Ohio Mascot PLANNED attack on Brutus

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Turns out, the Bobcat had it in for the Buckeye all along. "It was actually my whole plan to tackle Brutus when I tried out to be mascot," said Brandon Hanning, formerly known as Ohio University's Rufus Bobcat. "I tried out about a year ago, and the whole reason I tried out was so I could come up here to Ohio State and tackle Brutus."
http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=5596131 He tells of how his plan went to perfection, and how he'd do it again. He may be my hero.



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Which is why I didn't post the video and all.  But the fact that he planned it and became the mascot just to do it has consisted of one link at just about the end of the original post, and one mention (no link) in the front page article.  No quote, no discussion of the actual motivation. Seemed like the next step in the story. But it may be repetitive.


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He also tried out for the football team in HS and I laid his ass out twice. He came out wearing a Notre Dame jersey and gloves. Our QB was also a Michigan fan so he kept feeding the Domer passes that would let the safeties murder him.


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Makes sense that to defeat a Spartan you need to use a chariot.  But I too was a bit disappointed that was pretty tame.  Also the Nittany Lion looks more like a character from a children's book than a fearsome mascot.  If I were Sparty, I would just wait for the lions nap time then steal his scarf.  (Srsly a scarf?)


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respect Sparty for for playing along in this clip.

There was a time when Mascots knew that they were there to please the crowd, regardless of their allegiance.

In the early 90's, the U of M cheerleaders used to "sneak up" on the opposing mascot, grab him, and run him into the goal post, crotch first.  Most of them played along (the damn Leprechaun never did) and they'd wobble around with their paws over their genitals.  A good time was had by all.

Granted, the Ohio mascot took it to a new level by disrupting the OSU pre-game show, but he made a commitment and stuck with it.  What harm did he really cause?  Even though there are some good snapshots out there (see avatar), Brutus actually came out of it looking better than the Bobcat.  He shrugged off the first tackle attempt brilliantly, and seemed pretty unphased by the second assualt.  I'm sure the OSU fans even got a kick out of it.

Certainly nothing that warranted a public apology and dismissal from the team.


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Even though I copied the photo and cropped it myself, I can't say that I'd be surprised if someone does the same or if I have already been beaten to the punch.

If it happens, I'll find something new.  It was just time for me to move on from my "2009 blond ND girl in post game disbelief" avatar.

Gerald R. Ford

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The crotching was always staged.  (I was involved during 3 of those years).  Typically we did not meet the opposing teams cheerleaders until the actual game started.  The crotching discussion generally took place at half-time.  On many occaisions though, the crotching would be completely unwarned.  It was usually a decision of the male team captains, and these guys generally had a pretty good sense of humor.  I can tell you, when we were carrying those dopey mascots toward that pole, every single guy was laughing his ass off to the point that it hurt. 

We would usually run them past the goal post once or twice for the fake-out effect.  Then the last one would be the hit.  Sadly, we generally were nice enough to lift their asses up just as we hit, so that we wouldn't completely destroy the goods. 

Sebastian the Ibis was a good guy that year, and he definitely played it up.  He was one who agreed to go along with it.  Others did not agree, and many still got the treatment.

Gerald R. Ford

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We always hummed the Mission Impossible theme music.

Correction to my prior comment:

Most of the time, the mascots did go along with it.  It was the Miami Ibis who actually did NOT agree.  That's why it was so entertaining.  That episode almost ended in a brawl.  The guy was yelling and swearing at us the whole time.  My buddy just corrected me on this one.

Gerald R. Ford

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I am not sure when it truly started, but we were doing it in the late 80's.  In 1988, the two Michigan cheerleading teams merged - the long-standing all-male acrobatic team (mostly former gymnasts) and the co-ed squad which was started just a couple years prior.  The old male squad can still always be identified at homecoming by the all-maize sweaters.  The co-ed team was identifiable by their stereotypical cheerleader behavior and complete absence of sense of humor.  For the first couple years, the old men's squad filled the ranks on the new team, and the "crotching" tradition went on (along with many other fan favorites.)

But when those guys all graduated, many of the best traditions went with them.


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I think mascot fights are funny and great entertainment. The only thing I don't like is when a mascot takes it upon himself to disrespect the opposing school, i.e. ripping down a school flag, stomping the midfield logo, etc. 

This one was hilarious and, I think, being way overblown as something "wrong". Oh well...I'm happy that this was Brutus, that guy/thing sucks. 


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to AA and throw him a mock parade.  Let him crash in a frat hourse, put him in a simple chair, give him a fake crown and cape, and hoist him up and march him down State street at one of the home games.  Homecoming (Iowa) or Illinois would be perfect

st barth

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That this kid planned his attack on Brutus Buckeye for years is...just awesome.  What a heart-warming story.

If we haven't already chosen a commencement speaker this year, the Bobcat should get the gig.  


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Alright, I know I'm a little behind in responding to this, but I just read through the Page 2 Q&A about this, and clicked the link for the Oregon Duck's fight. I was doing everything I could to contain myself at work. Let's hope the embed works on this...

I just love how the duck taunts him as he beating him up. And the cheerleaders don't really know what to do.