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11/05/2018 - 8:05am He didn't get mad. He…

He didn't get mad. He pointed out what most of us were thinking. It was tone deaf and your response shows you are as well.

11/05/2018 - 7:47am It's like giving kids…

It's like giving kids toothbrushes on Halloween. Politics instead of the football? Blech spare me

09/11/2018 - 5:20pm It's only immoral if you get…

It's only immoral if you get caught.

01/18/2018 - 2:49pm Give me a number

Give me a specific amount of monetary support that you give a year. I will happily cover your share in a direct athletic department donation. Whatever that dollar figure is it'll be well worth it. We need to take the opportunity to purge ourselves of the infantile, mentally weak portion of the fan base whenever given the opportunity. Thank you for outing yourself. It's the best thing you've ever done for this program.

11/05/2017 - 11:53am The only thing we have to

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

04/21/2017 - 10:55am Amen brotha

So much transparent hating going on in this thread about the Pens and Hawks it's embarrassing.

11/14/2016 - 1:49pm Hello darkness my old friend

Hello darkness my old friend

07/07/2016 - 12:01pm Scheduling

This guy doesn't schedule a night game and now this? He's been an absolute disaster so far. The decrease in quality between Hackett and this guy has been really, really scary. It is not a difficult job and yet we somehow keep finding people who are completely unable to do it well.

Scary and aggravating.

05/25/2016 - 4:30pm Don't know how many of these

Don't know how many of these micro changes I agree with, but the macro problem that hockey is dumbly random is completely on point.

05/05/2016 - 4:08pm Love mgoblog

Hate this series so much

02/27/2016 - 9:26am I thought you meant John Locke

I thought you meant John Locke

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11/13/2015 - 8:54am 45-27 M

45-27 M

10/23/2015 - 11:50am Agreed on the burritos. Those

Agreed on the burritos. Those shredded chicken quesadillas doe...

08/31/2015 - 3:49pm Why would they release it to

Why would they release it to Utah and not the general public. The only reason not to release it is to maintain some element of surprise. If Utah has it then there's no reason to keep it secret.

08/19/2015 - 12:58pm Coaching buddy

I guess Brian didn't value the observations of Tom's 'coaching buddy' who was either a random high school coach in Oregon who had never seen the team play or was the mannequin Tom would talk to after his nightly shot of mescaline. Either way, a real loss.

08/12/2015 - 7:14pm What did we say about posting

What did we say about posting premium content on this board.

06/08/2015 - 11:07pm Jugglers

Just what we needed...two more halftimes!

05/21/2015 - 5:21pm (No subject)

I don't think I've seen one thing that's led me to believe that Donnal is ever going to contribute on a good team in a meaningful way.

05/19/2015 - 5:35pm no other choice

Let's make Rich Rod play Hoke in a game of horse to decide who we go with. Pretty much the only way to solve this riddle.

05/19/2015 - 5:20pm There is no doubting his NFL

There is no doubting his NFL credentials but he spoke at the Michigan Chicago Club and made it pretty clear that he isn't exactly a rabid fan. When asked how closely he follows the team he said something to the effect of "I watch when I can, but if I can't I'm not that upset about it."

04/30/2015 - 6:17pm I don't if anyone out there

I don't know if anyone out there ever took a class with Brian MacPherson in the Philosophy department but I have a theory that Tom Beaver is his internet message board alter ego.

09/04/2014 - 10:18am Another interesting

Another interesting statistic:


100% of State grads claim to be in the 17%

02/20/2014 - 2:02pm Market forces

This is my seventh year on this campus (UG + Law school). I go to the games and wish other people did too, but I don't fault the people who don't. 

I care deeply about Michigan football, but I care about it increasingly like I care about a pro sports team rather than a team that I personally, viscerally identify with. I attribute this mostly to the athletic department's drive to wring every cent it can out of the football experience. Of course there's the obnoxious ads, but it extends further than that. You can't buy a Michigan sweatshirt on this campus for less than $80. A t-shirt is $30. Constantly being gouged robs you of a feeling that something is "yours." It just makes you feel like a customer. And when a business doesn't respond to the desires of its customers (trifling complaints like cell phone service), its customers leave.

