ND Center Wenger Injured

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As per ESPN/SI - ND's backup center Dan Wenger has suffered another concussion and will likely not play against Michigan. He was supposed to be the starter as per Irish's breakdown of ND Offense here on MGoBlog - but he was passed over because of the first concussion in practice. The second concussion essentially eliminates him from considertation against Michiagan.

Obviously, hope Wenger recovers and there are no long term ill effects. Though you do have to think that in an already inexpeciened O-line, missing a fifth year senior is not very good for ND.

Thoughts on how this will affect the game?







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Because if you're fine, then you spend your whole life wondering, "Would I have gotten another one? Why couldn't I play and maybe make millions in the NFL?"

And if you're NOT fine, then you endure a life of headaches, lapses in concentration, and worse.

And there is NO in between. At least if you blow out a knee, you know exactly why you can't play anymore.


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That sucks for the kid. Hopefully he's alright.

Does Kelly's spread run exclusively out of the shotgun? How were the snaps last week against Purdue?


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Hate to see any concussions but multiple ones are especially dangerous.  Frustrating and disappointing for  the player but he should not be playing again anytime soon.


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Obviously you hate to see a kid get hurt like this... hope he gets better.  One aspect of the Michigan/ND match up that hasn't been discussed at length is the O line.  I remember last year ND's O line was huge and experienced.  This year not so much.  Conversely, our O line was fantastic last week and will continue to be strong.  In the NFL the O line wins championships.


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I remember thinking Notre Dame's line had a real wall quality to it.  I don't remember us getting much pressure.  Glad to see that there are new less experienced faces up there this year.

Things change year to year obviously.  Look at the improved size of our D-Line.

Guys might remember playing ball in high school growing up and when you were on JV, you looked at the 12 th graders, maybe even scrimmaged the varsity, and you felt way overwhelmed.  You start to think the highest level is overwhelming. Then  you get there to senior year and the guys you go against in the games seem like they did when you were a sophomore playing them in JV.

They are your size basically. They are not that much faster.  Point is when you get another years experience and the most experienced guys from the opposition are no longer there, things shift fast.


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When you sit close and focus in on the line play, it is amazing that injury doesn't happen to the center more often.  I feel bad for the young man.

Losing Molk last year was a bad one as some of you have pointed out.  I'll wait to see what Brian has to say in the next couple days. Thanks for that update.

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I do wish him the best recovery, but look what losing Molk did to our offense last year.  I do wish the new starter good luck against Martin!  I think Mark May may have been right when he said Michigan is gonna roll against Notre Dame.  The comment may have been directed at Lou Holtz.  Those two!  Its like watching 6 year old kids fight!


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It's late, and I haven't slept well in about a week, but what specifically should I check?

I am aware that your depth chart pertaining to the center position reads as follows:

C: Braxton Cave, Jr 6-3 301 (4), Chris Wenger, Sr 6-4 298 (4).  I expected Wenger to hold the position down, but after he missed a few practices with a concussion it opened the door for Cave and he locked it up.  I am sure both will play and both will start, I don’t know if this position battle will end anytime soon, which is a good thing.  ND officially returns 2 starters now on oline.

I apologize if I missed something of significance as it pertains to the recent information that Golic will be sliding over to backup center.


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That is some sad news.  I've suffered 6 concussions, 3 major and 3 dings.  Its a scary thing to have happen.  I hope he doesn't have any ill effects in his future.  My uncle, who played for the Bears and in the CFL, had almost 12 concussions as a pulling gaurd.  You can tell what it has done to him.