Purdue Game Broadcast: Not Gus

Submitted by jimmyshi03 on September 18th, 2017 at 12:08 PM

The Fox crew covering the game Saturday will not include Gus Johnson, for those concerned about potential Gus-effect. It will, however, include Brady Quinn.


Jeff Brohm has #Purdue cranked up.. this should be a great atmosphere for #Michigan & our FOX game on Sat! @3rd_Goal @Joe_Davis https://t.co/2bqN1gGL77

— Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) September 18, 2017



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I'm pretty sure the Buckeye / Army game was supposed to be 4, but it was pushed back to 4:30.  Otherwise, It may start on FS1, or some real random channel. I agree though, the baseball game will stll be in the top of the 8th by 4.  


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I watched the USC-Texas game this past weekend that he announced. Texas was making a late drive to take the lead. The UT QB dropped back to pass and, take it away Gus...


and then the ball dropped harmlessly to the turf. No one was within 15 yards of the ball. Um, OK, Gus. Not sure what was so exciting about a throwaway.


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Everybody loved Gus, now everyone is hating on him. 

The answer, as it often seems to be nowadays, is in the middle.  I don't listen to him that much, but you're spot on for that game.  Given his reaction I thought surely a WR was breaking wide open.  But he was just yelling for a deep ball.  Way over the top. 

He just needs to tone it down some - bring it for the appropriate moments - and he's still a great listen. 


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Gus cracks me up.  A few years back, he did a Penn State-Northwestern basketball game where both teams were in the bottom of the conference standings.  He was treating it like a final four game.  



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in basketball, when a guy shoots, the odds are good that it has a chance to go in and the flight time is relatively short.  In football, when the QB throws, it could be nowhere near anything, the flight time is longer, and you just sort of have to wait and see.  You can't just say OH SHIT HE'S THROWING TO THE ENDZOOOONE every time the QB drops back to pass.

I admire his excitement, though, because it did take the USC-Texas game to another level.


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any day over the blandness that is every other sports announcer in every other sport.  Now if the forehead guy still trading off his Dad's credentials......Joe Buck was doing this game - different story.