Suggestions to give our D more "swagger."

Submitted by Black Kerouac on October 4th, 2010 at 9:46 AM
Is anyone else of the opinion that the defense (in general) and the secondary (in particular) need to play a lot more aggressively? A lot has been made of the problems facing this defense... but to me, we also just display a very frustrating lack of confidence, aggression, big hits, and just overall "swagger." My question, which is not an attack on GERG, is does that swagger and attitude come solely from the players, or does the DC have an effect on that...or do you think it's impossible to have that confident F the world atttitude when you're just not a very good defense? I think it's an interesting question. There was a play on Saturday when JT Floyd was forced to make a tackle on a player coming downhill at him...if I remember correctly, he was the last defender between the IU player and the end zone. Floyd just kinda let the guy run at him and run him over. I think he made the tackle by grabbing the guys leg, but I remember thinking, "I want my CB to step up and MAKE that tackle." I know he's not a big player, but I feel like I see this kind of thing all game long: a lack of aggression leading to easy gains for the offense. What do you think?



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I think we should dance as obnoxiously as possible and act like we just scorred a pick 6 every time the qb overthrows a wide open recever, just like they do in the SEC

A Sexy Otter

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Boubacar Cissoko (I apologize for the name slaughter) had the most swagger in the Big 10. And its hard to have any swagger when you can't stop anybody. And no, having swagger won's stop people.







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The play you're thinking of is when JT Floyd (about 5'11", 185 lbs) stood up to Tandon Doss (about 6'4", 220 lbs).  Doss ran right through him, obviously.  But JT stood up to him and made the tackle at the ankles. 

To your question about GERG firing them up to play.  I think it is part of his responsibility, but not being hootin' and hollerin' on the sidelines.  Rather, I think putting our guys in soft coverage to avoid the deep ball takes away the Ds need to pump themselves up.  The cushion doesn't force the need for aggressive play. 


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..."bend but don't break" philosophy we're using. It's reactive and more passive in nature -- like the old "prevent" defenses we've grown to despise. 

When was the last time you saw our safety blitz? I can't recall.

I think GERG's primary objective is not to let anyone get behind us. This is job one. That means playing well off the line of scrimmage and giving substantial cushion until the opposition hits the red zone. Then we're forced to tighten up and make plays -- if we can.

I'd almost rather give up a big play or two every game to see a more aggressive posture by our defense.


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There were several times in the game Saturday at Indiana where the safety ran up to the line before the snap and showed a blitz and I thought to myself "wow, we're actually gonna send a secondary blitz?" But then as I expected the ball was snapped and he dropped right back into coverage.. Just trying to mess with Chappell reads.


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The thing about MSU v UM (also tOSU v UM) is that we will always come out with hardcore "swagger", "boldness", or just plain more aggressive.. We just need to keep it going through the 2nd half.. The secondary will play way better when they come out pumped in front of our home crowd.. IMO i see MSU scoring little in the 1st and 3rd quarter.


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This is not a knock on the defense but you get swagger when you stop people and make big plays (earn it, like mentioned previously).  You definitely have to have confidence to play defense, but confidence is different from swagger.  And swagger is a slipperly slope - too much and it ends up either looking stupid and/or reflecting poorly on the school (see Patrick Peterson's heisman pose).

On that note, read what Les Miles said about Peterson:

Miles isn’t out there touting Peterson for the Heisman, but he did have this to say: “I think Patrick Peterson is as dominant a player at his position as I’ve seen.”

Note to Miles:  You must not have seen Charles Woodson play.  Peterson is definitely not as dominant as Woodson.

El Jeffe

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I think what would help our defense have MOAR SWAGGERZ is if we started eight billion threads about our defensive woes.

But I like the puffy shirt idea also.


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This defense doesn't need swagger so much as it does the ability to create turnovers.

Watching the Bears play the Giants last night, it struck me how Chicago often goes for the ball before the tackle. Since UM's defense has trouble tackling to begin with, they should simply start going for the ball.

They won't strip the ball on every attempt, but give the best offense in the nation 1 extra possession and they win.


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they clearly need to do the arms folded lock down "straight jacket" symbol that Boubocar used so effectively against ND last year.  And I would not mind seeing a hand waiving in front of their own facemask suggesting that they opposing receiver "can't see" the particular cornerback involved.  A Mutombo finger waiving and an exagerated incomplete gesture would help as well. 

Greg Robinson clearly needs to get on these things. Teach, Damnit, Teach!!!


October 4th, 2010 at 11:02 AM ^

the throat slash, that is both demonstrative and can actually be fairly disturbing.  I forgot about stake through the heart as well, that one can be made pretty violent depending on who is using it.  We are never going to have a competetive defense until we can incorporate some of these gestures.


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Have the cornerbacks play within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.  They start so far off the line that they can't even see the WR's jersey # they're supposed to be covering.


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I always think it looks ridiculous when a defense "swaggers" without earning it or deserving it. This seems to me exactly what Spartie does, and I want none of it. When our secondary can regularly shut down a Grade A receiver, when our DL can regularly sack and terrorize a QB, when our LB corps repeatedly stuffs the run, THEN, and only then, can our defense "swagger." I also think the best kind of swagger is to figuratively "punch the mouth" of offensive players who yap about how they'll run and catch on our defense.

I remember when Woodson et al shut down a good OSU receiving corps, there was room for swagger.

But given how we played against Indiana, I see absolutely no room for UofM to mouth off.


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Hair is what makes a defense not only effective, but full of swagger and bounce.  Let's run down the list:

DC Gerg:  pert, sheen, and vitality.  HAIR OF A CHAMPION.

JT Floyd:  dreadlocks.  HAIR OF A CHAMPION.

Jordan Kovacs:  crewcut.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Mike Martin:  close-cropped, curly.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Craig Roh:  sexy eyebrows, hair is a little limp.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Jonas Mouton:  close-cropped, buzzcut.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.


James Rogers:  crewcut.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Cameron Gordon:  fluffy, but nondescript.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Carvin Johnson:  mystery.  PROBABLY NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Ryan Van Bergen:  crewcut.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS.

Gregaldo Bangesse:  half crewcut, half nondescript fluffyness.  NEEDS MOAR DREADLOCKS x 2.


Now, there's how you transform a defense into a championship defense.  BOOM PROBLEM SOLVE'D.

NOLA Wolverine

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I think the coaches have a lot to do with it. Nobody hits like Nick Saban teams do, i don't know what he does in practice, but those guys are always nasty hitters. It's basically an attitude of "you don't hit, you don't play." I have a feeling Floyd would have been pulled after the play you referenced.