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03/29/2011 - 10:32pm The first couple paragraphs

The first couple paragraphs of this reads like a romance novel. I didn't make it too far. Hopefully we can get back to talking about sports like, you know...sports fans.

03/15/2011 - 3:48pm That's a great question...I

That's a great question...I just noticed that discrepancy. After looking at it a little more closely, I think maybe all the posts on that site get tagged with "Posted by Chris Webber." My bad, I guess I engaged in some Free Press level "investigative journalism" there.

03/15/2011 - 2:56am that's accurate

I was at Michigan '93-'99...I only ran into Traylor twice. First time was at an MLK Day rally when he pulled up right behind me in a Mercedes E-Class. Second time was when I worked at Babbage's, the video game store in Briarwood mall. He walked in, bought a huge stack of games and pulled out an immense roll of hundred dollar bills to pay for them. I'd say that's odd for a college student.

01/08/2011 - 7:27pm So Jimbo Fisher waits three

So Jimbo Fisher waits three years for the HC job at FSU to open up, gets the job via an acrimonious force out of the legendary Bobby Bowden, and then leaves after one year? No.

01/06/2011 - 4:04pm Actually, he throws like an

Actually, he throws like an ogre. I wouldn't date any girl that throws like that.

01/06/2011 - 4:03pm really?

This guy went to the Big 12 championship game two straight years and brought that program back from mediocrity. Also, its not like he's coming from a subpar football program. Nebraska is a legendary program. And now, people actually expect him to leave all that to coach a team that's not only in his conference, but in his division? A fanbase that just ripped a non "Michigan man" to shreds over three years? So he's going to go from probable division dominance and conference contention for at least the next 3-5 years to what is currently a middle of the road Big Ten team with a furious fanbase? Are you serious?

We're really grasping at straws here. 

11/29/2010 - 11:04pm this man stanevich

...he speaks the truth. Heed!

11/29/2010 - 11:00pm Did Gerg design that

Did Gerg design that roundabout? Such sweet disorganization could only be a creation of the White Wizard himself!

11/29/2010 - 10:51pm Dumbest sandwich

Dumbest sandwich ever...except MAYBE the infamous Arch Deluxe with it's seemingly uncooked bun.

11/29/2010 - 10:35pm really? what do you think

really? what do you think Oregon would have done to us this year?

11/29/2010 - 10:33pm The only "Michigan Way" that

The only "Michigan Way" that matters at the end of the day is winning. Even with the NCAA infractions, if we go 10-2 this season we aren't having this conversation. It's very convenient for people to talk like they're so opposed to he way Rich Rod coaches this team, but in reality what they're opposed to is going 15-21 over three seasons.

11/29/2010 - 10:27pm Besides the injuries, that

Besides the injuries, that list doesn't exactly scream out "Rich Rod is a great recruiter." One guy in jail, a washout in Turner, a guy who was injured in college, a guy who "didn't pan out," and two guys (you forgot Witty) who couldn't qualify. Add in the fact that Floyd wasn't very good even before he got hurt, and the fact that, contrary to revisionist history, Woolfolk wasn't exactly a lockdown corner before he got hurt, and I'd say that's pretty damning. And yeah, I know he didn't recruit all those guys; not sure on the numbers but I think he recruited all but Woolfolk? Anyway, I think that's all counter-productive to your argument. And finally, I'm about 51/49 in favor of Rich Rod staying, so I'm not trying to make a point about hiring Harbaufh or firing Rodriguez.

11/28/2010 - 10:24am yes

Lowenbrau A. kicks ass, and B. has the coolest can/bottle in the beer universe.

11/28/2010 - 10:19am yeah

Charles Rogers was a beast, he just turned out to be a weed head with fragile bones. There are much, much worse examples of Millen's ineptitude you can refer to, like the aforementioned Mike Williams.

11/28/2010 - 10:13am exactly

"MGoBlog readers are already working day and night at the arduous task of whittling down 81 purely hypothetical candidates into a more focused list of 8-10 coaches* that they know nothing about; this abridged list of candidates makes it easier for the truly delusional fan to track their flights on the internet."

