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Really starting to think that JH is just going to call all the plays with the input of the Pass Game Coordinator and Run game coordinator. Its just been to quite and it seems if a hire was going to be made it would have been made by now. I am guessing our OC is going to be Mr Jim himself. Not sure if anything or rumors have been posted or anything I may have missed.



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I was just about to post that the Raiders (Pep's rumored suitor) just officially announced the hire of 13 assistants (http://www.raiders.com/news/article-1/Raiders-Hire-13-Assistants/439157…), no Pep, but it appears that they still don't have a QB coach (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_National_Football_League_…), which is in Pep's wheelhouse.

That combined with umbig11's definitive-sounding post last week ("1 Down 1 to go" http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/bruce-feldman-pep-may-have-potential-new-ho…) makes me hopeful that more change is coming.

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And this is the answer to all the "why should we care what they make" people.  When you give decidedly not top of their profession people a contract with a salary at the very top of their profession, and then you decide you need to make a change, your dumb contract has fucked you.

Michigan can say "hey you should look around" but thanks to his contact and the ungodly amount they gave him for no damn reason, he can just say no and force them to buy him out.


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Actually, it's really not. But A for effort.


The argument you're referencing entails evaluating the job a coach has done. The argument you're now trying to invoke deals not with job performance, but with job turnover. The salary may matter in this instance, but it's not even close to what most people were thinking. You're seriously conflating two ideas here that shouldn't be.


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Brandon Peters and Pep have a very strong relationship.  You could argue that Pep is Brandon coach, he works with him more than 75% of the time based on what I have seen.  I'm not saying one has anything to do with another, however.  If Shea is ruled not eligible, Pep staying on is probably what we all want.  Pep can and will if given the chance make BP better.  I know some think that even a great BP is probably not beating out Shea and after the bowl game admittedly that is where my mind has begun to go.  


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Have you ever watched any amount of college and professional football in detail? Pep installed mostly NFL route trees with a lot of option-routes that relied on the QB and WR being on the same page and making coverage reads mid-play. This was disastrous with an incredibly young receiving corps, and, after Speight went out, a QB who could not accurately read defenses. We were not running NFL route trees under Jedd. This was not a compliment of Jedd or an attack on Pep, this is just what they (objectively) did differently.


This is a very high level summary of course, but if you couldn't see this on the field I don't think you'd care much about the details.


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You are on the internet and you just declared you are are so much smarter.   I do care about the details so please teach me more

So we ran a pro style offense the 1st 2 years with a a spread route tree or a high school route tree?

Test question:   How were our hot routes determined in this complicated system?  


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I did not declare myself smarter than you as a person, I don’t know you do I would not assume that. I played the game and I care about and watch for details that many do not. I just get irritated when people who don’t know/pay attention to the technical aspects of play make assessments as if they do.

What college folk call pro-style is no longer actually the style of play in the pros, FYI. We ran more classic west coast offense route combos two seasons ago. Pep brought a modern NFL route system in. If you ever watch the Pats, sometimes you’ll see Brady seemingly throw a ball into the abyss. That’s because he and his receiver were supposed to read the coverage post-snap in the first few steps of the route and the receiver did not see what Brady did. The fact that even the Pats can’t always run this perfectly tells you how appropriate it was to install at Michigan with a bunch of teenage receivers.

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Peps routes were noticeably longer, even heard a couple commentators talk about it when it was 3rd and short this year, they were running 10-15 yard outs for some reason when we needed less than a handful of yards.    NFL players are faster, a 10 yard out isn't a big deal, but with freshmen running option routes of 10 yards, it becomes confusing for them.


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...and the QB looked downfield for longer that 1.5 seconds.  It seemed that the "hot" route was the only route viewed by the QB this season.  

Slightly tongue-in-cheek, but it is crazy that there were 92 receptions to the RB/TE positions and 93 to the WR position.  One of the reasons that I believe Patterson (or even McCaffrey for that matter) will really help the offense, simply with the ability to extend plays with their feet and keep their eyes downfield.


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I'll be boycotting the program this year. I'll still watch the games from home, but I won't provide money to the program. This may seem salty, and that's because it is. Losing back to back games being up by two scores, handing the ball off to a TE, the way the offense carried themselves in general last season - I cannot support the leadership that is putting that level of play onto the field. It's not fair to Don Brown the caliber of his defense and his counterparts on offense. It's not fair to the non-offensive players, and most importantly it's not fair to the offensive players to be receiving this level of coaching. I support The Team and I'll cheer every Saturday but I won't support the program that is allowing this level of incompetence on the field. I do hope that by this time next year I look foolish, but withholding my $ is my only way of protesting.


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I get it, it may seem like a silly thing, but it's my way of peaceful protesting. Like I said, I support the team and always will. I spend a lot of money also supporting the program. Not looking for new offensive staff seems ridiculous to me after last seasons showing. To go into this season with this same staff I don't support and therefore not getting my $.


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This is true. But I won't be giving my money in other ways - which there are ample and mostly a lot more.

I love Michigan football, I show my appreciation with my money. I don't appreciate the offensive coaching and this is my (only) way of showing that.

Above all else, it's really just disappointment.


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Well don't act like you are all high an mighty for not actually going to football games. Many fans are in a position of being priced out of even being able to support their team that way. The student athletes need that support in the stadium, and football does more that just support itself. The athletic department as a whole needs that football income.

Whatever. Someone else will buy that same ticket. Buy those clothes. Because many people can look at the past three years and see that Harbaugh has done better with this program than anyone else in the past 10 years. They can see that a Harbaugh coached team has a hard floor of 8 wins (not 3 or 4 like our rivals). 

You can be disappointed. Hell, I was from this past season too. But damn dude. You're trying to act like he left a visably concussed QB out on the field or something. Like Harbaugh doesn't have a track record of success, or improvement.