Scouting Report: Nic Weishar

Submitted by Magnus on January 23rd, 2013 at 8:26 AM

My scouting report this week is on Chicago (IL) Marist tight end Nic Weishar.  Tight end isn't the sexiest position, but it appears Al Borges wants to bring in several guys and use them in various ways.  Weishar plays wide receiver in high school, so he's used to catching passes, but he's not quite the athlete that someone like Devin Funchess is.…



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Assuming we do not land another TE in this class, how many do you think we'll take in the 2014 class?  Michigan seems to be in pursuit of a lot of 2014 TEs.  I know you can't put all your time into 1 or 2 recruits but I would imagine that even 2 TEs this class would be a lot.

Space Coyote

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But my feeling is they are really looking for one, and if they get two then fine. But I doubt they range far outside of their early offers to fill a second spot at TE. With fewer scholarships in 2014, I think five TEs is alright. TE is a good position to have walk-ons/position changes to fill out depth.

Not saying they won't take two if the player is right, but I think if it is two, one will be a high target.


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I agree that 2014 will swell up a bit, and I agree that using walk-ons isn't the preferred method for depth.  

However, I do believe that (outside of FB) TE is the easiest spot for a walk-on to contribute.  Finding a Mike Kwiatkowski is a lot less rare than a Kovacs or a walk-on at most other spots.  A TE doesn't need to have elite athleticism, he just needs to be tall and like 245, which isn't tough after a few years in college S&C.  I agree that it's not preferred and it probably won't be necessary with how we're recruiting the position, but if a guy we've never heard of shows up on the TE depth chart, I'll be much less surprised than if he does so at LB or WR or something like that.  

Space Coyote

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But I think you start addressing needs elsewhere before TE. A single walk-on or position change as your third string TE (or your #6 TE overall) isn't a huge deal (in a crunch you can have an H-back play TE, a FB play TE, a FB play H-back, etc).

By taking 4 (or 5 if you count Shallman) the previous two years, I think the coaches start looking at spreading it out a bit more as it isn't an immediate need now. Probably one in 2014 and then back to two in 2015. I think it bounces back and forth from here on out between one and two, two when you can get your hands on a special talent, one pretty much otherwise (or after a couple years of only getting one). I think the staff wants at least one a year, and I don't think they will want 8 TEs on the roster at the same time (as some will surely redshirt, which means 8+ players at a postion that has a generous average of 1.5 players on the field at a time). I think 6/7 is a preferable number down the road spread out over 4/5 years. Six (or seven) in three years is a bit much.


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I following recruiting and i still dont understand how a team like Texas AM can have 35 committs right now and i know they are verbal but they still are in on 4 or 5 more top players and the reason i replied to yours magnus is cause u seem to know more than most on here.     if this is not the right place let me know cause i am new to how points work etc.


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I have issues posting to TTB at work because the anonymous option doesn't appear available, and gmail is blocked. 

At any  rate,  I see Marist HS, and assume it's catholic.  It seems like every catholic I met (from the Chicago area) seems to be a Notre Dame fan.  I was curious as to whether or not he's favoring ND, if he's revealed any such info. 

Also, thanks for the evaluation, you say he could potentially develop into an all-conference type player, in the right system... you'd think with the success of Devin Funchess, Al Borges would have a decent sales pitch.

Go Ugly Early

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I have no insight on where Weishar is leaning, or if Michigan would need him in the 2014 class.  

However, I went to school with Weishar's cousin (a Michigan graduate).  I know that he has been in this kid's ear for years about Michigan and they visited Ann Arbor together this past fall.  Take that for what it's worth, but I wouldn't think that he is an ND lean as suggested above.


January 24th, 2013 at 9:49 AM ^

who is a UM grad and here's the latest:


Just got off the phone with Nic's Cousin (the umich grad), and things are looking up for Big Blue. A couple of things he mentioned really stood out, and I think we will have a great chance to land this recruit. The Cousin said Nic was really impressed that the training table has not only Splenda, but also all natural Stevia. Nic is really big supporter of equal treatment of those afflicted with diabetes, so it's got to help even more that Borges promised the entire team would participate in this years Diabetes Walk at the Big House. 
The real feather in the cap of the conversation came when the "cuz" (we're friends, remember how I mentioned that? Also, he went to Michigan) mentioned who was providing the team gear for the 2014 season. The former Econ major (see I told you! BFFs) got weak in the knees as he explained that UM was cancelling their contract with Adidas and signing an exclusive, 25-year deal with The Salvation Army. Apparently, all of these Weishar folk are suckers for moth-eaten flannels and jorts. The lengths that Hoke and Co. are going to seduce Nic Weishar into Ann Arbor knows no bounds.
/not a personal attack to Go Ugly Early, seriously, Weishar's cousin did actually approve this message


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I played football with his brother, Andrew at Illinois Wesleyan. Andrew recently died of cancer. It was very sad but the entire family is a class act and Nic would be a great addition. However, from talking to Nic personally ND is the favorite, he really likes Northwestern, he was very excited by the OSU offer. Not saying there isn't a chance but...