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We're getting a bit carried away with this. Milller is an injury prone senior and we need a bigger sample size on Jones.

Barrett is a good looking freshman but I'm not sure how reliable that depth is.

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I don't know...I don't believe Barrett or Jones were considered big-time recruits but they've both looked WAY better than anything Shane Morris has put up here at Michigan as a 5-star (granted a small sample size). The only thing that makes me question Meyer's system at all is that his quarterbacks get hit too much. But if you have two or three you can plug in at any given time, you are going to be formidable.

It will be obviously a huge question whether JH can work his magic with Shane, but I would also not be surprised to see Wil Speight under center against Utah.


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Until "we" start beating Ohio State again, at least every other year, there is no such thing as "carried away."  We all "know" that fanbases don't win or lose games, but I think it's great when Michigan fans take the rivalry as seriously as Ohio State fans do.  

Everything Ohio State and Michigan State do are relevant to Michigan football because of the rivalries.  They are especially relevant when Michigan has such a putrid record against both teams the last seven years.


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Agree.  Jones has played one game.  If Barrett keeps running the ball that much he is going to get hurt and they are going to need a good backup QB.  



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Lane Kiffin on why Jim Harbaugh would leave the NFL for Michigan: 'You can create dynasties'

"In college, when you win you get rewarded," Kiffin said Tuesday during Alabama's media day previewing its College Football Playoff semifinal against Ohio State on New Year's Day at the Sugar Bowl. "You win in college, you usually sign the best players. If it was a draft and you look at rankings and the top 32 players in the country, a place like Alabama may sign five, six or seven of them. That's five, six, seven first-rounders. In the NFL when you win, it's set up for you not to win. You're gonna draft last. You have salary cap issues because you have to pay your players as you win. They always want to get paid more. "I think that is sometimes what guys like more about college," Kiffin said. "You win you get rewarded and you can create dynasties because it's not set up the other way." 

Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer's hospital ties to Toledo

Harbaugh and Meyer were born in the same hospital, six months and 18 days apart.


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I have to say that I give OSU, and more specifically Tom Herman, a lot of credit for developing a third string QB as well as they have. I was shocked at seeing how calm and poised Cardale Jones looked against Wisconsin.

That being said, going up against that Bama defense, which has had a month to prepare under Saban, is a whole other ordeal. They will be ferocious and will look to dismantle Jones in every way that they can. I'm hoping to see tonight a reenactment of Milliner tossing Roundtree into the sidelines like a rag doll a few years back when we played Bama, but with some Bama DB doing that to an OSU WR.

I hope Bama dismantles and humiliates OSU tonight.

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Advantage for Jim is simple, he will recruit pro style guys which he can take to the next level. Osu recruits QBs to just win in college, i dont remember a osu qb to start in NFL since forever..they havent had a pro style qb since Krezel and even that year the wins were due mostly to Claretts work load. Next year Krezel got replaced by Troy Smith, then the spread/run style QBs start showing up.

Right now I dont see any of their QBs making it to the next level. NFL will always be a pro style game, guys are faster and hits are more vuscious ask RGIII or Cam Newton..remember how much they use to run when first came into the league?

Either way i stilk think having a pro style guy is better, a mire peace of mind when hanging in the pocket as opposed to being hit while running


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Krenzel was 24-3 as a starter, beginning in 2001 when Bellasari hit the sauce and ending in the 2003 season with a Fiesta Bowl victory over Kansas State.

Troy Smith "replaced" Krenzel like Steven Threet "replaced" Henne.  Both Krenzel and Threet graduated, and neither Smith nor Threet were the starters in the subsequent opener.  (Remember Justin Zwick?)


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You mean Barrett is still on the team? I thought with Urban's "no tolerance" policy, Barrett would have been kicked off the team for *allegedly* beating the sh*t out of his pregnant ex-girlfriend...