When did the ACC become the SEC

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They are talking about taking PSU from the B1G (fat chance) and adding ND. 

They are building a bball conference in a football world. Talking about holding their bball tourney in NYC at Madison square gardent-the site of the Big East tourney...When did they become the more than the fourth best conference? Am I missing something?

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Didn't mean to sound like a jerk but without a link it's tough to take the ACC going after Penn State seriously. Heck, even with a link it is. But I had actually not heard anything about the ACC going after more teams. I don't spend much time in message boards.


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She's in the next apartment over, and this isn't my thing but this is what I have (I'll call if this isn't enough). Also, sorry for the shitty code writing, it probably is the worst ever.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

#include <studio.h>

#include <math.h.>

#include <string.h>

#include <string.h>


bool isPrime(int n) {

     for(int i=2; i<=  sqrt(n); i++){

          if(n%1 == 0) {

               return false;


          return true;



void main () {

     int sum = 0;

     int n,i;

     if (n !=0){

          sum = i + sum

          cout << "Sum of first 30 prime numbers is " << sum <<endl;



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I merely assumed my witty, Pulitzer Prize-worthy comments over the past ten months on this blog would speak for themselves.  Everyone would always search for bluedragon when they logged in just to catch my latest morsels of wisdom.  But MGoBloggers are a fickell bunch, as they say.


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I heard an interview with Dick Baddour today on the local WRAL here in Raleigh.  He specifically said that equitable revenue sharing is a core value of the ACC.  He was addressing a question that Joe Ovies asked about UT/ND joining the ACC.  I searched for links for this, there weren't any I could find. 

Penn State didn't come up.  Breathe, its just speculation.


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I heard the same interview with Dick Baddour and you could tell that it was an uncomfortable topic with him.  He definitely said that equal revenue sharing was a "core value" of the ACC.  I wouldn't be surprised if the subject of ND (and their TV contract) has come up with the powers that be within the ACC.

I could actually see ND moving to the ACC.  It would match them up with a somewhat natural rival (Boston College) and they'd have some synergies with Duke and Wake Forest, too.

I think that the ACC made a great move by picking up Pitt and 'Cuse.  It definitely expanded the conference footprint.  However, it didn't do a whole lot to improve the football relevance of the conference.  They still wouldn't get two BCS bids (assuming a BCS-style system survives).

Personally, I'd like the see the B1G go after Boston College.  It would give the conference an East Coast presence.  It would also be a potential attraction for Notre Dame.  On top of that, it could potentially provide a boost to B1G hockey.

It's going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out.  The B1G doesn't necessarily need to add more teams, but it definitely needs to pay close attention to what the other conferences are doing (or may do).






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Agree.  The Big Ten might be happy at 12 but they need to keep tabs on what's going on.  Syracuse and Pitt were a pretty big coup for the ACC.  It probably solidifies the ACC and means not to many teams are going to jump ship to another conference.

There aren't to many schools out there not in the ACC, Big Ten, SEC or Pac-10 that combine academics and a solid football program.  ND is really the last one left (assuming that Texas and OU are headed to the Pac-10 and that the Big Ten isn't interested in either if it means that Okie St and another Texas school, mainly Tech, would be required to come along as well). 

While Syracuse and Pitt might not be great football programs, I don't think they would have been a minus for the Big Ten - especially considering what they would have brought bball wise.

The other thing Syracuse adds for the ACC is a another top notch lacrosse program.


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is about as close to fantasy as sportwriters should get.

The argument is PSU should go to the ACC because it is an east coast school. Then, in the next breath, ND should go to the ACC in spite of not being an east coast school.

Whatever...  The bigger they make the conference, the more likely it collapses under its own weight.


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i may be the only person around who wouldn't want ND in the B1G.  screw them, all the B1G teams should've stopped playing them years ago when they didn't wanna join.  i think delaney has done a great job but salavating over ND just makes us look pathetic.  please stop and go get some teams that arent afraid to have their asses kicked.  


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They'd love to up their prestige in football but the core schools (Carolina's, Maryland, Virginia) have always thought bball first.  In that regard, it's a solid move for them.  Pitt and Syracuse are a huge score bball wise.  They might not be the greatest in football, but let's face it, there aren't that many teams out there worth going after that combine good academics and good football.

There's no way I can see the core schools wanting to see the ACC bball tourney moved to NYC.


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The ACC and Big East were going to be a combined leftover conference anyway; this just makes the ACC look like they are creating their fate instead of resigning themselves to it.


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Penn State got a huge jump in academic rankings and research $$ after joining the big ten right? so I can't think of a single reason for them to join a conference that is a step down academically and athletically


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I believe it's actually from joining the CIC, which is closely linked to B1G membership. I don't know that they would necessarily lose their CIC membership for leaving the B1G. Although, leaving the B1G would be a huge step down in TV revenue and conference prestige and I really can't see them willing to take that paycut for anything.


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The ACC is a step up actually in terms of academics, which is where the B1G blew it.  Pitt and Syracuse both have good academics and would have been decent teams for the B1G.  In terms of the football stage, the B1G, particularly now that Nebraska is on board, is a much better football conference.

Delaney needs to get his head out of his ass.


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Stop being melodramatic. The goal of conference expansion is to make more money for each of the schools. Pitt gets them nothing because people in Pittsburgh are Steelers fans and everyone else in the state is a PSU fan. The only reason you would go for Syracuse is to get the NY market and it's been discussed that Syracuse can't do that. If NYC is your ultimate goal, you are better off getting a national school with a strong alumni presence in NYC like ND.

The only way that adding Pitt and Syracuse could earn more money for each team is if they were the teams that got us to 16 teams and we ended up with a 4 team playoff for the championship, adding two more games for revenue. If fading into mediocrity is what you are worried about, then adding two mediocre-at-best programs is not what you are looking for.


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Adding Pitt and Syracuse added very little to the ACC.  Do you think that ESPN is going to play that many more ACC games in PA and NY with those two?  The Big 10 already plays through out PA, and most people in NY don't care about Syracuse, other than up state.

Pitt and Syracuse are basketball powers, and the ACC is largely a basketball conference. If they add Texas or ND, then I will change my opinion.  But right now, with FSU on the rise, Va Tech strong...and everyone else mediocre, adding those two schools doesn't change their dynamic much.  They are a strong, but not super, conference.  

The Pac 12 is the one looking to make a transformative change.  SEC adding a&M and maybe WVU doesn't change them much, but are quality additions.  Even if the Big 10 adds ND, I don't think that dramatically changes our perception nationwide, though will increase viewership definitely.