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to a roster of talent and depth to about 90% of what Bama and OSU have, we will be beating them both consistently.  I doubt we ever perfectly match those two football factories in terms of roster because, well, you know...Harbaugh would rather tip toe the student-athlete line then completely jump over it and run an NFL minor leagues program like Saban and Meyer.

That said, Harbaugh is a savant and a supior tactical coach to anybody outside Belicheck - and his obsession is driven by joy, not fear of falling from the mountain top like some others.

Add in Don Brown's superior defensive mind and constantly recruiting and learning from the best and brightest coaches in the business and I think we are in for a long run of success.


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That number will drop to about a dozen by the end of NFL camp; just the nature of the business.  That said, a fair number of these guys -- barring injury -- probably have legitimate staying power in the league, as in more than 3 years.  Hoke's recruitment (at least on defense) and Harbaugh's development was a pretty sweet combination.  Offense is still a work in progress but the guys Harbaugh's finding look like playmakers.

Aside from the obvious (guys like Jourdan Lewis and Taco Charlton dominated in their last year), I wouldn't sleep on Magnuson.  He won't MAKE PLAYS but there are always teams desperately looking at the free agent market to plug holes in the roster.  A guy his size who has his head screwed on straight will find work in the league.


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Schofield didn't drive SDEs into the dirt but he was almost never in the wrong place.  He could play for a decade on a half a dozen different teams by the time he's done.  The main thing is that these guys aren't easily fooled by stunts, blitzes and all the other tricks DCs use to try to get a guy into the backfield.  That's worth something.  Even if you can't stay in front of a Pro Bowl SDE for more than a couple seconds, that's a couple seconds more than the guy with a 14' wingspan who can bench press a Mack truck but keeps blocking air.

NFL teams will give athletic freaks several chances, but when your roster is depleted, you're trying to win your division and you desperately need a right tackle who won't run right by his assignment, guys like Schofield and Mags will get the call.

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I had a chance to meet Ben through a family friend who was a walk-on and lived in the same house.  Ben was very polite and friendly, as were his parents.  I have a picture of the two players with my two small children, a terriic contrast in scale.