The righteous indignation from on-high comes from the fact that you interact with the team differently than this 'generation' of fan. The team was good and it was yours. As such, you take offense when someone acts disrespectful to it. Sure, you can sell less student tickets so that you feel better when you're at the game, but you're only going to push away the group even further. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I guarantee you it's not coming from Dave Brandon. 

10/25/2012 - 11:58pm the truly darkest day for

the truly darkest day for everyone other than dave brandon will be when uniforms start to contain company logos. dave's definitely looking forward to it though. he was worried that he'd run out of places to put advertisements. 


"$800,000 for a hungry howie logo on the shoulder?? easiest money i ever made"

07/26/2012 - 9:57am Dark visors and fog can make

Dark visors and fog can make anything dramatic. Case and point.

06/12/2012 - 8:51pm gerrit yntema

04/19/2012 - 9:31pm he doesn't hate brandon "so

he doesn't hate brandon "so much." he thinks it's douchey to sell a home game like a kidney and squeeze every penny out it. it's much more about this being douchey than brandon being douchey.

and also, i'm a big brandon supporter, but come on...he's kinda douchey.

04/17/2012 - 3:27pm it's kind of cute that they

it's kind of cute that they have their own blog. 

04/13/2012 - 4:22pm the thing about urban's

the thing about urban's desire to put in a third digit in their scoreboard made me involuntarily squint into the "not sure if serious" look.

this isn't the mountain west and braxton miller isn't tim tebow. the guy has every right to be confident, but geez give yourself a little margain for error. that fanbase already has ludicrously high expectations and you're trying to take them to another level?

i don't know about this particular context, but a massive ego in life in general is rarely a positive trait. my gut feeling is that he'll do very well for himself there but in 20 years they'll be talking about tress and not urb.

04/04/2012 - 8:03pm it's interesting to me that

it's interesting to me that you can have your best offensive line in 20 years and still worry about our defense. i think with the coaching that they'll get that they'll end up being pretty good, but asking an essentially brand new front four to open up against a proven, experienced alabama offensive line seems like a tall task.

i hope you guys are right though.

03/23/2012 - 1:06pm Not the same

Telling someone that they don't have an offer and telling someone that they are no longer considered committed are distinctly different situations. Especially in the case with Dunn who was a commit in title only. No one's saying it's a big deal or dirty or anything like that; it just seemed like kind of a drastic step for someone who's a lights-out recruiter to take.

03/18/2012 - 8:08pm We have positional needs that

We have positional needs that we need to meet in this class. The breakdown leaves a few spots open for players that you like enough to take. It's not a situation of the coaches wanting another TE or RB. It's a situation of them liking a certain player enough to use one of those freebie spots on him. The identities of people the coaches feel that strongly about is becoming clear (Isaac, Orndoff, Green, Levenberry, etc). The fact that the coaches continue recruiting guys at positions that are "full" speaks much more to how much they value the individual player moreso than how much they value a certain number of recruits at a given position. If I'm ever going to trust the coaches it's going to be in regard to who they let snatch up these precious free spots.

03/14/2012 - 4:31pm When will we get to hear how

When will we get to hear how much weight everyone put on/off in the awesomely short off-season?

I don't know why but that's one of my favorite parts of the off-season since it can only ever be 100% positive news.

03/09/2012 - 3:22pm 4/5 of the teams in college

4/5 of the teams in college football will play tomato cans in the first week of the season. Yet, they will scout these teams. We may be no where near as good as Alabama but we have one of the most dynamic offenses in college football. We're definitely not going to be beneath their notice.

03/09/2012 - 12:46am No shot at a 1 seed

I agree with the logic that the winner of the B1G regular season and tourney should have a shot at a 1-seed but this is an odd year. It's highly unusual for a team with 5 conference losses to be the regular season champion. Even though it might "feel" like we should be a top seed the tournament committee is going to have a very hard time giving that distinction to a team with 8 losses. 