11/28/2010 - 10:04am bars and graphs

I hate all the bars and graphs and obscure stats and deviations above normal that accompany so many of the posts here. You can't see the future by analyzing a bunch of fucking pie charts. Maybe we should analyze, you know, the way the players play on the field. There was one recurring post that a lot of people were worked up about, because it said our predicted record (delta or azimuth or some such shit that I give not one fuck about) was 10-2. People actually believed that shit, even AFTER our defense was revealed to be something other than decent. There was a complicated chart to go with it, but apparently neither the coaches nor the team saw that shit; somehow, they went 7-5. Thanks for the insight, nerds.

10/07/2010 - 3:30pm Considering the speed at

Considering the speed at which our government moves, there's no way our friends in Washington get that straightened out by Saturday. Filibuster = we win 42-38.

10/07/2010 - 3:22pm ^ writes like Terry Foster.

^ writes like Terry Foster.

10/07/2010 - 3:16pm wasn't there a guy named

wasn't there a guy named Indiana Faithful?

my personal all-time favorite is still D'Brickashaw Ferguson. That's an epicly awful name.

10/07/2010 - 3:11pm semi OT, but I usually go

semi OT, but I usually go with the ostrich, and it's worked most times EXCEPT:

1998 World Cup... Brazil and France won the final four games to get into the championship game. I couldn't watch the games, so I taped one and was going to watch the other one on the late replay. The late replay was the Brazil fame, and ESPN flashed the final score of the game on the ticker DURING the actual replay. So that sucked. Then I was out with my girl during the France game, and I heard a bunch of honking horns, looked up, and there was a guy screaming and waving a French flag out of his car window. So that sucked too.

The ostrich is probably still the way to go but you have to be really, really lucky to not hear about the game, in my opinion.

10/04/2010 - 5:07pm we win at everything!

we win at everything!

10/04/2010 - 5:06pm If I remember correctly, we

If I remember correctly, we also punted a couple times on 4th and 1 in areas where we could have gone for yeah, we definitely had an opportunity to score well into the 50's and maybe even the 60's.

10/04/2010 - 4:39pm the best part about that

the best part about that umgoblog link? under "related posts:"

"Still punching - Sheridan fighting for the starting role."

Wow, I just had to choke down a wave of nauseous nostalgia.

10/04/2010 - 12:39pm I would love to see harder

I would love to see harder hitting. I feel we've been missing that here for years, even before RR took over.

10/04/2010 - 12:37pm duly noted, bro... it's kinda

duly noted, bro... it's kinda hard for me to tell when folks are joking on here... as for the original post, I was serious, but my unfortunate choice of the word "swagger" has led to this thread's descent into madness.

10/04/2010 - 11:20am missing throat slash = joke.

missing throat slash = joke.

10/04/2010 - 11:17am also, since he was mentioned

also, since he was mentioned in the original post...can I just say here that I despise Troy Smith with the fury and intensity of one thousand suns, now and forever more? Thanks.

10/04/2010 - 11:15am is it just me or...

is "POW(!)" an accurate acronym for the way he's been playing?

10/04/2010 - 11:14am that's fresh! are you gonna

that's fresh! are you gonna let him get dreads?

10/04/2010 - 11:08am Because dropping 8 guys isn't

Because dropping 8 guys isn't just gives the QB all day to find an open man.

10/04/2010 - 11:08am Gayverines? That's not even a

Gayverines? That's not even a well-thought out play on words. It bears no resemblence to the original word. That's like me calling the Spartans the "Sparbitches" or the "Failtans"

Also, thanks for that "hot Spartan beef" offer. I'm gonna pass, though.

10/04/2010 - 10:59am I kinda miss the throat

I kinda miss the throat slash, personally.

But, maybe it's just me...but I want to see players demonstrative (within reason-no penalties) after a big play. It shows they're in the game.

10/04/2010 - 10:55am hahahahha ...yeah...I think

hahahahha ...yeah...I think flair and swagger are completely different. definitely don't want to see the defense out there with scarves, decorative buttons, and rhinestone jersey numbers. that might have the opposite of the intended effect.

10/04/2010 - 10:52am agreed. probably wouldn't

agreed. probably wouldn't have been practical on that play, but I would have loved to see it.

did they score on that possession anyway? 

10/04/2010 - 10:46am raise your hand if you agree

raise your hand if you agree with this guy...


- every football fan in the country raises their hand -



10/04/2010 - 10:44am yeah..."swagger" wasn't the

yeah..."swagger" wasn't the best word I could've used, but I went with it anyway.

