How did you boycott the BCS?

Submitted by wolfman81 on January 10th, 2012 at 1:22 PM

So how did everyone boycott the BCS title game this year?  As for me.  I cleaned the kitchen while my wife watched Antiques Roadshow.


We should upvote the best boycotts, the one with the most votes wins the internet!



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But Monroe needs 1 of 2 things (or both): To gain some good weight (not a ton, like 10-15lbs) and a banger in the middle. I think he's more of a finesse 4, not a 5. He's never going to be Tim Duncan (who IMHO is the best NBA player since Jordan) but I think he can be that type of player... as long as he has a true center-type to protect him defensively.

-as an aside, that center type can be a Maxiell type. There aren't too many dominant Centers in the NBA, you just need a widebody who can rebound, defend and throw down.


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I watched a hodge-podge of shows, with the occasional flip back to the BCS game for score updates.  I started with an episode of House Hunters International, then went to an episode of Holmes on Homes (which is spectacular for those who are interested in renovations and haven't see it yet), watched the first half of the Manchester United-Manchester City game (DON'T tell me how it ends!) and then finished up with an episode of Holmes Inspection.  Flipped back to the BCS game in time to see Saban raise the trophy, felt sick to my stomach, and went to bed.



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  Is awesome... I do wish he'd spend more time showing us what he was doing, though.  Give us your secrets!!!


  The thing I've learned from that show:  Get the right contractor.  Check his references.  Don't cut checks until the work is done.  Pray.  


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One question I have about that show is who pays for his work?  He goes all out and fixes things the way everyone would want them fixed but I'm sure its not cheap.  Does the show cover it or does the homeowner have to pay?  I saw one where the homeowner paid $70,000 more than they expected to pay for an addition and then Holmes came in to fix it all.  I assume it was probably another $100,000!  I hope the show pays for his work.



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  I was wondering the same thing.  It looks like the show covers 80-90% of the cost.  The labor is free since the TV show pays for their time.  I want to know how I get one of those shows to my house...


  I also learned that Holmes has his own line of worksite safety equipment, and an extremely useless iPhone app.


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I was going to boycott the game but then I decided to watch it.   First I grabbed a fifth of vodka and turned on the pre-game.  Every time they mentioned SEC greatness in the same sentence, I would drink a shot of vodka.  I was gone within 10 minutes.   So in essence I boycotted the game.


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I played beerio kart during the second half (For those of you don't know that's where you play Mario Kart 64, and for each race you must finish your beer before you cross the finish line for the third time. But as any good driver knows, you may not drink while you are also driving.) We also had a rule that there was a shot for every LSU score.


January 10th, 2012 at 1:42 PM ^

And went to Babys R Us to register for baby stuff with my wife.  Once I got home, I continued to forget to watch the game and I went to bed at 10.  I'm happy with my decisions.  College football season ended last Tuesday night anyway.

Johnny Blood

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I exercised.

I put the game on for about 10 minutes in the second half then starting flipping channels.  When I came across "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" I realized several things at once:

1) That movie is terrible

2) As bad as it is, it seemed like a better option than the game

3) Realized that there was no way in hell I would watch that movie again

4) So I went to bed

5) Profit


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two episodes of criminal minds (J.J. is smokin), drank 6.65 beers, watched a little bit of Where the Wild Things Are on Starz, got a little weirded out, changed it, prepared and ate some mashed potatoes and gravy, watched a little of the BCS national championship game, remembered boycott, changed it, took dog out to poop, cleaned poop up with a plastic bag, back inside, remembered a time when life still had meaning and possibility, shook my head, drank gigantic glass of water, went to bed.  It was an above average Monday evening actually.


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  NCAA Football 2011.


  The great news is that Michigan has only lost one game in the past three seasons, and started this season off with wins over #1 Alabama and #2 Stanford.  Recruiting is going like gangbusters.  So far, we've got three straight wins over everyone except for Iowa.  Take that State!  And you too Brutus!


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  I know.  They were ranked #5, and Michigan was unranked with a slew of meager talent.  I scored a TD with a second left on the clock to make it 9-10.  Since I was having LSU-like difficulties moving the ball, I went for two instead of settling for the PAT.


  That decision haunts me to this day.


  Also, I like to schedule App St as a warm up cupcake game.  It's heartening to drop then 110-0 or something.  It sorta kinda in a way makes up for The Horror.  Momentarily, anyway.