April 20th, 2012 at 11:04 AM ^

not a troll just followed this kid for awhile and FSU was on him longer than any school...Mich would be a great choice as well but early pt is at fsu...I think this comes down to who this kid is playing with..Father made a statement last year that said defensive talent is going to be a factor. Fsu is looking to bring in 2 more linebackers after ej and look good for the num 1 linebacker in fla..And I kno you guys recruited pretty well at backer last year as did the noles...this is a big time kid in EJ and I don't care what rankings say when you get offers from lsu,bama,etc you can ball.


I chose this site over others because its not too bias here


April 20th, 2012 at 11:17 AM ^

I have a question for some alum of Michigan. What exactly is there to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan? If the kid goes to FSU, I can see why. There are beautiful girls all over the place in Tallahassee, ones who wear extremely skimply clothes at all times, and there are beaches not far away. Tallahassee, as a whole, is no Atlanta, but it is a nice little college town and has a beautiful downtown. The girls, though, dominant, and this explains a lot. I've run into Fisher many times and I've seen how he recruits at Doak. He has 20-year-old girls in dadgum high heels, red lipstick, and French nails driving these guys around to the dorms and to the other things they needs to see. In other words, Fisher uses mini-supermodels to help land these kids. I'm not kidding you either. These are not the normal girls on campus. These are like super-gorgeous pre-model girls (definitely not women, though). He is a shameless recruiter..


But yeah, outside of a great education, what is there in Ann Arbor? I'm not very familiar with the city. And what's the economy like in Michigan? The only town I really know about up there is Detroit, and I would never go there during a good economy.


April 20th, 2012 at 11:47 AM ^

This is going to be quite serious and kind of smug, so I will apologize in advance.  Have you been to NYC, Ann Arbor is like a small NYC.  Many things to do, many restaurants and like living in the village.  Crafts and arts are abundunt.  So you dont like that kind of stuff, ok, Detroit is an hour away.  Too dangerous, ok, Chicago is a bit further away but good driving distance for a weekend. 

Summer can get quite hot and the winter can get quite a cold, but the divergence in weather is refreshing.  Fom my time as a student in A2, the only thing i didnt like was sundays.  It was fairly dead, but when i went around and visited Detroit and Nashville and Atlanta, sundays were just as laid back.  NYC was just different. 

But, you can do anything in A2, everything is pretty much right there, but it compares to a liberal northern town.  Leaving A2, and it does change.  There is a reason why A2 is one of the top places to live.

As for the girls, every school has some good ones and not so good ones.  With the population being around 36k when i was in school, you can find plenty of them.  FSU has better looking chicks for sure.


April 20th, 2012 at 12:20 PM ^

Ann Arbor shows up on just about every list of good towns:

Best Cities for Singles (#1)

Best Main Streets

Best College Towns (#2)

Smartest cities (#1)

Best Small Cities (#46)

Best College Sports Town (#1)


There is a ton to do even as a non-student living in the area.  A fair amount of local bands (that are actually talented), a wide range of drinking establishments from Good Time Charley's to The Ravens Club (very different experiences), a ton of festivals, shows, and other events, and a 20 minute drive to a major airport.  It costs a lot more to live in the city than right outside but it's worth it to me, there is so much to do.  


It couldn't be more different than Detroit.  In fact, just about every city in Michigan (except Flint) is way different than Detroit.  I moved here from Maryland and found it completely different than the sad news stories they show about Detroit.  Great place to live.


April 20th, 2012 at 12:47 PM ^

AA is one of the great (smart) college towns, along with Madison, Berkeley, Chapel Hill, etc. It's more quaint than beautiful, but there's plenty of natural beauty. The winters are chilly, but the spring, summer, and fall are idyllic. Yes, it's low on the trashy-blonde quotient favored by -- let's be honest -- Southern schools. If you're one of those recruits who prioritizes belly-shots and cares little about education, perhaps you'd be happier at LSU, OSU, or Arizona.

But, as for most of the things college kids require -- bars, food, parties, recreation, sports, etc -- it's right up there with the best. It's hopping on Saturday nights. M has the country's largest base of active alumni. And AA is the state's only thriving economy. The school is flush with cash.



April 20th, 2012 at 1:11 PM ^

I just read an article on Rivals that says Michigan doesn't offer the major EJ is looking for. This may be the deal breaker with Michigan and he will go FSU. The article states that this decision is a 40 year decision and not a 4 yr. Damn it its looking like FSU is going to grab him.


April 20th, 2012 at 1:20 PM ^

If you go by what the family has said publicly it would appear to be Michigan. After his FSU trip he said he would decide in August. But he has said repeatedly when it felt right he would decide. Then he visits Michigan again and low and behold he's deciding long before August. I'm balancing the fact the gurus are more informed against the word out of the families mouths. The guru favors FSU, the direct quotes favor us. Let's call it 50/50 and tune in Tuesday.