Big night for Rich Hill. Go Blue and Go Dodger Blue!

Submitted by Cali Wolverine on October 19th, 2016 at 12:43 AM
Sorry long suffering Cubs fans, but former Michigan pitcher Rich Hill had an amazing night and got the W tonight in the NLCS for the Dodgers. Here is a nice link from 247 about Hill's performance tonight and a great story about the former Wolverine...…



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This "curse" and all the years of not winning weighs heavy on every post season Cubs team.  "This is our year" is great from June to September, but post season is different.  The other teams track your weakness and exploit them in the post season.

Rich Hill didn't have his best stuff early on last night and the Cubs had the chance to knock him out in the second.  They didn't.  The Dodger bench was relaxed all night and the Cubs were not.  Today is "must win" for the Cubs and they won't be playing loose again if they start slow and find themselves down by a run (or two).


P.S. Go Blue!  Didn't know he was a Michigan grad while I was cheering him on to be the Cubs. 

rob f

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was amaizing and again nearly unhittable tonight.

What a baseball journey Hill's had, though---his MLB career as good as over, pitching in a semipro league on Long Island last year, and now this?!!

Yes, Go Blue and Go Dodger Blue!

As for the Cubs, worst possible time for a hitting slump, but that's exactly what they've been in since the end of the regular season. While I feel for you Cubbie fans, I've somewhat followed the Dodgers since the days of Koufax and Drysdale back in the 60s. And since my Tigers are again on the outside looking in, LA is my team this October.

Carl Spackler

October 19th, 2016 at 7:16 AM ^

but I want the Cubs to lose because I dislike Mike Wilbon and want him to suffer.  Again, yesterday on PTI, he emphatically  stated that he never wants to see UM win in football ever. A couple of weeks ago he stated that he wants them to lose every game.  

All Day

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I don't know who NW's biggest rival is. How is this: most of us never want to see Alabama win. Not a rival, but the rich are rich enough.


Again, he sucks at his job. I have to turn off Waddle and Silvy on Wednesdays when he's on. Actually, I have to turn them off every other day when it's just them, but that's a different story.


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Lifelong and die hard cubs fan. Few weeks ago I heard more dire odds against us. Of the reg season wins leaders of the last 3 decades, only the yanks have won 2x. Last time it happened by a NL team was...the Amazing Mets in '86. Brutal.

Tonight is a must win. Kershaw back on tomorrow if they win tonight (or regardless). Need a hero to step up.

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Way too many Cubs fans treated one of their own like complete shit, instead of properly blaiming people like Alou (for pitching a fit like a 3-year old), Alex Gonalez (for blowing Miggy's easy double play ball) and the Cubs' pitchers. Bartman didn't do anything differently than a good majority of fans would have done -- reached for a ball that went into the seats; hell, there were literally other people right next to him also going for the ball, but they just happened not to get it.

I don't really care about the Dodgers, one way or the other, but I hope they win this one.


October 19th, 2016 at 10:10 AM ^

I'm in ground zero of Cub fandom.  You're right in assigning blame to Alou's shitfit.  Due to his reaction, Bartman was demonized initially.  Everybody I know (and I know a lot of Cubs fans, including a guy who was in Catching Hell) got over it pretty fast (hours) and looked at the team collapse.  If anything, they blamed Dusty for burning out his young pitchers.

At first blush, the obnoxious, drunk in the bleachers fans stand out.  But I've gotten to know a lot of real baseball fans who have stuck with the Cubs through years (and years and years) of shit.  They're good, knowledgable fans.  Their karma is just fine.


October 19th, 2016 at 8:14 AM ^

Cubs hitters look awestruck right now. Eerily similar to last year at this time. Gotta rough this young kid up tonight to get their swagger back or it's good night sweetheart.

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October 19th, 2016 at 8:19 AM ^

I'm already sick of the Cubs fans. For decades (more than 10 of them) being a Cubs fan was just the cool, hip thing to do and Wrigley just the place to hangout, drink, and be seen while baseball just so happened to be played in the background.

Now, two or so years of winning and they are suddenly the greatest / most arrogance-generating thing in the history of the sport.

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October 19th, 2016 at 8:28 AM ^

Hmmm, consecutive down seasons followed by two years of winning; great coach hired at beginning of the two year stretch; fans think their team is good enough to win the championship to the point that they're arrogant and cocky.

This sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


Trust me, I don't support the faux fan, but I've been a Cubs fan for 21 years, and, dammit, I want to at least get to the World Series.


October 19th, 2016 at 8:42 AM ^

on the football program with the All Time Wins record and a tradition of winning Big Ten titles, kindly remove it.  There is a looooong stanting winning tradition in Ann Arbor.

So, defend the team that was the first to lose 10,000 MLB games all you want.  That's the Cubs - "consecutive down seasons followed by two years of winning; great coach hired at beginning of the two year stretch; fans think their team is good enough to win the championship to the point that they're arrogant and cocky."