Where to get quality big and tall M gear online?

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Like many others on here, I'm a big fan of a lot of the new M apparel now that the program is with Nike/Jordan.  With football season fast approaching, I realized I am in need of some new gear to wear around town, especially with the team coming to Dallas this year.  Unfortunately for me, the M Den doesn't appear to be a good option given my height (6'6"), as they don't appear to carry B&T sizes.  If there are any other MGoBloggers out there with good recommendations on where I can shop online for quality M gear in big and tall sizes, I would really appreciate it.  

I tried Fansedge a couple weeks ago, because I had used them in the past and got a shirt that I really liked.  But this time around when my shirts arrived, the colors looked more like Notre Dame's than Michigan's, and the t-shirts went literally halfway down my thigh.  Looked more like a pajama shirt than something I could wear outside the house.  



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I'm 6'5", 240, and for reasons unknown clothing manufacturers assume if you're tall you must also be insanely fat cause once you move beyond XL the tops only expand at the waist, not the length.  So your choice is wear something that ends about your beltline (and I'm not really into wearing a Michigan halter top) OR something long that billows out like womens pajamas. Looking forward to hearing answers here.  Hope somebody has had luck here cause I sure havent. 

Laugh all you want you scoffers - the struggle is real.

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I'm 6'4" and 270. The XXL Nike and Jordan stuff do fine by me. There a couple of those t-shirts and one or two of the new Jordan sweatshirts that seem to have a longer back. I have one of the $45 t-shirts with the M on one side of the chest and jumpman on the other. That one in particular seems pretty long. 

I have seen some non-Nike Michigan stuff at DXL before so they may be a place to look. 

As far as what mGrowOld said. I agree. When I was a little younger I rowed so I had a pretty big chest/shoulder and then smaller waist. I used to get my t-shirts tapered because of the aforementioned billowing effect. That said, the Nike stuff seems to be cut for more athletic cuts.

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Asking the important questions...

I'm actually the exact same height as you, and I have the same problem. I still get t-shirts from the traditional sites and they tend to workout ok as long as you go for the tri-blend or polyester variety.

I'd love to be able to buy a hoodie or jacket or something that has long enough sleeves haha.


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I would say MDen. They have a lot of + sized stuff, esp at the main State Street location. I would call ahead of my order to get some further info from someone. But they do have some nice stuff in 3 & 4×.

I'm thinking you could call the main syore, and ask them to check on the plus sized items, and then maybe send them to you from the store. They are pretty helpful.


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I feel your pain brother. I have a long torso and long arms and I'm 6'3". Everything looks like either a trash bag or a half shirt on me.



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for me with standard sizes i end up untucking my shirt every time i lift my arms.


i'm 6'3" 220 lbs with a long torso and long arms so most 2xl stuff looks like i'm wearing my 6'8" dad's clothes and still isn't the right length.




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If anyone comes across any LT shirts, I’d like to know where. I’m 6’3” and 195, and even XLT are too big. After the Jordan switch, I was hoping for some tall sizes since Nike offers some.