Early Games Thread

Submitted by Mr. Yost on December 1st, 2012 at 11:48 AM

11:47a - Desmond just says "he runs through more guys than the Kardasians" on College Gameday


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I'd bet our performance in the bowl game will have a big impact on his feelings about leaving. Personally if I were legitimately 50-50 I would stay, because then you get to play your last year at Michigan and still go pro eventually, whereas if you go the other route you'll never play at Michigan again. I'd rather not miss out on either.


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I did not see this posted last night or today, but Denard's single season rushing record was already broken by that jordan lynch from NIU...  that record didn't last long..  Too bad the kid did it against MAC competition and more carries


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That was a nice stop by the TCU defense, bringing down Landry Jones and forcing Oklahoma to punt. That being said, if the Sooners had been adept enough to snag Tacopants on the recruiting trail, one of the two bombs that Jones threw to the turf ultimately would have put this game away. 

On that note, TCU promptly answers the call with a  drive that fails to get past their own 10, and then there's delay of game to back the punter up into the end zone because....?

...and TCU redeems itself by recovering a muffed punt around the 40 of Oklahoma. This is undoubtedly where they would have been had anything on the previous set of downs actually worked.

Result of all that: TCU makes a 47 yard FG. The Frogs got to the Oklahoma 27 and then...not much happened except for the false start that made it 4th and 9. Gary Patterson looks like he's about to go Gunther Cunningham and kick a binder full of plays, likely offensive ones.