Michigan might be back in the running for Vernon Hargreaves

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on July 17th, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Shane Morris looks like he may be working his recruiting magic once again.

TomVH just retweeted this from Vernon Hargreaves

Tom VanHaaren ‏@TomVH
CB Vernon Hargreaves RT @VHargreaves24 Thanks to @S_Morris12I got back in contact with Michigan Hopefully I can get up for a visit soon

I believe it's pretty unlikely that he comes to play at Michigan, but with USC (his presumed leader) tight on DB spots, it is not impossible.



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"the most they do is give you a better chance at not turning the ball over with a good snap."

If you think that's the most a long snapper does, then forgive me if I don't value your opinion.

LSA Aught One

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In the course of 5 days, you have managed to get hit for trolling three times.  That has to be some kind of record.  Just move on.  The LS decision was made and whether your agree or not, it isn't going to change.  Bitching about it only makes you look silly, because it accomplishes nothing.  As BISB clearly pointed out, there is always attrition and the coaches know who/what they want for Team 134.  Unless you have a time machine and know that this ultimately is the worst possible decision, relax and let Hoke do what Hoke does.  If you do have a time machine, go back to 1999 and remind me not to sleep through my Spanish final.  Thanks. 


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I'm pretty sure someone can back me up on this, but I was under the impression that the starting LS was always on scholarship at Michigan. If that's true, what does it matter when he gets it?


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Will Heininger said that LS is always on scholarship.  That being said, there's a difference between handing a scholarship to the starting LS each year...and giving one to a guy for 4 years.  What if Sypniewski doesn't take the job as a true freshman in 2013 and then we have Sypniewski and __________ (presumably Glanda) using scholarship space?  That's the main issue I have with promising a recruit a scholarship.


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It was not a perfect snap, I'll give you that...but that's mostly on Hagerup, not Pomarico.  We expect receivers to catch passes that are headed for their facemasks.  Why can't Hagerup be expected to do the same?


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Well, Bailey has already stated that Michigan is not in his leaders anymore, so there goes that one.

Hargreaves, while still interested and recently back on the map, is a total long shot. Its kind of like Cravens. He has already committed to USC, but wants to visit Michigan. Do you really think we have a legit shot with him?

We have our best chance with Treadwell, and I will be shocked/angry if he does not commit. Everyone else you listed is just icing on the proverbial cake.

Young John Beilein

July 18th, 2012 at 9:17 AM ^

When did Bailey name a new leader group without Michigan?  I know he said distance was a factor, but didn't hear he dropped us.

Also Hargreaves did not commit to USC and is not from southern California, so I don't really equate his situation to Cravens'.  Granted I'm not that optimistic from one tweet.  Although he did say Shane was better than USC commit Max Browne at the opening.  BTW Max Browne is Peyton Manning 2.0, right down to the soft-looking body and love handles.

Regarding all the USC commits, I really feel like kids are reserving spots at this point and there might be some de-commits.  I don't think so with Isaac, but maybe some of the more recent ones.  Anyone else think Paul Harris might have been turned away?

Well, hell, lost my train of thought


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Oh, pickleshoes! I was thinking of Jordan Wilkins. My bad. I haven't had my cup of coffee yet this morning.

On a side note, I saw Sarah Hughes tweeted that WR Eldridge Massington tore his ACL at practice. Would that affect his commitment or scholarship offer to USC, giving the Trojans another spot?


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He has basically said its Blue, but once he commits he cant go to other schools... I just want to know who is gonna be the last of '13..Not really sure we need another RB, even though Green looks like a stud

Hugh Jass

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start a nationwide recruiting effort to attract the most beautiful women to Ann Arbor.  This will guarantee that every 5 star recruit will at least put the UM on their official visit list - all we have to do is get these guys on campus.


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Just recently got word that the Equator will be making the long trip up to AA for the BBQ. if we can't get a commitment from him this class will be a huge disappointment. What to go along with the Long Snapper and non-consensus 4 star CB. Honestly if we accept a commitment from Treadwell, and then the Equator, the Pacific Ocean, Hargreaves and Cravens all try to commit I'll be furious. Coaching staff is handing out scholarships like candy.