10/04/2010 - 10:43am ...exactly how I feel, for

...exactly how I feel, for what it's worth.

10/04/2010 - 9:33am Sacks?

What are those?

Seriously though, I think that's our only hope on D. Blitz, get pressure, create confusion and hurry the QB, get sacks, and force mistakes leading to picks, fumbles, and bad passes. I know our secondary is porous, but dropping 7 or 8 and letting a quarterback like Chappell (sp?) pick us apart is, to me at least, not a sound defensive strategy going forward. The worst thing you can do is let a good, accurate QB get comfortable and into a rhythm with a bad secondary to back you up. We need to have the opposing QB wondering where the blitz is gonna come from a lot more often, in my opinion.

10/04/2010 - 9:28am See, that's what happens when

See, that's what happens when you screw up three or four late game find yourself having to explain yourself in a rambling monologue to a rabid, drunk, potentially violent ESS EEE CEE fanbase. The funniest part is he looks like a kid trying to explain to his parents how the flat screen TV ended up on fire.

If this was the first time it happened, that video is :45, tops. Let's not all go crazy and extrapolate this into meaning he would have been a bust at Michigan, though. We'd have a surplus of beastly defensive recruits at the very least.

09/26/2010 - 3:31am Doesn't anybody think...

...that maybe, just maybe we can recruit another Devin Gardner/Denard Robinson? Why are we thinking Rich Rod cant recruit another QB that can run his system? We currently have three.

Do you want to let the coach run his program and win games or not? I wish Gardner had redshirted too, but at some point I feel you have to trust the coach to do the right thing to win games, which, believe me, is the only thing we all care about anyway. USC is one program I can point to where some players only start one year of their career, but they gain valuable experience playing in spots while they're young...Mark Sanchez comes to mind.

09/26/2010 - 3:30am 9-3

...I think 9-3, but a weird 9-3. Like beat OSU and Wisky but lose to Purdue 9-3. We're gonna have a chance to win EVERY game on our schedule, and lose most of them too. Damn, I really, seriously have never been so excited about a Big Ten conference season. Maybe 61% excitement, 30% fear, 9% emotion to be named later.

09/24/2010 - 9:40am actually...

...we should do a home and home with West Virginia...imagine the animosity!!

09/24/2010 - 9:37am GERG, if you f**k this one up, I swear...

I'm just as excited as everybody else...let's just hope we can play defense by then. I don't want to see another Florida State or Oregon. I fully expect us to be much improved on D, but we're talking two seasons...thats not a lot of time considering how thin we are on D. Im not trying to be pessimistic, but I feel like we're a long way from fielding a national championship caliber D. This will be a shootout with immense national attention ala OSU 2006, and dammit I just want to come out on top this time. Defense will be the key.

09/06/2010 - 11:15pm It kinda looks like an XFL

It kinda looks like an XFL game. Not a good thing. I like the VTech unis from a distance, but every time they show a cllose up of the weird patterns on the numbers and the sleeves, it just kinda falls apart. They look like cyborg ninjas from the future. Boise States unis are just a random assemblage of bad-looking shit into one amateurish, awkward whole. Ah, Nike...

Now that I think about it, they kind of look like those weird uniforms you see for the made-up teams in movies/series like Any Given Sunday or Playmakers. The Miami Sharks!

09/06/2010 - 11:03pm ah, I get it... thanks again.

ah, I get it... thanks again.

09/06/2010 - 1:22pm thanks for the

thanks for the more question: If he waits a few weeks and loses this year of eligibility, is that based on him playing over the next few weeks, or is it based on some type of time constraint in which to make that decision?

09/06/2010 - 1:17pm thenku, kind sir.

thenku, kind sir.

09/06/2010 - 1:05pm Subscribing to threads

Is there any way to subscribe to a thread so I know when it's been updated? Thanks.

09/06/2010 - 12:49pm blocking, blocking, blocking

The play of the offensive line and the RB blocking were what really stood out for me...besides the obvious of course: Denard's play was eye-opening and completely shocking. But watch some of those big plays a few times, and you'll see a GREAT job blocking by the O-line and the RBs.

09/06/2010 - 12:34pm Is it possible... get an entire photo tattoed on yourself?