Facility Fail during Weather Delay

Submitted by I dumped the Dope on September 21st, 2014 at 7:55 AM

So this is an objective post not related to anything on the actual field of play but more about the stadium itself and how I would like to see my ticket dollars spent in the future.

During the weather delay our beloved PA announcer was making regular updates to a completely empty stadium (some lolz) but the more serious problem is that under the cover of the canopy this could not be heard by anyone unless they were standing in the mouth of one of the entry portals...an undesirable position due to the heavy spray.

After wandering around for awhile waiting out a ride, hearing the noise of PA but not being able to comprehend any of it, my wife went into a family restroom and came back with a complete update (thinking this was radio guys piped in to the restrooms)

However, I feel like its a serious problem that needs to be addressed in the facility planning for the future.  The crowd needs information and direction, and I for one, will do whatever benevolent Mr. Grapentine recommends but I'd like to be able to hear it also.  What I'd like to see is a system to be able to switch gears (selector switch if you will) to broadcast Public Address under the covered areas of the stadium while under weather delay.  We are bound to have more weather delays just by probability in the future and this would be really helpful as a fan attending the game.  Note for clarity that I'm not asking for PA to be broadcast underneath for any other circumstances.




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Reagrding facilities...being able to finish the game was a win for field turf over a grass field. If it was still a grass field, that field would probably be unplayable for several days after that monsoon.


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It's an interesting point and although I've never had the misfortune of having to evacuate due to inclement weather in the stadium's current configuration (just getting horrifically wet at 2012 Illinois), you would think that for emergency purposes there would an auxiliary system which broadcast through the entire stadium. We just fixed a similar issue at work actually - you could hear the building paging system everywhere except the most public areas.

I have to say that, even on a good day, if you're under the seats and in the concession area, it is sometimes difficult to understand the PA sometimes, although that could also be that often I have one or both children demanding those cheese fries which have some mysterious appeal.


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just like the CMU game a few years back.  They all huddle under the seats and hide.  This was a good diversion because .... we are NOT winning a Big 14 title, we are NOT improving, DG is NOT a QB ... but I spend alot of money and live for the tailgate.  Thanks DB and L. Carr.  Thanks for letting Bo down.   Not sure who else to blame.  Its not the fans.


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Also, it would help if these important updates were broadcast throughout the entire athletic campus. Luckily we were calling home for updates or we would have missed the last seven minutes.

On a side, even in the event of a loss, we had a great time during the suspension of play and the last seven minutes. We created some great memories with our friends.


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We were standing in the Concourse trying to stay dry, and this tool bag stadium staff told us we had to stop standing and go outside, as the weather did not present any danger to us. Are you f***ing kidding me???? It was lighting like crazy. Way to treat you paying customers Dave!!!! And thanks for that garbage product on the field!!! Needless to say, we stood their until an opening in the weather. I thought that was despicable for the stadium staff to ask people to vacate the covered areas!!!

Red is Blue

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The monitors at the vending stations just had generic message about the weather delay.  Seems like they would be a great vehicle to deliver information like weather radar, when the last lightning strike was and therefore how long the 30 minute clock has left and any video or text info that might otherwise be helpful.


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That is a major safety concern as well. Imagine if the game was close and still packed with 100k fans and a tornado rolled through. If you can only get clear direction in places you're not suppose to be that's a huge safety and security concern. The university should have this figured out by now.

Red is Blue

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Recognizing this won't happen.  There should be an upper concourse around the endzones with big ramps to ground level.  This would allow people to exit out of the top of the bowl in the endzones.  Additional exit paths would mean quicker evacuation times.  In addition, the upper concourses would provide additional shelter beneath them.

I suspect this is a $ thing, but what happened to making the exit aisles wider?  I seem to remember that was the plan a few years back.  The handrails they put in the aisles  significantly slowed down traffic flow.


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I was at the game and heard everything just fine. There were also messages posted on the video boards.

This is the least of Michigan's problems.


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it could have been better.  Although most people seemed to get the message.  With having to wait at least a half hour after the last lightning  strike it really isn't necessary to have instanious info is it?



However I thought some of the ushers were confused about a number of things, especially being told that if we went to Crisler we couldn't get back into the football stadium which is 1) wrong 2) patently absurd in that situation.

Also had an usher say the game had been called, which I knew to be false from listening to the radio guys.


Small things like this aren't a very big deal, but it sure seemed like some folks were getting very bad information.


Keep inperspective, this is only the second time this has happened in 120 years of football.