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OT My 10 month old niece is at UM hospital right now with an enlarged heart. She has a pace maker already but the heart is still beating too soft. She also has water on her lungs. They gane her some kind of meds that are supposed to strengthen her heart. If that doesn't work they will need to give her a different pacemaker that hits the back of the heart as well as the front. If that fails to help she will be put on he donor list for a new heart that could take months. I know that she is getting the best care in the world and the family is asking for all the blessings and prayers we can get. Thanks for reading



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my thoughts are with your family.  UM Mott's is the best place she can be.

In '98, I carried my 3 month old into St. Joe's Hospital (Ypsi) ER as he stopped breathing, his lips turned blue and his eyes rolled back behind his eyelids.  After several emergency procedures and attempts to put tubes into in lungs and much blood everywhere, they had him nearly stabilized.  They flew him in a helicopter over to Mott's and he was there for a long while, eventually finally healed.  They took great care of him - and even his mom and I as we basically lived there for weeks.  I'll always be grateful.

Now, at age three, he likes to sit on my lap as I read this site.  He loves looking at the avatars and saying "meechiken", "simpsons", "football", and "what's that?".  As far as I can tell, he's yet to appreciate the avatars of girls wearing UM panties.


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You have mine.  My daughter had a duct occluder put in her heart at Mott Children's Hospital and I can reassure you that she really is getting the best care in the world.  The people there are nothing short of amazing in all capacities. 


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Quick related story.  My neighbor has a 5 year old son and told me the following story soon after we met them.  Her son was born with a portion of his colon that didn't work. They performed surgery at a local hospital immediately, but he developed many complications.  After a day or so they told her that they did not expect him to survive and that they had done all they were capable of doing there.  They had placed a call to UofM and were hoping they might be able to try something.  She said she was in her son's room an hour or so later with her husband and they saw the UofM mediflight helicopter swoop in to the pad and within minutes they were in her room loading up her son.  She described them like maize and blue angels with winged helmets.  20 some odd surgeries and a multi-month hospital stay later and her son is alive and well.  I am not doing the story justice, but when she told it it made me cry.  Needless to say, she is a fan of UofM.  Hopefully you and your brother/sister will have a similar positive story soon. 


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I am not a religious man but I have to think that there is someone/thing somewhere looking out for little kids like your neice.  As a father, there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a sick child, especially an infant.  Its not fair.  May your neice's treatment go better than expected and leave her as perfectly normal as possible.


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My thoughts and prayers are with your niece and your family.  Great doctors and nurses at Mott; I have several friends who work there.


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Although it may not always seem like it, God gives us only what we can handle.  Your neice is truly His gift.  She and your family will be in my family's thoughts and prayers.


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My family will pray for your niece.  The people at Mott are miracle workers.  I wouldn't have two beautiful children myself if it wasn't for them.  Your niece is being cared for by the leaders and best!


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I'll keep your niece in my thoughts and prayers, just know she is in amazing hands!! My son was born with a congenital heart defect, transposition of the great arteries, and survival flighted to Mott where he had open heart surgery at 5 days old, at almost 2 yrs old he's doing great today. He had amazing care by THE BEST doctors and surgeons in the world. I owe Michigan and Mott for saving my son's life, twice. Best of luck to you and your family during this tough time, hang in there!

Go Little Blue!



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Thanks so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. I can't wait for the day I'm able to tell him what U of M means to me, our family and what they've done for him. Michigan is going to have one big fan when I'm done with the little guy! You wouldn't believe the story I have to tell about the first two years of this little guys life. He's been through more in 21 months then I have in 36 yrs and here he stands today with very little after affects of anything, its just unreal.




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A good friend of mine went through a similar situation with his baby boy.  He is now 9 years old, living in the Twin Cities and running around like a madman, per the facebook updates.  It was harrowing for him at the time, but he sang the praises of all the good people at Mott. 

Your son will be added to our prayers, too, for his continued good health.


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my little one had some time at children's memorial in chicago, and as hard as it is to spend time around sick children, the people and work that is done at these facilities are world class. 

god bless.


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The Leaders and Best do not merely refer to the football players.  The surgeons and doctors at Mott's are truly among the best in the world in their respective fields.  Stay positive and strong knowing that she is in great hands.

You have my prayers. Go Blue.


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but i've been wanting to share this story in some form as i think there are people here who would appreciate it. sorry it's so long.

by far, my favorite michigan tradition is the connection between the football team and mott - and one that transcends factions, having continued through different coaches. it's been strengthened even more recently by the hutchinson/griese/woodson golf outing. last year, those guys had planned on coming up and visiting during the golf outing weekend. they invited anyone who wanted to come, but didn't expect many. they ended up with a lot (blanking on the exact number right now, but it was enough to have a sizable group of players on each floor, when they expected to have just one group). i watched steve hutchinson talking with a dad whose son would die within the next few weeks. i was amazed how warm and kind he was, reaching out to this dad going through something unimaginable. i saw a family that had been there for months get super excited about seeing the players - and then their son ended up in a commercial with charles woodson. but the most impressive thing did not end up in a newspaper article or on tv. there was a teenage boy who had had heart surgery - that didn't work. he had to go back for a second surgery during the same visit, and it seemed like he was having a rough time emotionally (very understandably). the players talked with him for a while, and asked what he had been doing to pass the time. he told them he had been playing video games (on a system that had been donated by the funds raised by the football group) but it was kind of annoying, b.c there was only one so he had to share it. later that day, i was talking to the parents of his roommate in the doorway, and a guy came to the door with a bag. he paused, looking at me, and then said, 'this is for him', motioning past the curtain. i almost took the bag from him, then realized it was one of the players (forgive me that i didn't recognize him - there were a TON of guys spanning a long time period), and said, 'you can go on in.' he took the bag in - they had gone out and bought him a nintendo DS, along with several games. i know for sure that charles woodson was involved, but whose idea it was and who actually went and got it, i don't know. i cannot tell you the difference it made to this kid that the michigan football team had gotten him a nintendo DS. i loved michigan before, but this just convinced me how special our tradition really is - and that it is not about the publicity, or because they 'have to'. i will be a lifelong fan of all the guys who came that day and brightened an otherwise not-very-fun time in the lives of patients and parents. i'm also planning on working the weekend of the golf tournament this year - and can't wait. 


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Best of luck.  UM is a fantastic hospital...they saved my life after a motorcycle accident in the fall.  I have nothing but good things to say about everyone in that hospital, from the doctors down to every nurse I had.  If its possible, they will do it.


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I wish and hope for the best. She couldn't be in better hands. Good luck to you and your family.

On the topic of organ transplants, if you're not already an organ donor, you should seriously consider it. You can register online in a few minutes (I actually did this a couple weeks ago, while surfing the internet late one night): http://organdonor.gov/donor/index.htm


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UofM hospitals are amazing they saved my dad's life with a liver transplant.  Your niece is in the care of some of the best doctors in the world my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.