Am I the only one who isn't a fan of Tate?

Submitted by MGoDC on June 29th, 2010 at 9:47 AM

I know Tate seems to be a pretty popular guy around here, but I guess I just had to ask if anybody else finds him to be a bit cocky/kinda douchey. No doubt he is a good football player, but I can't help but feel like if he were the starting QB at any other big ten school (even ones we traditionally don't have much animosity for like Northwestern) many of us would probably point out that he seems like a douchenozzle.

As a current student I've seen both Denard and Tate around the Union some (havent talked to either of them personally) and Denard is usually laughing about something and talking with regular students. Tate, on the other hand, seems to keep more to himself, keeping himself relatively separated from the random student body.

But more than that, and more than just a general sense of arrogance I see when he talks to the media, one specific thing sticks in my mind. A couple days after an article came up (I think it was on rivals but I'm not sure) praising Denard's strides as a QB in the spring game, Tate put the article up on his facebook "wall of shame" and added the comment "I was against the 1s he was against the 2s." Personally if Tate can't get excited for a teammate's success, even at the same position, then I find myself really not wanting to root against him.

Obviously as a UM fan/student I'll be rooting for Tate's success every time he touches the ball, but I can't help but feel a really strong hope that Denard somehow manages to win the starting job outright and Tate transfers in 2011 (when DG would be able to be a solid backup as a RS Freshman). Personally this is not a guy I want to have to cheer for and not a guy I want representing my school. Undoubtedly an extremely unpopular opinion here but I just wanted to see if literally anybody else on this board feels the same way.



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(havent talked to either of them personally)

This parenthetical should have made it clear to you that you probably shouldn't have written this entire fucking diary.

Space Coyote

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Ricky Bobby? You can't just say no offense or with all do respect and have it be nice.

Sorry, the "no offense line" just reminded me of that.  Anyway, it's a no-no because Brian didn't want people bickering about points and filling up board space with "Why am I getting negged" type comments.  It goes back to a phrase that is currently on this board: "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN" and just let a few negs come in.  The more you post asking why your getting negged is a pretty simple linear equation approximation:

       neg_total ~= k * n ^ (sqrt(k)

where k equals the number of posts made and n equals the number of negs rewarded after one complaint about negs.


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to me, yes.  I was the MOSTTTT pop. kid in high school obviously.  in fact i was the star qb.  i could have gotten a scholie at CMU, but i decided to go to UM for the beetter academics.


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The reason this is sad is that it is not one of the stupidest comments that I've read on this board. That said, it is still incredibly dumb.

Maybe he votes based on issues of policy, rather than his opinion on who is more likable or who has a better personality. As opposed to making an opinion on whether he likes a collegiate QBs personality based on minimal anecdotal evidence after one year without ever even talking to one.


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Maybe he votes based on issues of policy, rather than his opinion on who is more likable or who has a better personality.

I'll give you that as a possibility for his specific case, but to act as though perceived personality does not play a large role in politics for the majority of the public in any country is either willfully naive or just downright, as you put it, "incredibly dumb."


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This is the reason why I feel bad for scholarship athletes. This kid isn't making a cent, and still has to put up with dipshits who do not know him making public posts on a message board read by thousands of his peers about how he's a douchebag. I wish "Communications" was as popular as football, so people who don't know you could make public internet posts about your personality.


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technically it is income, although it is non-taxable (and not necessary to report) to the extent it is used for qualified education expenses, which include tuition but not room and board. 


This doesn't effect the flame war, but it's good to know.


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...but I thought scholarship athletes effectively earn $30k to $40k annually in paid tuition as well as a top-notch education from a premier university.

If they can't stand the heat (and the competition), they should get out of the kitchen.

Team success is #1. Individual accolades should be secondary.

I like Tate a lot. Cool head. Lots of confidence. Decent touch. His only shortcoming is he slightly diminutive to be playing B10 football. I think of him as more of a MAC QB, but he is proving to be surprisingly effective against B10 opponents.


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I know the football program is a huge profit center so this effectively absorbs the cost of tuition. Of course, they marginally shrink the number of students who can attend U of M, so I guess you could say they cost "normal" kids slots at the school.

I just know that I would have been thrilled to have been offered a full ride scholarship at a B10 school to play a sport I love. It would have been a tremendous honor, whether I saw the field much or not.


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While perceived personalities obviously affect politics, your original statement suggested that it should, a thought that I found offensive and indicative of a lot of crap that is wrong with the world in general. That said, I clearly overreacted in my original response and for that I apologize.


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Yeah, there's a huge difference Chitown: this 19-year old seems "cocky" "douchey" and like a "douchenozzle" to some moron, so he totally deserves it.

DC, you say you don't want Tate representing your school?  Because he doesn't sit and chat with you, or "seems" like a douche?  That's insane, and you're an asshole.

There's "I prefer Denard as our starter and Tate isn't my favorite player," and that's a very reasonable opinion.  The stuff you posted, on the other hand, makes you the douchenozzle my friend.

I hope when people read this idiocy they realize you speak only for the mouth-breathing population of Michigan fans.

Blue Blue Blue

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He tried to walk past the line to get into a frat party the night of the Penn State game.  the bouncer started to herd him back into the line when Tate said "dont you know who I am? I'm the f****ing quarterback of the football team!" and the bouncer said "put some poiints on the board and you can walk past the line" and sent him back on line.  Tate and his friend left.


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He actually seemed very comfortable with his place... After the game I asked who they all were on that team (all wearing official M gear, and huge) He said "Tight End, Tight  End, O line, and I'm just a fat kicker"

Didn't seem douchey to me


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You are the only one.  Confident, self-assured quarterbacks/leaders are the devil.

EDIT: You're talking to a guy that has 3 Tate autographed pictures on his wall, a "Tate Forcier for Heisman" poster, 2 "May the Forcier Be With You" T-Shirts, and fully authentic home and away #5 jerseys.  I will insta-neg bang any anti-Tate post.


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yes, you are.  :)

a cocky guy is good to have at the quarter.  but, i do agree, he would be my least fav player if he played for another team.


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As for the "wall of shame" thing, it was pretty well discussed around here.  The issue is that Tate doesn't actually run the site, his dad does.