Michigan Basketball vs. MSU Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on March 3rd, 2013 at 3:14 PM
What else do you want to talk about?!? Huge game where somebody's season hits rock bottom. Michigan's slide continues and the season series vs. the Spartans is lost, or MSU loses 3 in a row and is out of the B1G race, and, well, loses to Michigan. Can't get much bigger without a title on the line. The road to a long Tourney run starts here. Go Blue!



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Are there any recruits attending? I'd imagine Michigan would have some in-state kids stopping by.  Let's hope the defense picks up and we come out fast for once.


Broken Brilliance

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Pardon my french, but I can't stand the smug-ass, woe-is-us bullshit on the board this morning...so here are my assorted thoughts about 40 minutes prior to tip-off:

PSU was just a bad dream

We're undefeated at home

MSU is going to look dumb when they all start smacking the floor like a horde of the Heartless in Kingdom Hearts.

Blues Brothers Dance

Maybe Hoke will sit next to Beilein again

I still love this team

The maple leaf will fly at some point today

Don't lose your dinosaur

Prestige Worldwide, that's what you gotta do


No, I'm not an ostritch


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Any online suggestions for a live feed, for an idiot who accidentally booked a flight which leaves in 10min, and doesn't land until after the game? Thank god for go go in-flight....

Naked Bootlegger

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Pride is on the line.   B1G championship probably outta reach, but splitting with State will help heal some wounds and restore some confidence.  

HINT TO BIGS:  Don't react to Nix's first shoulder twitch post move.  Or the second, third, or fourth twitch.   He only makes an offensive move after 4 shoulder twitches.

My parting shot:  Badgers lost to Purdue.  



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Hi all,

Long time reader. Just made an acct because I'm in Istanbul and am trying to find a place to watch the game. Any help is appreciated.

I was banking on the espn app but of course it's a CBS game and first row doesn't work either.

Thanks again,



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Got my Chicks Dig Scars MGoShirt on, got some Great Lakes Burning River (cuz they don't make 'Burning Couch in East Lansing'), blasting Mozart's Requiem in D minor on Sparty's behalf... Yeah I'm ready for game time.


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Where's the front page preview? I hope its absence isn't because Brian and the powers that be have thrown in the towel. Do I have to post the John Belushi/Animal House Pearl Harbor clip? 


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is small. Didn't even fill the bleachers, there's a lot of older guys here that aren't students but bought the tickets. MSU parents then take up another chunk. Nothing in 130. And we're broken up a little bit, so I wouldn't expect anything like the OSU atmosphere, although I'm hoping for the best


March 3rd, 2013 at 3:55 PM ^

Team Rankings posted its projected box scores and, for the board's information, they have estimated the following shooting percentages despite predicting a Michigan win:


Shooting Michigan St. Michigan
Field Goal % 49.00% 45.00%
2 Point Shooting % 54.30% 50.00%
3 Point Shooting % 36.40% 35.80%
Free Throw % 70.00% 69.00%

What they do is run simulated games and seasons and take an average of the results. Our home average effective FG% is 51.04%, better than MSU's away effective FG% by about 2%. Hopefully, it's closer to something like this.