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Submitted by jbibiza on July 24th, 2010 at 8:50 AM

I just watched the sophomore highlights of Barry Sanders' son - Wow!   It is a tribute to the value of a deep gene pool and almost freaky how he cuts and moves like the great one.  He will be a junior this year so is a 2012, prospect.  Not sure how strong the competition is in his part of Oklahoma but he sure looks like the real deal.  Check it out.!



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Chip off the old block.

What's weird is that I checked his recruiting profile on Scout, and it lists only two offers, and OK State is not one of them. How does his dad's alma mater not offer him?

Rivals doesn't even list him in their database for 2012. Something's not adding up here.

turbo cool

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Just checked and Rivals does has have him in there (interesting, he's right above Deion Sanders Jr.). He's got scholarship offers from ND, OK State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Tulsa. Ya gotta imagine that OK State was the first to offer.


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I can understand being gifted with your parents' height, speed, vertical, etc.

But, it just seems amazing that you could either inherit or learn things like crazy field vision or stopping on a dime.


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His competition doesn't look that great.  But still...if you can stop and start on a dime, it doesn't really matter who you're playing.  I remember watching his freshman highlights and thinking he looked pretty good then.  As a sophomore he's blowing people away.  By the time he's a senior, my guess is that his team will only need a center to snap the ball and a quarterback to hand it off to him.  The rest of the guys can stay on the sideline.


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I miss watching his daddy play.  Unfortunately, daddy's legacy with the Lions probably doesn't help too much in his son's recruiting.  Unless, of course, he was hypnotized by the winged helmets as a young lad on Saturday afternoons (like so many here).


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And here's the video of class of 2013 FL RB Kelvin Taylor, Fred Taylor's son. According to Scout:

EIGHTH GRADE: Taylor is the son of former NFLer Fred Taylor, he played varsity as an 8th grader and earned All State honors for the 1B classification. He rushed for 1,692 yards and 27 TDs.

FRESHMEN: Taylor led Glades Day to a State Title including over 200 yards in the championship game. He rushed for 2,691 yards and 47 TDs on his way to First Team All-State honors for the 1B classification. First Team All Palm Beach County RB by Palm Beach Post.

This is video of Taylor's eighth grade year (against varsity HS competition).


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that Kelvin Taylor is an 8th grader in that highlight video.  If so, then wow because his abiity to elude defenders and his feet quickness is very impressive for an 8th grader.  He has his daddy's gene and many people forget how great of an athlete that Fred Taylor is back in the day especially his speed.


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Can you imagine him in the zone read offense?  His ability to make the cutback move would be perfect for it.  Not to mention his starting and stopping.


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I sat behind Barry Sanders and his son during a UM-Minnesota game about 4 years ago and he seemed to enjoy the game (UM win).  Barry did not seem as enthused by the game, but I don't know if I've ever seen him express any sort of emotion on the field or off the field.  It was a pretty memorable day at the Big House!

Wolverine In Exile

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is two things:

1) His body build... looks like once he puts on more weight Jun / Sr year, he's going to have the tree trunk thighs his daddy did. That's key to being able to support his body doing all the cutbacks and not get knees ripped apart

2) Yes, the Daddy like shiver and shakes are leg tingling, especially for a guy who grew up in the Silverdome during Barry's heyday, but to me more impressive is that in a lot of those clips, he's taking the exactly correct cut back lane and accelrating into open space. It's not like he is just straight outrunning or juking people. He's taking the ball in stride, one to two cuts and then it's BAM through the hole into space. If his measurables improve, I'm afraid ol' Urban Meyer is going to snatch him and tell him he can be Percy Harvin 2.

Mr. Robot

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Simply incredible. I agree that his competition doesn't seem to be all that fantastic, especially int he taclking department, but a lot of that highlight video is also pure explosiveness. You can't botch a tackle on a guy you can't catch, and that seemed to be what was going on most of the time.

I think we need to recruit the young Sanders. I might just pass out for a while if the spawn of the greatest running back in football decides to come rip the turf up for Michigan.

Hoken's Heroes

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...should be accompanied by a NON highlight video. It's way too easy to get mesmerized by a kid's best plays when in reality we know many of these kids are raw and playing against kids with mediocre talent.


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I'm pretty sure Barry lives in West Bloomfield.  His wife, Lauren Campbell, used to be a news anchor on channel 4 and she still appears there from time to time.

I'm pretty sure Barry Jr. is from a previous relationship.  I remember is was a minor scandal when it came out that he had a baby "out of wedlock," since so many in this town thought he wasn't human.

Maybe Junior would like to spend four years a little closer to his dad.  RR could help him with that.


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Yep, Barry still lives in West Bloomfield (and summers in Wichita).

AFAIK, his relationship with Barry Junior is mostly non-existent. I believe I read an article awhile back where Junior said his father had never seen him play a single game.

BUT Barry has 3 younger sons, all born and raised in Michigan. And their mother, Lauren Campbell, is a Michigan alum.


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Close your eyes and imagine this.  Dilithium Robinson and Barry Sanders Jr. together in the same backfield.  A dream pair for you and me, a nightmare for opposing defenses.  He's got his old man's balance and looks to be a bit faster than Sr. was.  What a great combo.  The effectiveness of the zone read with Robinson and Sanders would be limitless.


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It's a bit surprising to me that we haven't landed any big time, nationally recruited, out-of-state running backs since RR's arrival given the success RR had with Slaton and Devine.  (although we're close with Hart).

Everybody talks about how RR's system results in fewer catches for WRs. Well the flip side of that is a helluva lot more touches for RBs. There's so much opportunity in RR's system for talented RBs to shine, even if there are other talented RBs on the roster.

I don't know where BS Jr. is is going to land in the rankings a year from now, but he's shaping up to he a highly touted prospect. Hopefully his father's connection to our state will result in an official visit should we offer him. 

Not a Blue Fan

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...of pointing out the obvious, getting lots of touches isn't the sole determining factor in how the NFL views an RB. It's easy for scouts to see guys who can run with the ball, but it's a lot harder to see how well they pick up the blitz (crucial in the NFL) or catch the ball out of the backfield (also crucial). Offenses like the run-spread don't run enough of the NFL style passing plays to see some of these RBs in situations where they have to pick up the blitz. Similarly, offenses like OSU's don't pass to the RB much. That was the big knock (other than injuries) against Beanie: nobody had any idea if he could play in the passing game.

That being said, the run-spread certainly does give a lot of touches to RBs, and just because they haven't had the chance to show how well they pick up the blitz it doesn't meant they can't. But, like most things in college football, perception dictates reality.