2014 UM v OSU Matchup

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After watching a hard fought close game I can’t help but think towards the future.  I’m curious how the board thinks we matchup with OSU next year.  We graduate our two offensive tackles who are likely replaced by Braden and Mags, and obviously our interior gets a year older.  We lose Gallon and Fitz who seem likely replaced Darboh and Green.  On defense we lose Washington and Black who are likely replaced Pipkins and Henry.  And, we lose Gordon who is likely replaced by a combination of DBs like Thomas, Clark, and Peppers.  I think I know what we’ve got with Michigan.  I’m more curious about OSU. 


They obviously lose Hyde who will likely be replaced by Smith I think.  They lose Brown who will be replaced by Wilson as maybe a step up.  They return Devin Smith and their TE, but they lose 4 offensive linemen.  This is what I’m most interested in.  Who starts for them next year on the offensive line and how will they fare?  They are not quite as big as their predecessors.  They will also be young and pretty similar in age to our line next year.


LT – Baldwin (Jr)

LG – Elfein (Fr)

C – Boren (So)

RG – Brown (So), O’Connor (RS Fr?)?

RT – Decker (So)


On defense they bring back the entire front 7 unless Shazier decides to enter the draft, which he may.  Behind him on the depth chart is freshman, Trey Johnson.  In the backfield they will lose Roby, Brown, and Barnett.  They do have a lot of young talented DBs, but they don’t have much experience.


From what I can see this is a good chance to beat OSU in Columbus.  They lose many of their playmakers on defense (especially if Shazier enters the draft).  Granted they have a lot of young talent on the defensive line in Bosa, Spence, and Washington.  And, of course they bring back Braxton Miller.  But, without a proven running back and without a veteran offensive line, will Miller be as effective?  How do you think our defensive line matches up against their offensive line?



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After today it should be pretty clear that matchups go out the window for this game.  I appreciate that it's a fun exercise, but I'm just sayin, there are 364 days until then.  That's a lot of nights out in Columbus to get arrested.


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This is kind of a shitty answer but as long as there is talent on both ends, this game is a toss up. I mean, Michigan was a 14 point unranked underdog today and they were a two point conversion from upsetting a national title contender.


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Michigan should be undefeated heading into The Horseshoe next year. With all the returning experience next season, it's Big Ten Champions or bust. Absolutely NO excuses for underachieving next year.

And it will be awesome to go to Ohio next year and cap off an undefeated regular season. If Ohio is undefeated it will be that much sweeter.

M Fanfare

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Undefeated heading to Columbus? I'm not so sure about that. Michigan is still bad on the road, and the team plays a couple of tough road games (ND, MSU, Northwestern).

The schedule is soft, but the tougher games are all on the road.


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I like the enthusiasm, but after ND this year most thought 9 wins would be low balling this team.  I'm just going to take it one game at a time and celebrate each win each week.


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Miller will probably return, although there were a few rumblings about him going pro.  His backup, Guiton, will be gone after this year though, so depth could be a concern.  


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I have no idea what he'll do but it wouldn't surprise me if he left early.  His draft status will not be higher than it is now, considering they'll be breaking in 4 new OL, a new RB.  And there is a decent chance he'll have a B1G championship in his belt and maybe a nat'l championship game appearance.


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I'm excited about next year. I think the loss of Lewan and Schofield will more than be mitigated by the maturing of the line, especially on the interior. I'm excited about replacing Gallon and Reynolds with Harris and Darboh, giving us four sold WR (Chesson, Funchess, Darboh, & Harris.) Plus, between Ways, Duke, & York, someone might step up.

I believe that our defensive line will only get stronger, and we'll do more against their offensive line.

Gardner has been through the wars, and Morris will be more capable in backing him up.

Green and Smith will be solid.

On defense, Peppers will only help, along with the maturing of the rest of the defensive backs. Our linebackers will be stronger.There will be more depth everywhere. I do expect we'll lose several games next year, but I'm looking forward to facing Ohio more than I have for a long time.

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That's an interesting hidden point. If Florida would be so quick triggered, Coach Meyer would hire Mus in a nano sec, and Ohio would be nearly sixties level Woody Hayes unstoppable in MHO.

I really hope this was a big wake up call for this team, staff and athletic department. That kind of play, heart and effort and we still fall short...what more does it take to get over the hump?

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Michigan is going to win.

A year from now on this day, November 30, 2014, we will be celebrating & reflecting on a Michigan win in columbus.

First win there since 2000. It's going to happen. Bookmark this page.


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I agree with you and it's not just hope.  Cutting right to the bottom line Michigan will be better at almost every position next year and Ohio will not.  It's a shame M didn't win today because that was a monumental effort the likes of which we haven't seen going back to at least the Cap One vs. Florida (and Meyer), and probably further back than that.  Today was a coming of age for the O-Line and they will be better next year even with replacing the tackles.

Also, the Meyer superior-coach meme should be shut down for now.  That may be the biggest surprise of the day.


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"364 more days 'til next year's hockey try-outs. Gotta toughen up!"

But seriously, I can't remember Michigan facing, in my time (earliest memory '97 season), a tougher running back than Hyde. Sure, they faced some high NFL draft picks. I already have plans of picking Hyde in next years fantasy draft.

Hyde is gone. Nobody will be able to fill his shoes. The dude is the RB-equivalent of Shaq.


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Even though today wasn't close to being Al Borges' "fault," he will still be this year's sacrificial lamb.  So, next year will be dependent upon who gets brought in as OC.  If David Brandon wants to see a great example of "downhill running," maybe he should look at Ohio's last drive out of the spread and say, "why can't we get one of those here at Michigan?"


November 30th, 2013 at 9:53 PM ^

That is to say, I hope Borges remains. It would be wrong to cut him (or Funk, for that matter) before next year at the earliest. If, with next year's brutal schedule, Michigan should win at least 9 games, with at least one of those wins being against Ohio or MSU, he should get another year. I don't think it is fair to judge Hoke (or Borges, or Funk, or Mattison) prior to 2015. If they all are allowed to stay, we're going to see some wonderful things happening as we go forward.