Captain Vidal

November 8th, 2011 at 10:36 PM ^

What is this... Faces of death? Foff for posting this crap...
Ok, so my comment trying to point out that a video of 15 or so people flying out of bed of a truck possibly to their death is off topic but the video itself is? Oh wait, I get it. In Alabama they ride around in the bed of trucks... real creative there.


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This movie is great. 

Love how Cam claims he cant' talk due to ongoing investigation (It was filmed in July 2011)...then he gives this sly smile

Very suspicious ;)


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Not really sure how a rivalry between a national power and a regional also-ran is the top rivalry in sports, especially with all the cheating they do.


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It's just so funny how loaded with shit this documentary is.  Cam Newton's smirk says it all.  "I can't really talk about it because like they say, it's an ongoing ivestigation." 


November 8th, 2011 at 9:02 PM ^

Most of the movie consists of hilarious Southern trash talking on the radio about the opposing fanbase, as well as various highlights. 

The ending was pretty touching too, the two tragedies which briefly unified the fanbases. 

Won't say it's the best rivalry in college football, but this was a pretty damn good movie.


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I can not believe Harvey Updike (the guy who poisoned toomer's trees) named his kids: bear bryant, crimson tide, and ally bama. you just can't make this stuff up.

pretty good documentary. definitely glad i don't belong to either of those fan bases


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I have it recorded. I was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. For some reason though I was born to be a Michigan Man. Ive seen the rilvary first hand being that for the longest it was played at Legion Field in B'ham. Without watching I already know if ESPN gave an accurate account of how crazy people are, I will be greatly embarrassed at work tomorrow


November 8th, 2011 at 10:10 PM ^

Having gone to high school in Alabama (thankfully Alabama was in the middle of a long streak of getting dominated by Auburn, so they weren't as insufferable as they are now), I can attest to a lot of what was in the truly is crazy down there when it comes to this game. I'm definitely not saying it's better than Michigan-Ohio State, but you're truly missing out if you haven't been to an Iron Bowl. I went in 2009 when a mediocre Auburn almost upset the eventual national champs...pretty awesome experience. But yeah, the overall derpiness of the fanbases, the history of rampant cheating, and Auburn's second-tier status as a program put this rivalry below Michigan-Ohio State for sure (although on a pure hatred level, the two are easily comparable). 

That said, the people that call into the Finebaum show (i.e. all the of people yelling and cussing throughout the documentary haha) represent the craziest of the crazies in the state, which is saying something. A lot of people are pretty insane but those folks are the absolute worst by a country mile. 


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Didn't think it was that good. You can sense the dislike between Mich-OSU, but this doc just sounded like a bunch of hicks screeching at each other.


November 9th, 2011 at 12:22 AM ^

to parents from Michigan.  Within a few days of being born my parents were asked to 'declare' their loyalty.  Of course my parents had no clue, but Auburn was pretty good then and they lived closer to Auburn than Bama and had a couple good friends who were Auburn fans.  So I and my parents were declared Auburn fans.


Their Alabama friends immediately quit talking to them, some they never saw again.



I honestly think Michigan/MSU is as big or bigger, we just don't get carried away with it like they do down there.  Its their own world and you better not intrude on it.


November 9th, 2011 at 12:25 AM ^

Because the teams aren't bigger. There may be more hate, because 100% of their fans are unhinged. It'd be like if Ohio State could play Ohio State in a rivalry game.


November 9th, 2011 at 9:34 AM ^

I feel compelled and somewhat qualified to weigh in.

First, I live in Birmingham, 1 hour from Tuscaloosa and a little under two from Auburn, and I have lived year a total of twelve years.

Second, I lived in Columbus for 14 years - a diehard Michigan fan.  I also graduated from Alabama in '04.

Here are my observations...when comparing the two rivalries, based on what I have seen over the years.

On the hatred scale, I would say AU/UA.  The UM/OSU rivalry plays for a lot of pride and the rivalry goes back a LONG time.  For the most part, it has been pretty even since WW2.  AU/UA hate each other because Auburn is Alabama's little brother.  Auburn has been generaly inferior over the last several decades and Alabama is arrogant about it.  So the hatred is very obvious.  Add the redneck factor and its pretty bad. 

On how good the teams are and tradition, UM/OSU definitely.  I don't have to tell anyone about Michigan's records on NCs, but OSU has a lot too. 7 or 8 I think?  Alabama has a lot too, but Auburn does not.  They do not have near the history of the other teams.  In fact, as long as I have lived here, there has been very few times the two teams have played at the end of the year where both teams were even ranked in the top 25.

Also, UM and OSU fans generally route for the other teams in the conference.  UA/AU dont care, and even want other SEC teams to lose every game.  I personally would like to see OSU and UM win every game and then UM beat the shit out of OSU in The Game every year.

On hype, tie.  You may not hear as much up there about this game, but this whole state shuts down when these teams play.  For both rivalries, it is the last game of the year and if any of the teams lose a game, the season turns into "All that matters is if we beat..."

National Perception - UM/OSU. Easy one.

When I get into this argument with friends, the most consistant argument I hear is, "how can they be that big of rivals when they aren't in the same state?" and they liken it to OU/Texas, although we all know its a way better rivalry than the shootout.

I am a Michigan fan, so I am biased, but based on the above, I would give the nod to UM/OSU.  Legendary coaches, tradition, national power houses, national perception.  I would put Alabama in this catagory with UM and OSU, but not Auburn - except for 2004 and 2010, Auburn is a perennial 9-4 team.