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01/11/2009 - 9:57pm Adrian Witty...

I know he's a 2* on Rivals and NR on Scout. Is he just one of those players that there's not a whole lot of film on, making it hard to judge or is it that he's just a meh CB/S recruit?

01/09/2009 - 7:59pm Rivals says he already has

Rivals says he already has planned his last 2 official visits, Florida 1/16, West Virgina 1/23. He's on his third right now with Maryland.
If its true that he's all set with visits...that's kind of a bummer. Would be nice to see him come in for a visit.

01/09/2009 - 7:55pm You know after that comment

You know after that comment Urban Meyer had after the game last night, I wonder if you knew something was going to happen in their recruiting.

If you didn't catch it... "You'd have to be out of your freakin' mind if you didn't come to Florida to play college football."

12/06/2008 - 8:44pm 2005 Ohio State game in Ann

2005 Ohio State game in Ann Arbor.

Someone was dressed in a fat suit like a woman. They have a sign that said "AJ Hawk's Momma".

That was my personal favorite!

12/05/2008 - 11:58am Wil Muschamp (yes I know it

Wil Muschamp (yes I know it wouldn't happen, but thats who I would love to have in Ann Arbor). How many DC's does that make for us in the last few years? I mean we've been through a lot haven't we? And if its true what does that do to our recruiting on the defensive side of the ball?

12/03/2008 - 5:40pm he's also set up an official

he's also set up an official with Illinois for 1/23/09 according the Rivals. TomVH noted yesterday that its not looking good for Michigan with this one, stating that he's declined interviews with him 3 times.

12/02/2008 - 4:00pm I have a very close

I have a very close connection with one of the companies doing work on the stadium. For some reason, probably cost, they will be pushing a few things back on the project till probably April, when it starts to warm up. I'm guessing that the place will be almost completely enclosed by the time the season starts (if not completely). I've noticed that on the West side for the stadium it looks like their already working on a number of interior fixtures.
I'm excited to see the completion of the new indoor facility. That's going to be a beautiful building. I remember Bill Martin saying they wanted to get that enclosed by the time the snow started this winter but I'm not sure if that actually happened.

12/01/2008 - 5:23pm I'm a student at Central

I'm a student at Central right now. I was here when he left. It wasn't pretty.
I've worked for the football team, and have heard a lot of the players just flat hated him. I don't know if its every really been a documented fact, but I know from talking and hearing from people who were in close contact with him he wasn't the nicest guy. Mind you though this is coming from the players who each day change their mind as to how they feel about the head coach.
I think a lot of it has to do with Kelly opting for CMU over GVSU and the same with Cincinnati over CMU. A little better opportunity...he just left and pissed off a lot of people when he did.
No hard feelings here though, he's doing a lot better when he's at, good luck where ever he ends up!

11/24/2008 - 5:29pm I like white pants for away

I like white pants for away games. Its something that was used a few times, but I like the Texas style white on white for away games.

11/18/2008 - 4:19pm Just so I understand

Just so I understand correctly...
Can the scholarships hold over to the next class, if all the spots aren't filled? I thought this was the reason 'Bama ended up with a 31 person class last season...

11/08/2008 - 6:51pm TomVH...

TomVH is there anyway you can be an interview with both Gardner and Bolden? I'd like to hear what their impressions of both UofM and the recruitment process they've seen so far.

Thanks! Go Blue!

10/09/2008 - 3:56pm Maybe Jelani Jenkins can work

Maybe Jelani Jenkins can work this into his Matrix! Woo!!

10/02/2008 - 10:13am Wondering if at the next

Wondering if at the next Huron game he'll be sporting an adidas visor on his helmet (currently the photos show him with a nike one). I may laugh if he did though!

This is awesome. RichRod is going to put together a monster class in 2010. Now I think we may be set at WideOut for a little while but I'm not sure how many we will be losing this year. If he pulls in Robinson for 2010 and Jelani for 2009, he truly is going to have this program back on top of the world in a shorter amount of time then i think people believed.

God I pray that Big Will sees this and thinks a little into it! 


10/01/2008 - 4:30pm How much are you asking?

How much are you asking?

