PSU TE Garry Gilliam granted 6th yr of eligibility. Gardner?

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PSU TE Garry Gilliam was just granted a 6th year after appearing in more games and later in season than Gardner did in 2010 (same year in question). This on the heels of MSU DT Tyler Hoover getting a 2nd medical redshirt for a 6th year, and OSU RB Jordan Hall getting a medical redshirt for a 5th year next year. Starting to get a little nervous that we have heard no news on Gardner's petition though.



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No update as of Feb 6th as per Freep article (*sigh*, I know) on the subject of how our 2014 recruiting class will be much smaller.  Hoke seemed very confident that the request would be granted, so, in time.


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I'm assuming that just because we haven't heard, it doesn't mean that the coaches haven't heard.  I can't think of a reason they would keep it from us, but they have been reverting back to Fort Schembechler a bit.  


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what gardner's injury was? i don't want to sound cynical about the whole thing, but this guy torn his mcl and had surgery. i am not sure that devin's actually was diagnosed as more than an owie.


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I don't see why this news would make you nervous.  It seems like if these guys get the medical RS, then it's more likely that Gardner would also. Of course, this is trying to apply logic to the NCAA which may be a mistake.


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I read your title too fast and thought Terry Gilliam had PSU eligibility...

Then I thought to myself: Wow, their production value is really going up these days.


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I was always a little nervous about his redshirt.  I read on elevenwarriors recently (they posted a link to Rich Rod's press conference at the Gator Bowl) saying that Rich Rod, when asked about Denard's health, said something to the effect of "Devin is ready to go if Denard can't."  So even though he did have some sort of back injury, the extent of which is unknown, this makes it seem like he was fine by the end of the year, and didn't play because of the coaches decision.  Which makes me skeptical.  That having been said, his redshirt senior year is vital to Shane's adjustment and development to being ready for college.  He would fare no better than Bellomy if rushed into action now.  He has a bigger arm than Russell but that's about it at this point.

State Street

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I read an article about Jeff Tuel from Wazzu who went through the same medical redshirt process that Gardner is currently going through.  He shed a lot of light about the process and what it takes for the NCAA to grant you one.  Essentially, he claimed that the NCAA was trying to get Tuel to badmouth the pre-Leach regime at WSU, throw them under the bus, and blame them for attempting to play while hurt.  Tuel declined,ultimately wasn't granted his additional year and declared for the NFL.

Just something to keep in mind as this goes forward.