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Submitted by AHM16 on April 5th, 2012 at 2:56 AM

Well, a few hours ago Brian posted on Twitter according to a source that Trey was having a change of heart and also the Free Press shared the same story. Apparently in the last hour or so on twitter, pictures of Trey Burke's dorm room have been posted and unfortunately all his bags have been packed. I think it is safe to say he is gone.

Link to the picture:!/nrothschild3/status/187762662606782465/photo/1



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should not care about whether or not certain players' actions throw the team into disarray - they should care only about the careers of those players. Interesting. So by this logic nobody should have been mad that Justin Boren transferred, because it turned out to be a good "career move" on his part, winning 3 Big Ten Championships (plus a Rose and Sugar Bowl) and all.


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You don't owe him affection. Claining he is "abandoning" and "rejecting" the school is pretty ball-clinching rhetoric, though.

It's his life, and he's doing what he thinks is right for him. Is he right? Nobody knows for sure. But characterizing it as "rejection" is breathing some sort of motivation into his actions that doesn't exist.


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And my whole point to begin with was just that everyone out there complaining about Michigan fans being fickle are being unreasonable. If Burke doesn't owe it to the University to stay one more year, I just don't see why Michigan fans owe it to him to not be mad with his decision to leave.


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This argument has been over for hours and now you're going out of your way to tell me that I need to get a life if I'm upset that Burke is (possibly) leaving. Where did I go wrong here exactly? I stressed that I think Burke is a commendable young man, but that it isn't unreasonable of some fans to be mad at him for leaving, when his doing so will have an enormous negative impact on the team. Is that really so terrible of an opinion to have?

And my posts are collapsed because I happened to be arguing against 3 people who strongly disagreed with me and made it a point to immediately neg me every time I made a comment. Go figure.


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Now, because I've commented on a few of your posts, you think I have some vendetta against you.

I'll tell you why people around here don't appreciate your posts. You come across as an arrogant, spoiled, petulant, entitled, douche bag.

You may not be any of these things, but that's what is communicated via your posts.

Trey deciding to leave is not him "abandoning" the University, or slapping his teammates in the face. One of the products of recruiting a higher caliber of player and building a strong basketball program, is that guys will leave early.

Guys will leave who are excellent players, and those guys leaving will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the program. 

However, it is completely and totally classless to insinuate that a player does care about Michigan or his teammates, or cares less about Michigan or his teammates, simply because he chooses to make a very personal decision about his future.

There is no reason to be "mad" at Burke for leaving. That is completely ridiculous. You're only mad because what might be best for Burke (going pro), doesn't match up with what you would like to see (Burke staying). That's why someone called you out and said you're putting your own self interests above all else, because it's true. No player is bigger than the program, but the program isn't bigger than any one kid.

If it does make you mad, take some time off following sports. Get a new hobby, but don't come onto mgoblog and trash an 19 year old kid by saying that he abandoned Michigan, or implying that he doesn't care about his teammates. If you want to be mad or lash out, scream into a pillow. Most of us don't want to hear that nonsense.

And another thing, if he doesn't love Michigan as much as me or you, so what? Why get mad about something that trivial?


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I now realize I said some things that were out of line but that wasn't the intent going in. The only reason I even entered the conversation was because 26 de Julio was tearing everybody down who didn't agree with Burke's decision and acting like they were being irrational. But what I said was bad, and I did it because I am "arrogant, spoiled, petulant, entitled, and a douche bag."

Quick question though: is it wrong of me to feel that someone like say, Denard Robinson, cares more about his teammates and the University of Michigan than Burke does, because of the fact that he chose to stay?


April 5th, 2012 at 8:28 PM ^

It's fine if you feel that way personally, but it becomes a problem when you're espousing something that is generally unknowable, trying to build a narrative from it, and posting it on mgoblog where everyone else has to see it.

It's a given that if Trey Burke leaves, every single fan of Michigan athletics will be unhappy about that information, but we can choose how we react to it.

Getting mad at the kid is probably the least desirible reaction, and having been a member of this board since before it was a board, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the majority of posters will not respond kindly to such behavior.

EDIT: Just so you are aware, I am not the one negging your comments.


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but whatever it was (or maybe it wasn't anything actually said) it was enough to make Frieder fear for his job and make a hurried lateral move to a lesser program.

