don't even exist anymore. I hate this thing with all my soul.

I can't understand it. Multiple people witness the horrendous and not one of them says, "F You, Sandusky; you're going to jail". The potential that Paterno's breaking silence, as early as possible, could have cratered his program was NOT a risk with a downside more valuable than the integrity of so many children's well-being. Whether breaking the silence would have even cratered Paterno's program is just an exercise in hypotheticals; but it clearly would have been better for the guy (or ANYONE) to have said, "Sandusky's a sick f**k. Take him far, far away from all things Nittany".

I can't bring myself to understand the culture of that program or its priorities or those who continue to defend it, and I never will; thank God. Nor, in light of the university's continued defensive, can I understand how any student-athlete in their right mind would still choose a PSU scholarship - to play any sport - over a similar scholarship elsewhere.

tl;dr - PSU is gross and "Happy Valley" sounds like something a pedo would come up with to lure children.


04/21/2016 - 12:16pm lock the thread. redirect

lock the thread. redirect traffic here.

01/13/2016 - 5:00pm Saban isn't going anywhere.

Saban isn't going anywhere. He's still a NC short of Bear Bryant, and he'll be in the shadow of BB until he matches him; then the question is can he overtake BB.

Right now, Saban is arguably the greatest college coach of a generation. With one or two more NCs at Alabama, barring a Joe-Pa fiasco, he'll be considered the greatest college coach of all time. You don't leave that on the table to coach the Detroit Lions.


01/05/2016 - 7:02pm Are there any prominent

Are there any prominent former RBs turned head coaches to compare?

01/05/2016 - 2:57pm Only now realizing our

Only now realizing our secondary will be held down by Lewis and Clark next year. You want to make a manifest destiny joke, but it's kind of the opposite. "No one shall explore the region beyond scrimmage." Alone in the wilderness, surviving with only a Canteen, some Cole, and Peppers between them.

12/27/2015 - 12:42pm B. Marshall, L. Fitzgerald,

B. Marshall, L. Fitzgerald, W. Snead, T. Ginn, Jr. Need 2 starters and a flex for top prize! Thinking Marsh, Fitz, and Snead as flex, but Ginn is coming on strong. Thoughts?

12/21/2015 - 1:51pm Anyone think it'll affect his

Anyone think it'll affect his career? I always felt that a lot of SH's shtick is judgment-based (his raised eyebrows, use of sarcasm, patronizing, etc.). How he'll get away with that after committing the biggest faux pas in televised pageantry will be funny to watch play out. 

All the WIN to the first contestant on the Feud to blurt "Colombia" as an answer. 100X the WIN to everyone Surveyed if they coordinate so "Phillipines" is the #1 answer to every question.

11/29/2015 - 9:27pm Metatarsoseamoid ligament, I

Metatarsosesamoid ligament, I think. Googled it.

10/23/2015 - 7:40pm Raw skillset of Steph Curry?

Raw skillset of Steph Curry? Welcome to Michigan, Mr. Poole!

10/16/2015 - 5:34pm The thing that jumps out at

The thing that jumps out at me is his aggressiveness and decisiveness into gaps and holes as they open up. He doesn't have happy feet; he's not "bouncy". He's letting plays develop and maximizing yardage. Playing within himself and counting on his team for success. Definitive Harbaugh recruit.

10/13/2015 - 3:00pm One must contemplate the

One must contemplate the loudness of the Past before one can compare it to the Present.

10/13/2015 - 2:29pm What a stupid thing to

What a stupid thing to say.

Maryland has money. It has the gravitas of the Big Ten. It's in a perfectly good recruiting area (NJ/VA/MD/PA). So long as it has Big Ten money (and powerful donors), building a foundation the right way remains doable; and if constructed properly, a good foundation will suport tall expectations. 

But Maryland fell into the trap. It plagiarized a business model, unabashedly; and as a result, all its setbacks and failures are ripe for judgment under a microscope. "We want to be like Oregon", is about as dumb a PR statement as anyone building up their identity can make; and it weakens not just Maryland, but the Big Ten. Each step in the process of "being like Oregon" draws a comparison that's either un-achievable, or distracts from success for want of an answer. Did you hire the equivalent of Chip Kelly? No? Not enough data to answer? Either way, Maryland fails; and it slows the process of foundation-building for success.

Even if you're successful, you've succesfully become Oregon 2.0, not MARYLAND.

Yet I remain confident Maryland can become an exciting contributor in the Big Ten. Maryland needs to take this advice: 

1. Make smart investments in your Athletic Department. Put money in the ground, in stadia, and practice facilities. Hire Jim "MF" Hackett as a consultant. Create environments for success. Don't focus on the outer-ring until you've built something in the inner-ring.

2. Tap into what makes your fans a community, and built that up. Give it an ego and feed it. Validate it.

3. Don't measure success by net revenue, alone. People don't queue at the stadium to watch the Fighting Dollar Bills; and putting flashy uniforms on a bad team is the very definition of gilding the lily. It's an insult.

4. Be Quiet! Get in your submarine, and close up your fort. Address the media only when you have something to say about something positively handled. 

5. Don't create an environment of comparison; and definitely don't plagiarize. Read Jim Harbaugh transcripts. Comparison isn't conducive to success and moving forward. Prepare well, and have faith in your preparation. 

10/01/2015 - 12:38pm Barn Dances. Current and

Barn Dances. Current and former Michigan Greeks know what's up.

09/16/2015 - 12:48pm LOL. Nice to meet you, too.

LOL. I guess I put a lot of thought and energy into everything I do, including my bumbling idiocy. Nice to meet you, too.

09/15/2015 - 5:46pm I don't understand how a

I don't understand how a "Jumpman" rebrand helps Nike at all selling football apparel; Jordan is iconic for his play and his shoes. My sense is he got the contract by bundling it with basketball. 

In any event, his jerseys - if proposed as iconic in and of themselves - had a familiar tri-stripe trim at the neck and sleeves, and the numbers were either trimmed in a contrast color (white or black). The current away jerseys fit that to a T; you could trim the numbers in black and slap a Jumpman directly over the Swoosh to the right of the neck and it's positively Jordan's Bulls era template.

To do the same thing to the home jerseys would require trimming the numbers in thin contrasting color (maize/white), and adding the tri-stripe (maize-white-maize?) to the neck and sleeves.

Maybe emboss the names on the back of the jerseys in black or white, also.

With basketball, I hope to see a script Michigan jersey similar to Jordan's script Chicago; otherwise I love the Cazzie classics.