Mealer Christmas Eve Tragedy Anniversay

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 25th, 2011 at 12:06 AM

It was four years ago tonight that Elliott Mealer was in a tragic automobile accident on the way to Christmas Eve Worship. His father David, and girlfriend Hollis, were killed instantly. Brock was paralyzed, and Elliott tore his rotater cuff. Sometimes I wonder if that injury affected his playing time at Michigan. We'll never know. Regardless, keep Elliott, Brock, their mom Shelly and brother Blake in your prayers. I suspect that Christmas Eve will always be a bittersweet day for them, in light of their loss.



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Or does this post kind of seem odd????????????????????????????????? The accident was a horrible tragedy .. And the family is in my prayers .. But the torn rotator cuff affecting his play at Michigan seems out of place and awkward


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Many man tears where shed that day and I'm holding them back now just thinking about it. That was the loudest I've ever cheered for anything. I was so happy for Brock and the progress he has made. For all the things I love about Michigan the help they gave to the Mealer family and in particular Brock may be the best. I'll always have a soft spot for both Mike Barwis and Rich Rod for going above and beyond to help Brock.


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I traveled almost a thousand miles to see that game against Connecticut.  It was my first game in almost two decades.  That moment is the only clear image of that day in the stadium I have and I wouldn't have it any other way.  It was a great game, but that moment was all that really mattered that day.


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Speaking of Brock, does anyone have any current information as to how far he has progressed?

I, too, shared that moment at the Big House. It was incredibly powerful.


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When this happened, I lived and worked in Columbus.  My former roommate was a walk on fullback at OSU.  Four years ago he went back home to Toledo for the holidays.  While he was there, a few days before Christmas, he met Elliot Mealer while working out.  I guess they got to talking about playing football and after they were done working out, Elliot invited my roommate to go up to Ann Arbor to work out in Michigan's new facilities.  So they did.  Jay had a lot of respect for Elliot, saying he was a really nice guy.  The day after they went up to Michigan together, this accident happened.  Jay was pretty shocked by the whole ordeal.  I remember getting a text that Jay had been up to the new weight room.  The next day I got a text from Rivals about the accident.... pretty sad thing to happen.


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was when Elliott's surviving family, including Brock in his wheelchair, long-time OSU supporters, decked themselves out in maize and blue to watch Elliott take the field for the first time.  I often think about Elliott and his quiet heroism, trying to tear the window out of the car to save a loved one and giving the stage to Brock in a moment captured so beautifully in the picture above.  Whatever dreams he may have had for his football career at Michigan, every time he goes through the tunnel, though not as dramatic or striking as Brock's feat at the Connecticut game, is a personal triumph for him.  It can't erase the tragedy, but maybe it helps to know we're all still thinking of him.