Bo's "Michigan man will coach Michigan" comment has been misremembered by many and was probably misunderstood by some at the time. Frieder's failure to be what Bo considered a Michigan man wasn't triggered by his leaving (though I'm sure that didn't help) but by his running his program in a sloppy, borderline-sleazy and completely un-Bo-like manner. Bo was ready to clean house; when Fisher won the national title three weeks later that was no longer feasible so Bo left instead.

None of this has anything to do with Trey Burke.


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For whatever reason people who think he's making a career error that will hurt HIS income  by leaving school early are "trashing" him.  I for one wish him nothing but the best but think that he's making a big mistake that will negatively impact his earning power by not staying.

If that's considered "trashing him" then so be it.

Maize n Cubbie Blue

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Isn't it possible that he is just going home for easter and is taking some of his clothes with him so he doesn't have to make an extra trip at the end of the year? There are only 2 weeks left of school, its not like he needs a lot of stuff.


April 5th, 2012 at 11:53 AM ^

When I first read the "According to a source, Trey was having a change of heart," bit I thought it meant he was staying. D'oh.

If he really is withdrawing from school a couple weeks before finals, that's hard to understand.  He's put in the time this semester and may as well finish it up.


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To pass on a few million bucks. I am sure that is what I would do. It is 15 credits he is missing on. What an idiot! Lol jk Trey. I think some people don't realize what they would do for millions. I bet many of you would do a donkey show for a few million, but are criticizing this young man.


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Of course I am very disappointed if he leaves. Michigan had a chance at a special season. It also showcases what's wrong with college basketball and the NBA, and why both "jumped the shark" some time ago. This could be fixed but the powers that be don't seem inclined to fix it.

On the other hand Trey came to college with a dream of playing in the NBA and if he can fulfill that sooner by leaving more power to him. Even if he is assigned to the D League or has to go to Europe he will make more money right off the bat than four year grads.

Maybe being 40 yrs old gives me a different perspective.


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Who makes millions a year with a Bachelors in Massage Therapy? He is going to be picked 40th and will get his salary regardless. Good decision Trey! Come back to Michigan and get your degree later. I appreciated you playing for us. Go blue!


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FWIW, updated their mock last night.

They have Burke going 39th to Denver, in the 1st half of the 2nd round.

NBAdraftexpress has him 40th to Boston.


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I love Trey and this is always his decision. However, I don't see him as much of an NBA player. The league is filled with good point guards right now, and I doubt he wins a starting job anytime soon, if ever.

Good luck, Trey. I'll still be rooting for you.


April 5th, 2012 at 6:30 PM ^

Even as a backup PG in the NBA he can make bank. Will Bynum makes a fine living but when you physically compare him and Burke, Bynum looks like a tank. Every single player's situation is different but it wouldn't hurt Burke, IMO, to add as much plausible muscle as he can without affecting his stroke so he can bang around in today's NBA and more realistically attain a guaranteed contract via draft position or his play.


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Its a shame to see great potential leave like that couldve gone down as one of he best pg in mbb history!!! Confused on why Burke hasnt announced it via twitter think theres a chance its all a gag?

snarling wolverine

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People can be upset if he's leaving.  Playing one year of college basketball is the bare minimum and a lot of us felt like Burke wanted to go a little farther than that.  However, people shouldn't get personal and lash out at the guy.  I want him to stay, but if he disagrees I'll respect it.

On the other hand, the faction that is lashing out at other fans with the whole "Trey owes you nothing!" bit need to tone it down.  Look, we're fans and we build an emotional attachment to these guys whether it makes sense or not.  Give us a little space to "mourn" if he leaves.


April 5th, 2012 at 1:49 PM ^

All I know is this can't be an easy decision for Trey.  For those getting all worked up about this and kicking him to the curb, give it a rest.  He has an opportunity here to make a lot of money, a LOT more than I've ever had the chance to make.  To say it's a no-brainer to just give that all up without contemplation is just immaturity, even if that same opportunity could be guaranteed next year (which it can't).

Most of our thinking has a lot to do with our emotional connection to the Michigan basketball team and our desire to see the team's success magnify next season (and on).  In reality, we have no personal connection with the kid.  He doesn't owe us anything.  This is HIS choice.

Rationally, yes, I think he's probably not making the best decision if he leaves.  That can be backed up by his parents and coach Beilein's actions in response to his stance on leaving school. 

However, regardless of what may or may not be right, give him a break.  The consequences of his decision (whether to stay or to go) are yet to be determined.  And our program will not die if he chooses to leave.  For those that think it might, refer to the 2012 & 2013 recruiting classes for evidence of the contrary.


