Garnett visit?

Submitted by crazeMfan on January 20th, 2012 at 8:45 PM
I was just wondering if anyone had heard about how Hoke's visit went today?



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I'm not sure if the visit happened, Garnett said he hasn't had power for two days and I have to believe it would have been very difficult for Hoke to fly into Washington with all the bad weather.


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I live in Seattle and the weather here has really been incredible.  We had two large snowstorms, then an ice storm, and now flooding is predicted.  The utility companies are saying that some people who have lost power may not have it restored for days.  The governor has declared a state of emergency.  Puyallup (Garnett's hometown) is about 30 min. south of here, where the weather has reportedly been even worse.  

However, I fully expect to see Hoke march through Puyallup in his wading boots, fix the power  lines in Garnett's neighborhood himself, and return to A2 with another OL committment secured,

OMG Shirtless

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It's good in theory, but it does absolutely nothing to improve the board.  If people aren't told that their threads are fucking useless, how are they to recognize the problem and improve in the future? 

UMXGoNightGames is the perfect example.  When he came on to the scene a few years ago, all he did was post useless bullshit.  He was told several times that his threads sucked and what do you know, now he's improved and actually posts decent stuff from time to time.

You're apparently relatively new around here, but this place used to be 10x better than it is.  Don't get me wrong, it's still great, but there truly is a ton of useless bullshit being posted these days and it clutters the place up.  That shit should stay at the MLive and GBMW's of the interwebz.


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Just a question but why are kids walking into the Ohio showroom and buying on the spot? Sure would be nice to have one of our big targets, Diamond or Reeves say I'm done, I'm Blue!However it is a huge decision and we had a bunch of kids do that in the Spring. Garnett on the 26th would sure be nice and I hope Peewee is on to something with his Tweets on Diamond. Reeves better not buy from Urban, he needs to come on down to Hoke Chevrolet and sign and drive! Go Blue!! I'm done.

Picktown GoBlue

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Home of the Blue Sub-Urban:

Or perhaps you'd prefer a Hoke-mobile:

And when I went searching for "Brady Car" most Google replies were of course the Tom Brady car crash from 2010, but I'll let folks follow this link for one of the other finds (Brazil wanted to ban this ad) - HOPE

And after that detour, may I offer you instead, the true Brady-mobile from a most excellent site IMCDB:

Now, what's it going to take to make a deal here today?

Sione's Flow

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Kids are walking into ohio, (pppt, pppt) sorry I have to spit everytime I say that word, and buying because they think they're going to be on a team that is going to win multiple MNCs, what they're not realizing is Urb was great right up until his OC and DC (along with Greg Mattison) all left.  Coaching goes along way on Saturdays, (see Team 132 Defense).  I don't think tsiO is getting the same coach UF had. 


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Talent will win a fair amount of games, even with crummy coaching. Coaching will win a fair amount of games, even with crummy players. If you have good talent, good coaching, and a little bit of luck, you can go very far.

I'll agree about Ohio not winning multiple MNCs, but if Ohio continues to stack up lots of talented players, they're going to win a fair amount. However, they may just be returning to Tresselball. Who knows. Regardless, I am confident in Hoke, Borges, & Mattison. The fact that we already have a great class for 2012, which may get better, a big jump on 2013, facilities that are no longer behind the times, and some success on the field, bodes well for the future. Remember also that even if it isn't a huge hit, Ohio has some minor scholarship restrictions, and the constraints of probation. I wouldn't want to be Ohio if more nonsense surfaces.


January 21st, 2012 at 12:13 PM ^…

Dave Hooker:
Don't know of a surprise Michigan guy but I think they get Garnett for sure.

Jamie Newberg:
I think it's Michigan for Garnett

Tom VanHaaren:
shawn, I think Michigan has a great shot with Garnett.

Couple of other not-that-surprising tidbits from that chat, too--TomVH says Michigan has stopped recruiting Payton and that it's down to Oklahoma and Michigan for Grant; Corey Long says Ohio is the favorite for low-4* safety Demetrious Cox.