10/01/2008 - 12:11pm Your comment about 7:02 was

Your comment about 7:02 was perfect! that was actually what I was thinking when it happened, but I do agree its the only thing the team can do at that point. If I remember right McGuffie was in for those three plays, I may of put Grady in just to lower a shoulder and pick up a few extra yards.

Good job though, loved it!

09/30/2008 - 12:27pm I have a good feeling about

I have a good feeling about the next class. It would be nice to see RichRod pull in some 5-Stars and have a class like OSU has this year. My biggest hope though is that we can bring Devin Gardner in, if not I wouldn't mind seeing him somewhere down south or out on the west coast (just get him out of the big ten!). If he can pull Big Will back in and if theres ever been a pray answered as far as recruits go I hope we can pull in Jelani Jenkins.

I have a feeling about the future of Michigan football and damn it feels great!

09/29/2008 - 10:36pm Well I was hoping we could

Well I was hoping we could get him and Jackson in the next class, lets hope that can happen I think the two of them would be a great combination along with McNeal.

09/29/2008 - 8:53pm Completely agree

My hope is that we don't give a complete encore to the wisconsin game... This next game is very interesting to me, because I feel like both teams could come out jacked from what happened last game, but then both teams could be down for the very same reason. I'm excited to see what the defense will do around Juice.

I just have a feeling that Ringer is going to get knicked up and something is going to happen. State is good but without him it hasn't been shown what they can do and who they are. 

The game I'm most excited for though has got to be PSU @ OSU. 

09/27/2008 - 8:21pm This is why i love college

This is why i love college football!! I can want to throw up, then turn around and absolutely be glued to the televsion.

One question/comment...I wonder/how much is this going to help us with recruiting? I think it'll help the guys we have right now see what will come, but will if really open anyones eyes to what they could be a part of? 


09/23/2008 - 3:46pm Great Job! This is actually

Great Job! This is actually something I was wanting to write back in July. I'm currently a student at CMU and watch the games whenever I can. I worked for the team last year in a manager position so I had the chance to see things behind the scenes a little bit more. When Boren left I was raged to hear that he blamed it on "family values", since each Tuesday (i may be wrong with the day of the week) the coaching staff brings wives and children to practice and let the kids play and learn from the guys. Wives of the coaching staff will often bring players food (much little cheerleaders would do for "their" player in high school), and will take the young men in and make them feel much more at home while in Mount Pleasant. I'm not at all nervous about the future of Michigan football.

One little side note though to remember is that Brian Kelly was the coach here before Jones. Kelly runs a similar spread offense (key word similar). It is not based as much around the zone read, but it is similar enough to note that the change in coaching staff was not as big of a deal as it currently is at Michigan.

As I said before, I'm not worried about the future in Ann Arbor. Each week it will get better and better. GO BLUE!!

09/21/2008 - 5:18pm i wanted the end of the game,

i wanted the end of the game, fresno looked like that could move the ball whenever they wanted. also toledo was down by 10 late in the game, and made a few big plays that got them back into the game. in my opinion it was just fresno not playing well.

09/10/2008 - 8:11am its for OL adjustments. if

its for OL adjustments. if you watch, the center is peaking between his legs most of the time and once the QB clap his hands he knows the QB has made all his adjustments. the C then will make sure the OL has protection in the right place, and will snap the ball shortly after, on his own doing. i'm a student at central michigan, its the same thing butch jones does here (yes bc he coaches under RichRod at WVU).

08/05/2008 - 1:15am For some reason... For some reason, I really hope your wrong that we whiff on Oku. I like this kid. Just looking at his film I've got the idea that I would love to see him at M. His team is switching to a spread this year, which may be a good sign for us. Yes I know we have gotten a few guys the last couple classes, but I think one more wouldn't hurt.
08/02/2008 - 2:29pm Where are they now... Haven't done any research on this, but I'd like to see where the players off those two teams are now. Michigan would have held their own and I'm sure Charles would of made a play in that game to swing uncle mo in Michigan's favor!
07/02/2008 - 4:31pm I agree. Rich Rod is going to I agree. Rich Rod is going to bring in the guys the team needs. Once the season starts, official visits start and high schools are able to put on more tapes, they will be able to get the guys the team needs in the positions that are weakest. I have faith no doubt!