Sam McGuffie

Submitted by marlon on March 20th, 2009 at 2:01 AM

I was a McGuffie fan the second he committed, but the story of his decommittment was troubling because of the number of different stories that "explained" his departure. Did he leave because of family issues back in Texas? Because he didn't like Michigan? Because of recurring injuries?

What really happened?



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The real, dark truth about his decommit is a tightly held secret. Because you asked so nicely I'll let you in on it.

Mike Barwis ate his puppy as a way to get him to work harder. Instead Sammy boy cried his way back to Texas where he now attends the football powerhouse Rice University.

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Unfortunately you are experiencing the one problem with this board and that there are a ton of arrogant jerks on here.

While I don't know the inside story, I think it all came down to the fact that Sam was homesick and just didn't "fit" in with the team. Hope that somewhat answers your question since no one has the decency to answer it.


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His grandmother, as best as I can piece together, had been looking after his younger sibling(s). She passed away and there was nobody left to raise them. Fred Jackson said it was a really bad family situation...Anyway, he wanted to be closer to home to be near his brother (and sister?).

Flattened Llama

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Doesn't anyone think that having 3 concussions in one season might at least have been somewhat of a factor with him transferring? Maybe playing a lower level of competition is a better way to be sure that he can remember his name at the end of his college career Has anyone ever cringed more often in one season seeing a running back getting rocked in almost every game he played in?


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being 18, a long way from home and family issues. I was initially turned off, but softened as more can out. The guy was given an unconditional release (which you don't see too often) and chose to use it at Rice. He didn't run to Cal or even TAM in College Station, he stayed in Houston. I have to assume this is fairly legit.


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He started hanging out with junior teammates Travis Bradshaw and Corey Chance, who took McGuffie with them wherever they went. McGuffie often spent entire weekends at Bradshaw’s or Chance’s house, but they rarely came over to his.

“Sam, he didn’t really have the greatest life at home, I guess,” said Bradshaw, who now plays safety at Rice. “And he really didn’t have that really great family support, I guess you could say.”

The above quote is from that link. I couldn't find the Fred Jackson quote right off hand...The silver lining here is that I don't think the transfer speaks ill of either the program or McGuffie. I'll certainly be rooting for him.