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12/27/2010 - 8:20am but rushing for almost 1200

but rushing for almost 1200 yards and 17 touchdowns as a freshman doesnt really seem like he headed for "less green" pastures. i would like to see someone like kevin newsome, who threw for a earth-shattering 78 yards at good ole Paterno State after decommitting from UM

07/17/2010 - 7:58pm maybe we can give him the

maybe we can give him the number 1 jersey...?

07/04/2010 - 10:32am gallon was a four star and

gallon was a four star and played in the all american game

EDIT: ah he was a 3 star on scout

06/30/2010 - 2:50pm +1

because i have no idea what the hell your avatar is

06/23/2010 - 12:18pm tears and ejaculate... in a

tears and ejaculate... in a good way this time

way to go boys - helluva game

06/23/2010 - 1:10am I feel like Sammy Watkins

I feel like Sammy Watkins should join that list, possibly in place of Jordan due to the lack of reciever spots

man i would love me some sammy watkins in a winged helmet

06/18/2010 - 12:11pm thank you

its better to take the draw as it is. going into halftime it looked like all was lost, but hey we came back. and refereeing is part of the game just like any game. yes it was unlucky but its better than a loss

06/18/2010 - 11:52am we were robbed but that was

we were robbed but that was one hell of a game



06/18/2010 - 11:08am Ohhhhhhhhguchi!

man that


man that was close



06/18/2010 - 11:03am Benny Feilhaber in? oh lawdy

Benny Feilhaber in? oh lawdy

06/18/2010 - 10:47am Take a shot for once

Take a shot for once FIndley!!! jesus christ

06/17/2010 - 5:56pm very OT,  but that video is

very OT,  but that video is hilarious

"He thinks he's Captain Tying Knots"

06/13/2010 - 12:25pm that was a good showing by

that was a good showing by ghana but they got a LOT of help for that win. serbia definitely has to be kicking themselves right now

06/12/2010 - 12:27pm the maverick is

the maverick is amazing

hands down

06/12/2010 - 12:12pm if it is based on the money...

Texas could be interested in spreading their influence out to the West Coast markets (L.A., SF, etc.) and may see more promise there

06/10/2010 - 5:28pm (No subject)

06/06/2010 - 8:58pm probably nothing

probably nothing

06/06/2010 - 4:43pm i thought this post was going

i thought this post was going to be about some tragic pre-draft injury...

im glad i was wrong

06/06/2010 - 1:25pm yes sir

he was riciulously good at the 400m (46.4) and was better than DJ at the 200m (21.19)

some other noted speedsters on the offense:

Je'Ron Stokes - runs hurdles for UM (this has been mentioned in the past)

Jeremy Gallon - has run a 4.38 forty

Vincent Smith - a reported (but questioned) 4.3 range forty

Fitz Toussaint -  10.56 100m, 21.79 200m

EDIT: it is to be noted that there is a difference between the initial burst of quickness (Gallon, Smith) and those with top end speed (DJ, Shaw)

06/06/2010 - 1:01pm dont forget tay odoms

if i remember correctly he ran the fastest 40 time on the team with something like a 4.35

06/06/2010 - 11:44am in northwest ohio there were

in northwest ohio there were tornado sirens on and off from about 11pm to 5am with big t-storms going almost all night

06/06/2010 - 11:29am this is great to hear

that's two state championships in the 100 for him, and to add another one in the 200 (on a wet track) is quite an accomplishment

and it cant hurt to add that track speed to the UM recieving corps

05/30/2010 - 6:34pm (No subject)

heres to hoping the hammer gets brought down hard

05/30/2010 - 1:35pm Duke is going to win

and i hope they do. it would be nice to get the monkey of the rape scandal off their back

05/30/2010 - 11:27am Michigan's Ultimate Frisbee

Michigan's Ultimate Frisbee team is competing at nationals at the moment

go kick ass MagnUM

05/29/2010 - 4:43pm i know one user of mgoblog.

i know one user of mgoblog. we dont discuss it

05/29/2010 - 4:41pm (No subject)

05/29/2010 - 2:13pm Rampage all the way

He's got the A-Team behind him

05/27/2010 - 8:52pm MGoNonsense


05/26/2010 - 10:28pm hercules

i honestly think hercules gomez could get some playing time, considering the second foward spot is in limbo (and dempsey should be at mid btw)

05/12/2010 - 4:40pm i would just like to say

the mathlete,

you are awesome

05/12/2010 - 4:30pm Jedi?


05/12/2010 - 4:29pm i was right with you on that

i was right with you on that one

05/09/2010 - 3:06pm ah 4 loko

so great until you wake up not knowing where you are

05/04/2010 - 10:49pm +1 just for having ducreax as

+1 just for having ducreax as your avatar

05/04/2010 - 10:38pm your point has been made

but it doesnt sit with what magnus was saying. you say that it is something personal with the indication that it is an invasion of privacy. if it is a well known fact that the factory is shut down and that his father would be taking another job than that does not seem like an ivasion of privacy to me. it is one thing to stalk recruits, but this is not recruit stalking

and as far as making anyone making themselves look important, that is definitely not happening. i dont feel as if any members of the mgocommunity (spare a few em0 clones) would feel good about  allegedly exploiting a valued recruit 

05/03/2010 - 9:59pm why?

hes a good coach and a good recruiter at a storied program - makes sense that he can bring in some good prospects to help 'rebuild' 

04/24/2010 - 5:26pm yes he was

IIRC espn had him listed as a possible top ten at one point. but 20 TD - 20 INT seasons don't leave you high on draft boards

04/24/2010 - 5:12pm way to go stevie

now for warren as mr. irrelevant?

04/20/2010 - 11:03pm atta boy BG

cant wait till you get on the field and become another successful NFL Wolverine

04/19/2010 - 11:14pm oh goodness

i see dong punches in the future

04/19/2010 - 11:06pm hard to tell personally

but i feel it was a combination of getting the more involved intermediate passing when the OLB's were playing more towards the rush, and also because our TE's are very good. Koger is a physical freak, Webb is a hell of a blocker that can now catch, and Moore showed some nice wheels on at least one play that i can remember towards the end of the game where he had room to run. Overall i would say leaning towards the fact that the TE's are good, and were better at getting open than the mainly freshman group of WR's out there

04/17/2010 - 4:57pm box seats

the box seats looked really nice. other than that it felt like the same old big house

04/17/2010 - 4:47pm Kovacs

he was gritty mcgritterstein (he played decently, nothing amazing, just effective at box safety)

EDIT: but he has stumpy legs

04/17/2010 - 4:44pm +1

just for the Roh-Rancor comparison

04/17/2010 - 4:40pm thank you

im glad somebody appreciates the blackest white like black guy in the universe

04/17/2010 - 4:33pm I agree on Demens

He was my defensive MVP personally. He was always in position and made some good plays against the run

04/17/2010 - 4:32pm 30k is selling it short completely

at the beginning of the game there was definitely over 40,000 people there