It's a shame too because if you take the Iowa and Arkansas losses off the board I think that it would still be well within the realm of possibility. It's obviously been an absolutely amazing year but Iowa has kinda peed in our fruit loops.

02/26/2012 - 9:41am Was he running that fast the

Was he running that fast the entire time he was here?

02/19/2012 - 8:06pm Go back to Psych 111

This domino-effect is a common human reaction to other's cues. Especially in unfamiliar circumstances (like recruiting)

In my opinion, there were 8-10 recruits who felt very strongly about Michigan but didn't really know what to do about that. They all knew or at least knew of one another and thus were watching what the others were doing. They were looking at each other's cues. That's why when a few started saying that they wanted to take their time and explore all their options, that's what they all said.

Yesterday though, the cue started to change. Boesch committed on his visit. Shallman planned to commit on scheduled a radio interview. This sent the cue to the other people on the visit that committing was the appropriate action if you feel similarly. Dawson and Lewis both really like Michigan and thus picked up on the cue (probably after being told about Boesh/Shallman) and committed as well. Fox heard about the recruits committing and did the same.

The ultimate test to this will be in LTT actually commits tonight and goes against what he's been saying for quite some time.

The ultimate caveat on this theory is that I only went my Psych 111 lecture three times.

02/18/2012 - 12:57pm this has been a good day

this has been a good day

02/10/2012 - 2:21pm I think it's dick cheney

I think it's dick cheney

02/01/2012 - 1:27am fred jackson says he is like

fred jackson says he is like shaq. only taller.

02/01/2012 - 1:10am it's one of the best days of

it's one of the best days of this kid's life. he's a good player, let's all be happy for him and us and not feel sorry for ourselves over nothing.

02/01/2012 - 1:00am looks like scout is saying

looks like scout is saying norfleet.

don't freak out. it's on their main page not behind a paywall.

01/29/2012 - 9:07pm None of us were thinking

None of us were thinking about this kid a week ago but NOW WE NEED HIM

01/17/2012 - 12:27am maybe aquaman can get an

maybe aquaman can get an interview with paterno and straighten this whole thing out

01/17/2012 - 12:25am how much adderall did you

how much adderall did you take tonight

12/13/2011 - 4:02pm 90% of this has nothing to do with his skills

This is a d*** measuring contest between OSU and us. We're all so emotionally wrapped up in this because many people see this kid's recruitment as the ultimate chance to vindicate that "we're back" on OSU's level, Urban Meyer or not.

In reality, with the offensive line we'll be fielding by the time Fitz graduates we won't need STAR POWER to have an effective running game. This is something that has been pointed out repeatedly.

I want Dunn as badly as everyone else but there is no doom and gloom whatsoever if he doesn't come here. The thought that we're even in the running for a lifelong OSU fan who is being heavily recruited by the "hottest" coaching hire since Nick Saban is all the validation that we need that we're back to being relevant. 


12/12/2011 - 12:55pm No it didn't. It went great.

No it didn't. It went great. He's not coming here. Writings been on the wall for a little while now.

12/04/2011 - 1:07pm I honestly can't wait until

I honestly can't wait until every discussion about us stops involving a discussion about MSU. Just hearing about them and seeing their name brings my mood down.

11/21/2011 - 10:08pm Not coach at U of M

he's off to a good start

11/06/2011 - 1:45pm we want him to win job after DG

The last few years have gotten us all thinking that starting very young qb's is a good thing. We didn't choose that though. It was by necessity. 

Assuming that DG doesn't get his medical redshirt, we're actually set up to not have to deal with young qb brain farts for a while if Bellomy develops. When DG graduates it would be a choice of Bellomy entering his fourth year vs. Morris entering his second. I'd rather not have to force a young QB in there if we don't have to. If Bellomy is good than Morris only plays if he's really good. 

Best case scenario, he redshirts his freshman year, backs up Bellomy in year 2 and then takes over in year three. That way you get him starting for three years and he doesn't play until he and Borges are very familiar with each other. 

Bellomy being good enough to bridge the gap between DG and SM is by far the best case scenario IMO.