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Anyone else watching their spring game? I can't tell if their QB Bunch is good or their defense is just that bad. I can't wait to play them this year and watch Scott frost try to say his team out hit ours even though we win by 30+. Maybe his mom will write the NCAA after we whoop him again.



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square, but to respond to the original comment he might not meet expectations for the Nebraska faithful in year one but based on the job he did in Central Florida, he's going to meet expectations in the succeeding years. I think he'll have Nebraska as one of the teams to beat in the West in no time.


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Stayed there...was a weird couple days.

Flight got in around midnight.  Got to the hotel, noticed the person with a full ashtray next to their one armed bandit yoinking for all it's worth.  Take the elevator to my room and see a guy passed out in the hall near my door.  Call the front desk so they can drag him away and go to bed.

Go down for breakfast at around 6 am and the same person is at the same one armed bandit still yoinking it....they had been there all night staring at it, yoinking it, drinking and smoking.  OCD redefined.

Got back to the hotel around 6 pm after a day long snoozefest of longwinded corporate powerpoints that said very little with many words.  Noticed a pack of hookers entering the casino and making their way to the gambling floor to spread out...some climbed up on the tables to dance for a while. 

Went up to my room and, across the way, two drunk lesbians are singing to each other trying to unlock their room....and failing badly.  Now, you may be thinking my how lucky are you to go help them out.  Oh no my lady weighed about as much as I do...but she was a foot shorter than me.  The other I couldn't see because she was hidden behind the mass of the first one.  But judging by my massive soft on reaction I knew this was a scene I didn't want to disturb...that and there was a strange funk in the air. 

I do believe there were some other incidents there but the late night drinking made some of the trip a bit hazy.

On my way home I was fortunate enough to get an emergency row seat upgrade.  The seat next to me was empty and I jokingly said to the attendent to put a pretty girl there.  Well after I boarded I saw this 6'3" tall long haired brunette come down the aisle, and sure enough, sat next to me.  There was something odd about this girl but I couldn't put my finger on it.  After a few minutes of polite talk I went to mp3 nap mode until landing.

I realized later the 6'3" tall long haired brunette wasn't a girl.  I bet that airline attendant got the biggest kick out of that.

Be careful what you wish for!



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No other option for the weekend you were having. And my money tells me she was in drag, not due to sexuality but instead in disguise because she was the one guilty of committing the murder in that hotel that weekend. No, you didn't hear about it but i can almost guarantee one occurred and he/she definitely was the one that used the pillow for the smothering.  Ah Good Times!!!!


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I'm sure he will I just don't think his team will be ready by the time we play them. If I remember correctly their schedule looks pretty tough this year for a team who was in the gutter last year. I could definitely see them as a contender for the west in a couple of years which is good because Wisconsin needs some competition in the west.


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The B1G needs Nebraska to be Nebraska! again. No more cake walks to the Championship Game for Wisconsin. No more strength of schedules deranged by who from the Western Division is on your cross-over schedule (or at least reduced substantially). No more questions about whether winning the Conference Championship Game is a quality win.


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Braska will be sneaky good this year. Notre Dame Spring Game has started as well. Wimbush is a guy that could give us problems...

Switched the channel from BTN to NBC and you could just see right off the bat how much more physical and athletic of a team Notre Dame is.. ND will have a physical D.

Winchester Wolverine

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After finishing that Amazon series, it reminded me just how good our defense was, and it will get even better/faster this year. That's scary. Don Brown gave us a chance to win every game last season, save PSU. I imagine the margin for error on offense this season will be even more forgiving.

That said, a healthy Black, Warinner, play calling, and (hopefully) Patterson will make the offense worlds better. We're going to be a tough team to beat and I see a win in South Bend to start the train rolling this season.

Lou MacAdoo

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May I remind you that it’s UM vs ND and that the game is at ND. Nothing is easily predictable about these matchups. Also, for the most part Kelly usually has his annual new starting qb playing well at the start of the season. Then as the year goes on it falls apart to set the stage for a new starter the following season


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The weird thing about him is it’s not like he can’t throw it. When they went up to EL, Wimbush tore State up through the air. This is a Brian Kelly team; you know he wouldn’t bring in a QB who can’t throw.


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Eh debatable.

His completion percent was worse than all three of our QBs. While his QBR was about even with Speight. Put him behind Michigan’s OL and have to throw to freshmen receivers that can’t get open and his numbers wouldn’t even come close.


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is very lame. The record looks okay when just looking at the number of wins and losses. Doesn't look nearly as good when you consider the 8 wins were against teams without a pulse and all 5 losses were to the only teams with a pulse. So we really went 0-5 in games that mattered last year. When put that way the floor doesn't look so good.


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The 8 wins were all winnable games, the 5 we lost were not winnable.  I mean, we were a 5 loss team, so we lost to the best teams on the schedule because they were good and we had backup QB's, injured starters, and an underwhelming OL.  We won every game we were supposed to win, so I don't know what you were looking for...

Hey, look - I can cherry pick games, too!