What a difference a year makes

Submitted by karpodiem on January 8th, 2012 at 4:01 PM

Great time to be a fan, hard to imagine that we'd be here looking back a year ago.  Next step is to start winning B1G championships.



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had a fistball team, I imagine they would be having a good season.  Incidentially, I read the wiki page about this and learned that a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice created the Italian rules for fistball in 1555.


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couldn't agree more.   David Brandon got it right and brought home Brady Hoke a michigan man with Greg Mattison and Al Borges  great things will continue to happen on the football field.   I also like the direction of the basketball program is going with John Belien,  great coach and love the recruiting coming in the next few years.   GO BLUE!    It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!


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what? Why was this posted? I hope it's not the OP negging every post that doesn't have to do with whatever he wants to talk about but didn't mention in his post.


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Football aside, a year ago at this time it was looking pretty grim for men's basketball as well.  We were in the midst of our 1-6 Big Ten start and it looked like we'd again miss the tournament (and possibly not even make the NIT).  The 12 months since then have been pretty good.


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I was going to start a thread called "Go Blue" in which I was going to say that "Go Blue" is a pretty cool thing to say at games and whatnot.  I mean....I think that every random thought that crosses the mind of every poster deserves its own unique thread or we won't know what random thoughts people are having.

But this one sort of beat me to the punch so i'll wait a bit and then either make fun of Sparty being pissed at not making the BCS, call Urban Meyer a cheater or talk about mess Penn State is right now.  You know....the usual stuff for a University of Michigan sports blog.


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Actually, no, it isn't obvious it is football the OP was talking about. Absolutely nothing has happened with the football team since our bowl victory and that was almost a week ago. Normally something positive happening would trigger an "I'm excited and wanted to start a post" post. He also posted it after a basketball win against a team we haven't beaten the last 10 times we've played them. This post is not only confusing, but fucking awful.

On a related note, tomorrow am going to post the reasons I thought we lost the Iowa game