4* West Bloomfield Viper Lance Dixon cancels OV to Michigan next week

Submitted by Bluey on June 16th, 2018 at 4:21 PM

Per Steve Lorenz. This will be the third straight year year UM has missed on it's top Viper target after Willie Gay and Otis Reese in 2016 and 2017. On top of that he is an in-state recruit coached by alum Ronald Bellamy. For him to not even want to official visit after already losing out on guys like Logan Brown, Devontae Dobbs, Julian Barnett, etc. is just sad. 


Blue in Paradise

June 16th, 2018 at 6:50 PM ^

How the f&ck do you know what the coaches want? Don’t even start pretending you are some insider now, you are a nothing.

 Khaleke got turned down by PSU twice when he tried to commit and he will be a first or second round NFL pick (hopefully in 2020).  Matt Milano was a nothing recruit who ended up a day 2 draft pick.

If Velazquez announces tomorrow that he is committing to football (he is an elite baseball prospect), he will be a 4 star with all the usual offers.  Don’t blindly look at the stars, watch the tape.  He is Khaleke reincarnated on both sides of the ball.

Kid was absolutely tailor made to be a Don Brown Viper.


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Steve Lorenz and Sam Webb said Dixon is Michigan’s top viper target. I guess they are lying too. That the coaches want Velazquez to camp before they decide if his offer is commitable spells everything out clear as day in terms of where he sits on their board. That you think he’s going to be a 4 star just because he might commit to UM proves how little you actually know about recruiting. But keep yelling about being an insider or whatever other shit you’re mad about. And no I won’t watch “the tape” because a 3 minute highlight video is not tape and literally every kid going D-1 has a “good tape.” As far as Khaleke Hudson, he was the #1 player in PA according to scout.com, so let’s stop pretending like he was like every other composite 3 star. Thanks.


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If I were a highly touted HS senior in SE Michigan with my choice of 5 (free) official visits, I'd pick schools like Miami, Hawaii, USC, etc, and set up the visits for winter. Enjoy some nice weather, give my parents a fun experience, and then I'd sign with Michigan. 


Or, I'd pick 5 SEC schools for my OVs so I could make some money before signing with Michigan. 


Either way, it makes sense to me if a local kid doesn't officially visit Michigan. 


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It's June 16th. He lives in Michigan and can visit whenever. Why waste an OV in June to an in state school. This cancellation could mean something or nothing. At this point, if say it means nothing. 


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Recruits get five official visits and his final five schools are PSU, Wisconsin, UM, MSU, and OSU, so I don't see how he would be wasting an OV. Moreover, he's planning to make a summer decision, that's why he OV'd to PSU last weekend and is on an OV to Wisconsin this weekend. But believe what you want.


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And I believe you're the perfect example of why anonymity on the internet is bad. You can get away with calling someone a "cunt" without getting your teeth knocked in. That you want someone censored because you don't like their sports opinions, on top of the name calling, is just pathetic.


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I just want Michigan to do well. How that comes across sometimes is not going to be appreciated by many posters because this is a fan site and most are incapable of looking at things objectively. I have no interest in dressing my posts up to appease those people and their sensibilities. I've followed recruiting for a long time and understand better than most it's importance. People keep wondering why UM loses to OSU every November, when they lose to them every February on signing day. When Harbaugh was hired I thought we finally had our Saban and Meyer. I thought his first two classes were great. Last years was a disaster and I'm fine with saying that. This years class isn't tracking much better and I'm now officially concerned last year wasn't just a blip on the radar.

Gucci Mane

June 16th, 2018 at 5:37 PM ^

Sometimes Michigan fans can have rational opinions that are negative, that is fine. For me, Maizen / Bluey lost all credibility with his takes on Beilein about 18 months ago. He was so wildly incorrect that I now believe he doesn't have the temperament or intelligence to have informed opinions. All that being said sometimes things are not perfect. Football recruiting must improve, and it will if we win 10+ games this year. 

Hotel Putingrad

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Your first sentence is total bullshit. You only post things that you consider to be bad news for Michigan. You're one of those people that is only happy when you're miserable. There's nothing wrong with finding the occasional fault in Harbaugh's recruiting, but when said fault-finding becomes the only reason for your contribution to this board, well, guess what, that makes you a troll. Own it.


June 17th, 2018 at 8:23 AM ^

No one gives a rat’s hole about your overtly pessimistic readings. You are not offering anything but dire outcomes—and it is pathetic. Stop trying to call your views objective and simply “concerned.” You are pushing—pushing hard—to create a negative narrative about Harbaugh’s recruiting. If you were truly a fan, you’d be hard to be around because you simply take the most pessimistic stance about anecdotal things.

You are “tracking” to be a major shithead, by your own methodology of how you conclude premises, logically speaking. We can deduce from your suppositions that you are a shithead.


There are ways of criticizing the program without sounding like a troll or a Harbaugh hater. For one, you’d have to actually state positives and not simply post apocalyptic conclusions when small, individual things like a  few recruits going elsewhere. You ignore all good things, like the fact that this class is currently highly ranked—and that their QB situation is the best since Carr days—and that this team has a chance to only move up in recruiting once the season plays out. It is June—kids change their minds. Coaches continue to coach and recruit. 

You are a miserable outtake.


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Censored, dude you are fucking negative piece of shit. You are the perfect example of internet sports guy who knows everything and thinks you can coach the team. You know everything bout recruiting and you are god. Bluey should be our recruiting coordinator . And you also fuck off 


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I don’t want you censored because I disagree with you, I want you censored because you are a troll who doesn’t actually want to talk about Michigan sports. You don’t want to talk about Michigan football just like you didn’t want to talk about Michigan basketball last year. You want to shove your worthless opinion down everyone’s throat and when it turns out you’re wrong, you have no accountability, you just switch names and do the same shitty trolling you did before. You post nothing but negative shit because you don’t care about anything positive because it doesn’t fit your narrative. If anyone is a perfect example of why anonymity on the internet is the worst, it’s you. I will call you a cunt all I want because i don’t believe you’re actually a Michigan fan, you just have numerous accounts in this site to troll and be a negative asshole. If you wanted to talk about the actual state of Michigan football, I’m all ears. But you don’t. You can fuck right off and all your predictions on the football team will turn out to be wildly wrong, just like with basketball. 


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I’m not mad, I just swear a lot and I don’t respect your opinion or you as a person. I think you’re pathetic and I feel bad for you and your family as I’m sure they are disappointed in you. I’m far from mad. I’m annoyed you’re allowed to be a worthless twat on this board, but I’m definitely not mad. Also, fuck off