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These two questions are for you and relate to events that you personally participated in, not just things that you attended or maybe watched on TV.   This is a pretty biased blog in that most of the folks that post here are sports junkies and played some level of sports relative to the overall population.   All of us (or nearly all) at some point participated in athletics.  It might have only been in gym class up to 9th grade, but for many it was high school at least and for many it was beyond that.  

The questions are closely related and are as follows:

1.  What was your most disappointing or embarrassing sports moment?

2.  What was your favorite, most memorable sports moment?





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Thankfully I never had to march in the midday sun since it was always under the Friday night lights. No, the hardest part was getting heckled by all the jocks and cool kids in the stands.

Okay not really, but I did start high school right after American Pie came out, so naturally I never heard the end of the "This one time at band camp" jokes.


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But one of my most memorable marching band experiences was for the 2003 Ohio State-Michigan game.  I had talked myself up the whole week leading up to the game that if we won I was going to run onto the field for the 1st time.  We were sitting around the 30 yard line directly up from the metal stands where OSU's marching band was set up.  As the time expired and I jumped over the railing onto their stands, the band was lined up from the goal line to about the 45 yard line.  I didn't want to go all the way around, and the band was so spaced apart that I decided to run right through.  I barely made it half way through the 4 rows when they turned on me like a angry hornets nest.  I remember my father saying people around him were asking if someone was getting into a fight with the band (That's my boy!)  lol.  Seeing police coming towards the activity, I ended up roughly sitting back in their metal stands....I took the long way around the 2nd time.  My embarassment at getting roughed up by their band was tempered by the final 35-21 score; and my 1st time on Michigan's field.


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Try competing in DCI or BoA. I ran both long distance and played trumpet and mellophone on my high school band. I found I was more exhausted after band competitions than I was after cross country meets. Our drill was written by Mark Sylvester the former caption writer for the Cadets in DCI. He would trial his drill with our band before introducing it for the Cadets. Our director was also obsessed with Afro-Cuban jazz. All of the music and drill was written at 150 bpm.


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Most embarrassing moment: going through all of 7th grade baseball and not getting a single hit.

Most memorable: making it to the end of that season, working hard regardless of the lack of success, and gaining the respect of my teammates.

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Most memorable: Scoring 4 tds in a varsity football game including the game winner with 4 seconds left to win 34-27. This was my first year as the starting RB which was my junior year.

Most embarrassing: my 8 th grade year our football team was undefeated and playing in the championship. I was the RB and only fumbled once all year. I fumbled 3 times and we lost 12-6 to a team we beat 40-8 earlier in the season.


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My Colt League All-Star team lost to South Korea in the Colt League World Series final.

That same team was crowned National Champs.

My high school team won the class A state championship my senior year in '96.

Individually, I set a school record for receptions my senior yr. and was named to the All-Central Michigan Team by the Saginaw News.

Glory days........they'll pass you by......


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Ski bum in Vail after college... ND was playing Miami in the Catholics v Convicts game later that day and I overheard a woman bragging about ND on the chairlift. As we got off, I started to ski away and yelled back, "ND sucks!"... and proceeded to fall (sad trombone).

Championship inter-fraternity soccer game senior year against our rivals... went into OT and penalty kicks. I was the last to kick bc I had sprained my ankle earlier in the game (but toughed it out), then put the ball into the upper left corner for the win. Team gang tackled me before being carried off the field.

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On diving board (quad lindy) during the height of Memorial Day swim time, caught the spring diving board on the upward swing and squared it up with my back. Rolled off the board, swam underwater all the way to kiddie pool, got out, walked to the tote board where my car keys were and drove home soaking wet. Suprisingly everyone remembered it for entire summers to come.

2 The dive prior to question 1.


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Well, if this is about actually playing sports, I was once involved in a rally-killing rundown in a baseball game - actually, I was the last out of that game, tagged between second and third as I vastly underestimated one person's ability to hit the cutoff man. Needless to say I had to change and shower pretty much by myself that time. 



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Most embarrassing: none. If you have an embarrassing sports moment I am embarrassed for you...

Best moment: Eesh. Where to begin... 67, 71 at states junior year, lowest combined score by 3 strokes. Won states first doubles 6-1 6-0. Scored winning goal in state semi-final over grand rapids forest something or other fall 2003.

Basically, I dominate life.


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If you're going to neg this, at least give me the courtesy of knowing why. Because I dominate life and you are a fat slob slobbing over your keyboard with your fat slobby greasy slob fingers?

Edit: Surprised you guys can even find the neg button with lenses that thick you dweebs.


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Ah the classic, "it was sarcasm." No it wasn't. He just thought thought that hubris meant the opposite of what it means. I also saw him re-write that post three times before I locked it in with a comment.

It's okay to not be smart. Most people aren't since to be smart you can't be average or below average. But if you just don't use words you shouldn't, then nobody will care.

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My reason is easy: if you don't have an embarrassing moment, you haven't played sports very often. If you haven't played sports very often, you shouldn't be as cocky as you are. Simple logic. Pick a moment when you were less than stellar. It's embarrassing.


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Because that ten year old copy of Strunk and White Elements of Style, which is a pathetic grammar book, makes you the king of American English usage on a sports blog. Just a heads up: You will fail at any attempt of challenging my intellectual integrity. Quit drinking and go to bed.


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LSA is lying in bed right now thinking about my comment about memes and having trouble falling asleep. Sorry LSA, I just call things as I see them.

LSA: Can you hear the lambs? They are saying, please challenge McFarlin. He has no intellectual equal but Brian but perhaps you can try? Bahhh Bahhh Bahhh