December 8th, 2012 at 1:38 PM ^

It's good we're seeing some deficiencies in our game in the OOC so we can tighten up for B1G play. A veteran B1G team could easily take us out of our element if we play then like we do now.

San Diego Mick

December 8th, 2012 at 1:40 PM ^

to get going on offense in a more consistent manner.

But i must say, the way Ark plays is good experience for us in the B1G and NCAA's where the action can be way more frantic


December 8th, 2012 at 1:40 PM ^

Arkansas is shooting 105% from 3 this half. It's really the only reason this game is within 10. 9/15 from 3 is stupid

This is all probably karma resulting from us winning a bunch of big games by only chucking up 3's