Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings 5-2

Submitted by Tim on May 3rd, 2010 at 6:34 PM

Just a little bit of change since last week, but ESPN did tweak their ratings a bit. Action since last rankings:

Now that Iowa has jumped into the fray, Penn State and Purdue are the only Big Ten (plus Notre Dame) programs that don't have any commitments.

Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings
Rank School # of Commits Rivals 250 Scout Average ESPN 150
1 Ohio State 10 2 3.40 5
2 Notre Dame 9 4 3.33 4
3 Michigan 4 1 3.25 2
4 Michigan State 5 1 2.40 1
5 Indiana 8 0 1.25 0
6 Minnesota 2 1 2.00 1
7 Wisconsin 2 1 2.00 0
8 Iowa 2 0 1.00 0
8 Northwestern 2 0 1.00 0
10 Iowa 2 0 1.00 0
11 Penn State 0 0 0 0
11 Purdue 0 0 0 0

I'll only make charts for the teams that currently have commits. Rivals 250 means that a given prospect is on the Rivals 250 to Watch, and ESPN 150 means that a prospect is on the Watch List for the ESPNU 150. Scout ratings are on the 5-star scale.

#1 Ohio State - 10 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Steve Miller DE 250 5 150*
Kenny Hayes DE 250 4 46
Brian Bobek OL NR 4 150*
Chase Farris DE NR 4 150*
DerJuan Gambrell CB NR 4 45
Jeremy Cash S NR 3 150*
Jeff Heuerman TE NR 3 150*
Antonio Underwood OL NR 3 46
Chris Carter OL NR 3 45
Tommy Brown OL NR 1 46

ESPN now deems DE Chase Farris worthy of being on the ESPN150 watch list.

#2 Notre Dame - 9 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Ben Koyack TE 250 5 150*
Conor Hanratty OL 250 4 150*
Matt Hegarty OL 250 4 150*
Jarrett Grace LB 250 4 46
Jordan Prestwood OL NR 4 150*
Tony Springmann OL NR 4 46
Brad Carrico OL NR 3 46
Matthias Farley CB NR 1 46
Kyle Brindza K NR 1 45

Nothing new for the Irish.

#3 Michigan - 4 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Delonte Hollowell CB 250 3 150*
Brennen Beyer DE NR 4 150*
Greg Brown CB NR 3 46
Shawn Conway WR NR 3 46

Brennen Beyer goes back on the ESPN150 watchlist.

#4 Michigan State - 5 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Lawrence Thomas LB 250 5 150*
Onaje Miller RB/Ath NR 4 45
Connor Cook QB NR 1 46
AJ Sims CB NR 1 46
Taiwan Jones Ath/LB NR 1 45

No change.

#5 Indiana - 8 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Jake Reed TE NR 3 46
Kyle Kennedy LB NR 1 46
Tre Roberson QB NR 1 46
Kirk Harris OL NR 1 46
Ralston Evans OL NR 1 46
Zack Shaw LB NR 1 46
Mike Replogle LB NR 1 45
Max Pirman LB NR 1 45

Teams are going to start passing the Hoosiers once they get more commits.

#6 Minnesota - 2 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Tommy Olson OL 250 3 150*
James Farrow CB NR 1 46

ESPN finally acknowledges that Calvin Phillips isn't committed to the Gophers (which he hasn't been for at least a couple months now).

#7 Wisconsin - 2 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Jake Keefer LB 250 3 46
Sam Arneson TE NR 1 45

No change for Wisconsin.

#8 Northwestern - 2 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Sean Cotton S NR 1 46
Jarrell Williams CB NR 1 46

Both of NU's commits are unranked to the services.

#8 Illinois - 2 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Zeph Grimes S NR 1 46
Hunter Wells OL NR 1 45

Still just two for the Illini.

#10 Iowa - 3 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Austin Blythe OL NR 3 46
Marcus Grant WR NR 1 46
JaCorey Shepherd WR NR 1 46

Iowa picks up a decent offensive lineman. They're right on the heels of Minnesota and Wisconsin.



May 4th, 2010 at 12:51 AM ^

He's won a lot of football games, but he's never proven to be a good recruiter.  Granted, he's never been at a school with a big draw, but his classes at Cincinnati were no better than they were the few years before him even though he won more games, and his UC classes were well behind the other big teams in the Big East like Rutgers, WVU and Pitt.  

This does not mean he won't recruit well at ND, but there's really no evidence to say that he's a good recruiter yet.

oriental andrew

May 4th, 2010 at 3:13 PM ^

Cincinatti, to be fair, was pretty mediocre, even for Conference USA.  From 1994-2004, they averaged 6.5 wins and 5.5 losses and only eclipsed 7 wins once.  He had that working against him.  It's entirely possible he would've had a monster recruiting class this year had he stayed, coming off 11 and 12 win seasons. 

Recruits are seeing what he did at Cincy and thinking that ND can be an absolute beast with him at the helm.  That, more than past recruiting results at a mid-tier Big East school, is what is paying off now. 

Did I ever mention that I was totally against ND hiring Brian Kelly because he's an actual, you know, good coach?


May 4th, 2010 at 12:38 AM ^

He's glib as hell, very personable, and cocky in a good way, without being the douchebag that Weis was. And most important, his resume is very impressive. If he's as successful as I fear he'll be, I just hope that somebody else drops a bucket of money in front of him that's so large that he won't be able to resist moving on. The only problem is, what other college program is a "step up" from a successful Notre Dame in terms of prestige and national reputation? I know people here will answer Michigan of course, but nationally, that's not necessarily the view.


May 5th, 2010 at 2:18 PM ^

if this year will be a meh recruiting year for us because everyone one will be "wait and see" on whether Rich stays or goes. At the very least you’d think higher ranked recruits might wait to see which way the season goes. It sure would be nice to see what a class looks like when we’re through the gate and off and running.

It is discouraging to see ND get commits from the highly ranked lineman so early. I guess in our case change could come at the end of the year. In their case change has occurred, and most likely the coaching situation is stable for three plus years.

Assuming this year goes well and Rich stays, the future recruiting battles (on a more even playing field) should be interesting as Kelly recruits a similar type of player ....