April 5th, 2012 at 1:53 PM ^

I will add that if, in fact, he does decide to leave, I too will be in "mourning."

However, having gone through these "mourning" before, life goes on.  And I'm still excited to see how far our program will rise, because it will most definitely continue to do that.


April 5th, 2012 at 6:28 PM ^

so I really don't see why everyone here expects Michigan fans to offer Burke their full-fledged support in his (potential) decision to skip town. Trashing his Twitter and stuff is just stupid, but honestly you're acting like it's irrational for people to be upset, when it's not.


April 5th, 2012 at 7:22 PM ^ support a decision with which you personally disagree. That's the key here, and  from all appearances, it is what fellow MGoBloggers have been trying to tell you for the past several hours. I would love for Burke to stay, develop as a player, and get a degree, but if he wants to go into the draft now, he likely will be drafted (albeit in the 2nd round) and I will respect this decision even if I don't personally like it or agree with it. 

Indeed, if it were possible, I would shake his hand and even say thanks for choosing to spend his time at Michigan, even if it was ever so brief. 

It's not about putting down people for being upset, but how one expresses just how upset they are. 



April 5th, 2012 at 7:50 PM ^

and I do NOT think he is actively trying to stick it to Michigan by leaving. I believe he's a young kid who had a very good season, and is really excited at the prospect of finally achieving his dream. That being said, I don't see how you could argue that it's unreasonable for some Michigan fans to be upset with him, and feel like there's something missing. We were all absolutely overjoyed when Denard announced he was staying - why? Not because we were selfish, or because we thought he was making a great career move, but rather, because we love this University.


April 5th, 2012 at 7:56 PM ^

If Denard left and people either bashed him, or were "mad" at him, raging all over the internet, it would be possibly the most disgraceful thing "fans" of this University have ever done.

If I were a mod, anyone bashing Denard for leaving early would be banned. Anyone playing this semantics game of kinda bashing him, then retracting it, but continuing to make underhanded comments, but no they really didn't mean it that way...They'd be banned too.  


April 5th, 2012 at 8:16 PM ^

I have a couple of more questions if you're free.

Are there any circumstances whatsoever where Is it okay for a fan to be upset with a player leaving? Clearly Boren is an example? But where is the line drawn?

Also is it okay for me to love Denard more for the fact that he stayed? Or by doing that am I implying that I would have loved him less if he hadn't stayed, and thereby committing an egregious error?


April 6th, 2012 at 3:32 PM ^

And for all the gloomNdoomers declaring the unconditional surrender of Michigan hoops to eternal "Washington Generalism" or for those of you who have said things like "Hoops can't get it's head above water" I say to you, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS!!! Hellooo???  It's okay to be depressed about a defection that would have put hoops over the edge onto that GREAT level from the "In the mix/ Contender" level, but "Can't get there head above water"???  Is head above water the Final Four every year or something??

I can see that kind of sentiment over the last 15 years when we couldn't even get out of bed and Crisler was essentially a back up plan if the movie theater wasn't worthy on a given night, but over the last 2-3 years, we have not only gotten out of bed but hopped into a refreshing shower, dressed ourselves, and managed to even leave the house and bring home some glory.  If you went back at all football/basketball teams in the last, I don't know, 20 years, who had a solid foundation, who could have been great if some pro level talent stuck around, we would be talking abou 2012  Kentucky or 2009 UNC caliber teams every other year!!!

Be bummed out for awhile, but don't jump over the ledge.  Belein has proven to us that he has  the sharpest of eyes for what will produce on his team, so trust in this Spike kid, and REGARDLESS of whether or not he is some under the radar hero or a total bust, step back and frame this into perspective!!  Look at last year, look at the talent raw and refined talent that is returning and rejoice on the GREATER SCHEME picture and TREND LINE of where this program is headed under a clearly competent, hungry and passionate leader at helm, and REJOICE!! Don't be a kid who has been driving a rusted out Chevy Cavalier around who suddenly gets a BMW from his parents, but throws a fit because it has 18' rims instead of 24 (Or however those things are measured).  Keep your head up, don't be spoiled, look where we've been, look where we're going, look forward to another Big Ten Race in late February, respect the game, respect what kind of life it ultimately creates for those who play it well, and ENJOY IT  !!!

Go Belein, Go Blue, Talk to me in March when Belein will once again show us that the OVERALL trajectory of this program toward glory may be briefly stunted for short periods, but CANNOT be denied...  


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