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What is a reasonable amount of muscle/weight that a defensive player can add throughout an offseason? I realize that weight gain can fluctuate greatly but I am just curious to know what's an average size increase from a true freshman to a sophmore. Thanks in advance for the insight.

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Old School mode of thought suggests that it really depends on their frame- In rare situations, a player can add 30 lbs of muscle over an off-season without losing speed, but some can't add any weight without losing speed.


However in reality, I don't think you can get an exact number of pounds added freshman to sophomore year, but that number would be inaccurate because it would inclued a lot of the variables (most of which we don't understood) in an individual's genetic code. It would vary a lot on a player-to-player basis.


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DBs - probably 5-10 lbs

DTs - 15-25 lbs

DEs - 10-20 lbs

LBs - 10-20 lbs

The biggest thing for the big guys are getting their bodies in the right shape. They may gain a good bit of muscle while dropping fat and ultimately have a net 0 gain. Others, may just pack on weight quickly. Omameh put on like 50 lbs in 2 years.


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We probably don't want him getting any bigger if that's where he's going to stay.
<br>Your point is valid though, for Cam Gordon - he's got a large enough frame to put on some weight in the WLB/spur role. More weight wouldn't have been a priority for him last offseason, but could be this


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Using Kenny Demens and Marvin Robinson as your two examples isn't a good idea.  Demens is a Junior and Marvin is a freshman, and Demens is already 245 or so at about the same height as Marvin who is 205.  MRob could put on 10lbs a lot easier than Demens at this point.

Plus, last I heard MRob is playing FS, so they might not want him to put on much more weight at all, maybe another 5-10 max if he stays at safety.  It wouldn't hurt Demens to put on another 5-10 lbs, but he really doesn't need to.  He's a good size for a MIKE already.


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As a true freshman many of these guys on the interior line come in carrying some baby fat still. This is typically why they redshirt in order to physically prepare for the next level. So going into their redshirt freshmen year they should start adding good weight but are still a bit undersized. The next year should be a big leap and the player should be ready to contribute and compete for a spot on the 2 deep depth chart.

So if you are hoping that next year that you are going to see a big improvement, then I am of the opinion that you will not be disappointed.


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I talked to one of the team's walk-on offensive lineman throughout the year. He came in at about 280-290, and lost about 40 pounds of fat before they started putting muscle back on him. For big guys, it's a process. 

For a guy like Marvin Robinson, it's a matter of changing what's already there. Kenny Demens actually was a little too big, and the coaches had him lose a little weight.


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Demens is already listed as being 246. Not like he is a lacking size for a linebacker as is. Out of all the problems on the defense, I don't think linebacker size was one of them considering Demens, Mouton, Ezeh, Roh and Fitzgerald  are  all around the 240-250 range. Not saying the returning  linebackers like any other position shouldn't look to gain some more lean muscle if they can in the offseason, but I don't think it would provide a great benefit if they did.

On  a side note, I know many project Marvin Robinson to be a linebacker eventually, but for now he is still listed as a safety. Not sure how much weight he would want to put on if he stuck at safety instead of linebacker.


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