OT: JV football: Swartz Creek Dragons 26 Brandon Blackhawks 24

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The final game of the season took place last night for the JV/freshman squad. The Blackhawks were a small squad, maybe 30 players, but they made up for it in talent and size. My daughter joked about one of them, "That guy has to be somebody's uncle". At halftime they had us (Swartz Creek) 16-6 but the Dragons came out inspired and took the opening drive down into Blackhawk territory. Unfortunately, there was a fumble and a play or two later "Number 30" , as he was known to the crowd, took a handoff down the sideline and scored; the 2 point conversion made it 24-6.

That was a downer. Swartz Creek is a team Scott Frost would be proud of as there is no quit in them, but it was beginning to look like it wasn't going to be our night. Suddenly, BOOM! First play of the next series, my grandson Isaiah, lined up as halfback in a single winged T formation, takes the handoff and moves to his left, finds a hole between the guard and end, jukes and shakes past would-be Brandon tacklers, and outraces the last DB to score on a 70 yard run to fire up the team and the crowd. The 2-point attempt was good, making the score 24-14 and sparking a remarkable comeback. If you like football you need to go to high school football games; for $5.00, that is some quality entertainment.

The Dragons JV/freshman team ended their season at 7-2, same as the Varsity who for the first time in forever are in the Playoffs. After the game, the Coaches got the team together and talked about next year, that some of them would be moving on to the Varsity squad, among other things. I have a question, what resources are out there that "those in the know" could tell me about to plan/train Isaiah in the off season and prepare him for possibly playing at the next level when he graduates? He's only in 9th grade so he has a few years left in High School but if he's going to do this I want him to do this right.

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I'm a varsity coach myself (humble brag: we look to go 9-0 tonight for the first time since 2001); we have had a lot of success with the Legacy Center in Brighton. Also, Sound Mind Sound Body Sports Academy in Detroit is great as well. We have a running back who leads the state in YPC and is in the top 5 in yards and he is only a junior. He plans to go all in with SMSB this offseason in hopes of impressing at the offseason camps so he can get a Division 1 offer.

Playing other sports is something I always encourage as well; even for our top athletes at particular sports.

Good luck!


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echo the 'diversity' in preparation idea...yeah weights are good, but most young kids aren't ready to develop true muscle mass, so the focus should be on form, and strengthening connective tissue, not mass gain. Higher reps, lower weights...and a complete failsafe... see the Herschel Walker routine, push ups, sit ups, crunches. That's all you need. Mixed in with basketball, wrestling, baseball, soccer, any running activity that emphaises different muscle use, cutting, shifting, balance.

The more different things he can do, the better. Watching Boston last night they focused on Mookie Betts. He made a huge leaping grab, and they talked about how he could dunk a ball at 5'10" played a number of sports in high school, and was exceptional at all of them. In my 30 years in education...the best athletes are the best in everything...our best qb who played D1 Notre Dame...still holds records in track, basketball, football...you name it. Be active, be diverse...and the Michigan way...focus on academics first. The number one next level killer is not keeping up in school...assuming you want to play somewhere other than OSU or alabama I guess.


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1.  learn the offense, all of it.  and all the stuff they do at the varsity level with the added layer of line calls and audibles.  one of the best ways to make your son a step quicker is if he knows the offense and its many variables and has them down cold.  put tires or toys, or yard tools or whatever it takes to represent an O-line and a defensive front in your back yard and start calling plays.  'okay son, if its a 27 dyno-read, where are you going, what hole, who do you block, etc ?'.   'where do you go if your QB says, 'red, red, opposite!!'  lets run that play now.  and then you call the play, and run it.  do it again and again.


2. 'if you don't have the luxury of going to 'sound mind and body' (great stuff if you can do it), then your son needs to lift smart and eat smart.   what his work out should include depends a lot on what type of body he has and where he is on his realistic growth chart.  as the old saying goes, 'you've got eat big to get big, and you have to lift big to get big'.  that has to be done very intelligently though, with the nuances of diet, conditioning (not just strength training), rest, sensitivity to over-training and many other considerations.

played ball until my early 40's, have coached since, 10+ years.  oldest two sons on varsity right now and are part of a team that went 1-8 last year, and has a chance to finish 8-1 this year.  next two sons are a few years behind, also having fun football seasons. we are a football family. 




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I currently live in the DC suburbs but am a Swartz Creek '97 grad. I played three years of varsity football and had an overall record of 2-25. Those 2 wins were glorious. I am excited to see the outcome of tonight's varsity game. Creek has already looked to have clinched a playoff birth, the second in school history, but also with a win tonight they can clinch at least a share of the league title. The first title since 1972! Brandon will be tough but we can dream! Go Creek!

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I'm a Creek grad (1986)...we were terrible the whole time I was there, and due to having a prosthetic leg, I was relegated to marching band duty, never played sports.  It's been great to hear about how well the football team is doing this year.  To see a post about them on MGoBlog is awesome!


Go Creek!