OT: What is your football related background?

Submitted by Rather be on BA on March 2nd, 2012 at 5:42 PM

It is a boring Friday night seeing as many people are off campus for Spring Break, so I figured I would take advantage of my new posting capabilities to have this question answered.

This is a question I have often pondered since I began frequenting Mgoblog.  What football background do most people have around here?  To what degree is the Mgoblog community made up of just plain old football fans, ex high school players, ex college players, coaches (etc)?  This is just out of plain curiousity.  Feel free to include other sports experience as well since this is not exclusively a football blog.

I guess I will start. I played high school football and also a bit of amateur/semi pro ball before tearing my ACL and MCL which brought my fun to an end.  I played an outside linebacker / hybrid, inverted safety position at both levels.  I don't have much experience with other sports other than simply being a well informed fan.  Been a huge football fan since the age of six or seven, like most people here I imagine.







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Ex-college player who still loves the game and always enjoyed the way Michigan played football. Never got that Michigan offer but hope my nephew one day does.

The Baughz

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Played football until I was a senior in HS. Had 6 concussions in four years and had to stop playing half way through my senior year. Ended up playing a baseball for a year at SRU before deciding it wasnt for me.

I am now entering my sixth year as a varsity high school football coach. I plan on being an OC by next year and hopefully a head coach one day. I have a lot more to learn, but Im up for the challenge.


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You are telling us that the guy who is "sick of how pussified the NFL has become" and is in favor of bounties for injuries, and is enough of a loose cannon to post it on a public forum is entrusted with being an example and role model for high school athletes?

Sorry, dude, but I'm going to go vomit now.

The Baughz

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Im a loose cannon because I think the NFL has become soft? That makes sense. Again, I never said I am in favor of a bounty. I said I have np with it as long as everything is within the rules and its a clean hit. Some of you guys dont interpret things very well. Its not like I go to practice and implement a bounty or some sort of reward for injuring an opposing teams star player. We run a clean program and emphasize sportsmanship. Just bc I have opinion on something doesnt mean I practice it. None of you know me. I am a role model. I am only in my mid 20s and have been coaching varsity for several years. So dont judge me like Im a bad person or a bad coach. I would never tell a high school kid to injure someone. I guess Im cut from a different cloth than you guys. I am an intense guy, but if you think I encouraged those actions you are mistaken. 

And for the guy who thinks Id get fired because of that comment I made is actually quite comical.

The Baughz

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No im not in favor of it. But im also not against it. Its not like im lobbying for my head coach to implement a bounty program. I just see it differently than you guys. We give out helmet stickers for big hits. Is that considered a bounty to you guys? We dont say hey go hurt this guy, but we do want our kids to play as hard as they can within the rules. Unfortunately, we had some guys put big hits on opposing players and ended up hurting them. It sucks, but its part of the game. Does that make us bad coaches bc we give out stickers for big hits? No. Its not like we give it out only if a player gets injured.


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Again, I never said I am in favor of a bounty.

Really? Jimmy, roll the tape:

This is like some Buddy Ryan type shit. I love it. As long as its a clean hit, I have np with it. Im sick of how pussified the nfl has become. You cant even tackle anyone without a flag. Keep the bounties coming.

The Baughz

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Ya you punked me. I was kind of shifting my focus to me coaching. I would never implement it personally, especially on a high school level. I got caught up and geared my feelings towards somefthing else. I dont mind it on the nfl level as long as its legal. Again, there were other incentives, not just injury. If its legal and clean, than why is that big of deal? I dont wish injuru upon anyone, but it happens. I think ive said too much for the night. Didnt mean to offend anyone. I forgot what type of crowd i was dealing with. I come off unprofessional and a dick, and thats not me. So you guys win. Apologies to everyone.


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Football: Have watched Michigan forever, began reading MGoBlog about two years ago and have finally learned that I can do more than follow the ball. This has enhanced my football-watching experience greatly and I now devote a good amount of time learning about and following the sport. Wouldn't be much help to other users beyond stastics/history.

Basketball: Absolutely none. I understand the basics, and whatever intermediate/advanced stuff I can pick up reading on here, which hasn't been a whole lot for me. Wouldn't be much help to other users beyond stastics/history.

