Get off the ledge

Submitted by Super J on November 24th, 2012 at 3:49 PM

I am the biggest baby when it comes to losing to Ohio.  Now, I am channeling my energy in getting blind drunk and rooting for the Gophers.  Today will not be a complete loss if Sparty is home for the holidays (with the Buckeyes).



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Awesome thread dude!  But seriously, why get off the ledge?  Our coaches have shown zero ability to develop a decent offensive gameplan against solid competition.  Anyone who runs Vincent Smith up the middle on 3rd and 2 is just not a good offensive football coach.  Borges has no idea how to use personnel, and Hoke does nothing to intervene.  Just stands there on the sidelines looking cold.  It's reverse richrod. 


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Agreed. I'm 30. Great fiance but no kids. How can you just putit behind you and go about your day? This is what I have. I couldn't care less if Sparty winsor loses today.What does it matter to me? One of our coaches cost us a shot to beat our rival. To ruin their season and to do it in front of 100,000+ of their jack*ss fans.

Why should I not wallow? Why should I not rage?

Why should I not shout and drink and fume here... in my sh*tty studio apartment.

This is what I have. This  team. This Game.

And someone who should not have the right to take this away from me did today.

I will stay here on this ledge as long as I d*mn well please. 

Go get on with your life. I will not.



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I'll come in off the ledge as soon as Borges explains why he didn't run Gardner at QB and Robinson in the backfield.  That rotation nonsense made no sense.  None whatever.

Michigan moved the ball well in the first half.  Even my Florida buddy said as much.  Then come the second half he texted me -- "Offense feels way too conservative."  He was right. 

And Michigan's last possession was dripping with panic.

Some serious reflection is needed after this game.  That doesn't necessarily mean firing people.  But some serious reflection on what went wrong is called for.

MGJS SuperKick Party

November 24th, 2012 at 4:06 PM ^

Don't worry about the book, It's not mine, but I glanced at it...

Seriously though, I completely agree with you. Instead of focusing my energy on what we could have done better today, I am focusing on how much I liked this senior class, and all the good memories. Sure, a loss to Ohio State stings, but I am going to enjoy a wonderful malty beverage from Short's tonight. It sucks now, but life will be good in about 2 hours.


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You know what? We lost. Our guys played hard, and played the best they've played in Columbus since 2000. But we lost. Hats off to the Bucks. 


We have a lot of work to do to improve, and it's time to be humble, support our guys, and make sure they do that work. 


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I'm sorry, I meant since 2006. We had a chance to win that game as well. 


Let's work hard and make this team better. No need to spit at our rivals. That's time that could be spent lifting weights, watching film, recruiting players, coaching up our guys, etc. 

Blue boy johnson

November 24th, 2012 at 4:12 PM ^

OSU was clearly better today and the score could have been alot worse if not for the valiant effort of the kids on the M football team.

Played with great effort but lost to a better team. No shame in that.

Perkis-Size Me

November 24th, 2012 at 4:15 PM ^

Going forward, I believe that OSU will have a more potent offense than we will, but we will have a much better defense. We are in great hands with Greg Mattison.

Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.


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Why would you root for your little brother to lose. Now that things are back to normal in that rivalry, I'm back to rooting for them and laughing when they do sparty things. I myself may have acted like it the past few years, but I really don't hate MSU. Past few years, what's pissed me off is how they acted when they won and how they played. 

Root for them to win against Minnesota, its just another opportunity ni a bowl game for a Sparty No on national television.

Der Alte

November 24th, 2012 at 4:31 PM ^

In Aeschylus' play Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon's wife, begins this line by saying "Fresh running brook." I have slightly edited it:

          Oh fresh running back, I run to you. 

           I will never stop drinking.

           It's sweet to escape from necessity.

To Devin and the other returnees: it's okay guys, we'll get 'em next year. Go Blue!



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Michigan lost four times this year.

The first was to Alabama, currently #2 in the nation.

The second was to Notre Dame, currently #1.

The third was to Nebraska, who is #14, is 9-2 and is likely going to win the Big Ten championship game.

The fourth is OSU, who would probably be #3 in the nation if they were eligible to be.

Take a step back from the ledge.  We lost to damn good teams.  I'm not happy about today's game or Borges right now, but this season wasn't the trainwreck some of you are making it out to be.  Could it have gone better?  Yes.  But we're still far, FAR ahead from the 3-8 disaster of a season that we had my senior year at Michigan.

Besides: we still get to go to a bowl game. OSU doesn't. :D


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No need to even walk over near the ledge.  Beating Ohio was going to be a stretch today with the O-line that we have.  Do I agree with all the play calls today?  Nope.  The fourth down call early in the 2d half was a bad one and there were others.   But, we simply don't have the ability to run straight ahead against any good team right now and it is hard to beat any good team without a running game.  I also think running Denard late in the 2d half may not have been  an option due to further aggravation of the injury.  He took some hard hits and ball security was a legitimate issue for him.  Also, Devin did a fine job these last 3 games but again, you are asking a lot of him to go into Ohio Stadium with 2 games of experience and, with no running game, be perfect.  Ohio isn't Iowa or NW and it showed in Devin's game today.  The fact is this  Michigan team is only a B- team and that only because of the D, Denard, and the fact that they play incredibly hard for these coaches.  When we have better talent we will be fine.