OT: Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters, Caddyshack) dead

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Link to Chicago Tribune obit

Pretty much the best comedy films from the last 35 years had Harold Ramis' imprint on it. Sounds like had been suffering quite a lot the last couple years too unfortunately with a rare autoimmune disease.

If you got the time, watch a few clips today from Ghostbusters, Stripes, Groundhog Day, Caddyshack, Animal House, National Lampoon's Vacation, Back to School or Meatballs. There are other films too and directing bits on The Office.



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Harold Ramis was awesome. He lived near me and I met him once. Nice guy. Bill Murray also grew up locally here on the North Shore of Chicago. Local legend has it that Bill Murray’s father worked at the local snooty country club/golf course (Golf Digest always had them as a top 10 snootiest clubs. One year they didn’t make it . . . local joke is that they sued to get back on the list). Mr. Murray got his sons jobs at the club as caddies. Supposedly, old man Murray made his kids help pay for their Jesuit high school (Loyola). The Murray boys heard and produced many funny stories from their mis-adventures working at the club. When Bill Murray and Harold Ramis started hanging out together and they started telling stories. The family stories of the Murray’s at the county club produced Caddy Shack. The local club wouldn’t let them film there . . . the script was too obvious. So they ended up in Kansas for the golf course scenes.  

The world is a sadder place today. We lost a talented and funny guy. Long live the spirit of Harold Ramis.


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I do not know how to edit my post but I remember the credits at the end of Caddyshack saying the filming was in Kansas but when I looked it up on IMDb they said three locations in Florida including Davie. I stand corrected. Thanks.

rob f

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was one of my favorites from Ramis.  There is one quote with a reference to Michigan State that I'd have to look up to get the exact quote.  It went someting like this:

The mob boss in the movie is seeing his psychoanalyst, tells him he "couldn't get it up last night".  The doctor responds, 'You mean sexually?", to which the mob boss responds, "for the game against Michigan State.  What the fuck you think I meant?  Of course sexually!  What the fuck 's the matta with ya?

Greatmovie, see it if you haven't already, Robert DiNiro plays the mobster, Billy Crystal and Lisa Kudrow are also in it.  They did a sequel several years later that I haven't seen yet, called "Analyze That", also is supposed to be real good.

The Denarding

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He made the most simple lines complex and funny. Everything he would deliver with that deadpan smirk was so universal that other actors could use and deliver the same comedic timing.

Hopefully you are crossing streams in the sky...we will miss you egon Spengler


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Ghostbusters is my all time favorite movie in addition to the several other classics that he either wrote/directed/produced which have already been mentioned.

The Real Ghostbusters was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid, which was also created/written by Ramis/Aykroyd.