Hockey: Fourteen years playing, eight as a referee. Anyone with an on-ice rules question, feel free to ask. I should know the answer; if I don't I definitely know where to look. I can also talk about coaching-type things, but I am considerably less confident about that. Usually it works out better with me and one or two others who know their stuff answering, especially since a lot of it is opinion.


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High school safety, went to Michigan and didn't play football (although I was an IM flag football champ one year), and also played a season of semi-pro ball out here in LA, also at safety.


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 I was pretty athletic, but football obviously wasn't my sport. I decided to quit football after my Sophomore year in High School and focus on baseball. That decision I made was great, as I ended up being 2-time all-conference (Senior year 1st team and Junior year 2nd team).

Craze for Maize

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for me. I gave up football after 8th grade to focus strictly on track. (I wanted nothing more than to win state, missed it by.04 seconds in 8th grade) , but I now have lost my speed running about the same 200 time I ran in 8th grade, (now a sophomore) so I am going back to football next year.


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I'll bite.  4 years playing OL at Class BB (back when only 16 teams made the playoffs per class).  Three years playing at football at the division 2 level.  Coaching 4 years at a Division 2 high school (sub varsity).  We won the state championship during that time.  9 years coaching middle school and youth football.  High School state champion in powerlifting, heavyweight division and have coached various other sports, including track as well.


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Never played football or any land based sports.  Growing up in California I grew up around the water, so I played waterpolo, swam and surfed.

I have logged extensive hours on my couch watching football.


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Grandfather played for Crisler. His uncle played for Yost.

I played center, DE, and LS in HS and played center for a semi-pro team in the North American Football League.


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But my dad has a ton! He was an all American @ Sheridan High School in Sheridan Ohio. He was an incredibly quick runner and had remarkable speed! I know because I've seen his tapes. Well film. Anyways my father signed his LOI to play at get this MSU. He wanted to be a Spartan so bad and he personally was being recrutied at the time by Dufffy Dorey HC at State for the Spartans back in the 60s. Sadly though my father had a career crippling injurie after he finished his junior year in high school. He then never played college football and decided to volunteer for Army service during Vietnam. He was drafted in and when he came back he played for a short time for a college in Kansas called Sterling. He tried out for OSU didn't make the cut under Hayes despite destroying Griffin's personal track record in the 100 meter dash. He even raced Griffin and blew him out of the water. He told me Michigan was one of his options but always wanted to play for MSU.


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I was a Free Safety in high school. First Team All Conference iny my Senior year. Also played Baseball and Basketball. I made an account a week or two ago after we got the flurry of committs and since my first post was on a thread that got deleted, then this is my new first post. Love the Blog and have always been a huge Michigan fan!


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-2 years youth ball O & D tackle  

-1 Junior High - TE & OG

-4 years High school - O & D Line  

-3 years - DE - Saginaw Valley - Muddy Waters days so that will date me.    

-A couple of years Coaching youth football - O & D Line.




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8th grade football. Smallest kid on team.

-being on the 2nd team we rarely saw the field but I do remember the coach calling a reverse and I was flanker so it was my time to shine. The coach took 1 look at me and called a different play instead. In all honesty I probably would have fumbled


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Antonio Bass played soccer in middle school with my older brother, then in high school he always asked my brother for answers on quizzes in their Advanced Algebra class...My life was made when I got to take a shot with Antonio at a party during my freshman orientation in '09. He's an incredibly humble and nice guy. And he was faster than anyone I've ever seen as a 12 year old when I watched him play soccer with my brother.


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Played high school football and a lil college baseball. Been a Michigan fan since I was born. The day I was born was when Desmond made "the catch" vs. nd. The doc and my dad wanted to watch the game that day so I was born an hour before the game on purpose.

Crazy Canuck

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I played 10 years in inter-city leagues, playing every position but QB. Played 10 years of touch football (similar to flag) and played 7 years of rugby. Tore my ACL, meniscus and put a hole the size of a quarter in my cartilage. So that was the end of my playing career. Might have gone farther if I had grown up in the great republic to the south (I'm from Canada). Coached defence with my brother last year for our nephew's team (12-13 yr olds). Been a fan of the Maize and Blue since the first time I saw the winged helmet roughly 30 years ago. I was such a fan that I turned my brother and a buddy into fans (they were Sooner fans during the Boswoth era).


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A bone condition kept me from playing football, but I was a veteran bench warmer in basketball in high school.  One of the perks of going to a tiny school is that you'll make the team if only ten guys try out.