2010 in-state DT Jonathan Hankins - could Hoke and Co. convince him to transfer?

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The former coaching staff F-ed up this one by not offering the kid until December.

He had some nice offers too from schools like Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma and Wisky, but chose tsio in the end

I don't believe he redshirted his freshman year, which means that if tOSU gets a 3 year bowl ban, he'd be eligible to transfer without sitting out a year.

Lots of speculation and assumptions in this post, I know, but if the NCAA drops the hammer on tOSU, what are the chances the current coaching staff could lure him back to his home state?





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Hankins played pretty extensively last year - even against us.  He looked fat and slow, but the fact that he got significant playing time for such a good defense says a lot.  Highly unlikely that we will go after him if allowed because our casual approach to interior DT recruiting makes me think that Mattison and Hoke like what they see in Q and Ash.  Also he might run afoul of the Big Ten rule of no scholarships for transfers within the conference (Boren paid his way) unless the NCAA penalties waive that clause.


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Actually, when the NCAA allowed USC's juniors and seniors to transfer without penalty, they also allowed other teams to initiate contact. But the Big 10 would almost certainly keep their rules requiring intraconference transfers to pay tuition in place.

Hankins is probably RR's biggest recruiting screw up.


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  • "The second school would have to submit a waiver asking to waive the year in residence, but NCAA rules allow for this waiver to be granted if a student-athlete's first school has a postseason ban in their sport," NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said in an e-mail to ESPN's Joe Schad.

    The rule does not apply to freshmen who have signed national letters of intent, however. But schools with an interest in a USC junior or senior are allowed to initiate contact with the player, Osburn said.

    With one rather large caveat. A USC official told ESPNLosAngeles.com on Thursday the Pac-10 would not waive the one-year transfer ineligibility rule in this case. This means, effectively, USC players won't transfer within the conference. A Pac-10 official confirmed the stipulation to the Seattle Times on Friday.




Kiffin probably did go nuts, but the NCAA said it was ok.


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Needs is right. It's all coming back to me know.

What happened at USC was that after the ban hammer cam down, some schools supposedly contacted Dillon Baxter, which was against the rules since the NCAA only initiated a 2-year bowl ban, meaning that only juniors and seniors were eligible to transfer.

Since Baxter was only a freshman, it was a violation of the rules for schools to contact him.

And if I recall, it turned out that Baxter was a little attention whore and made that all up, and that no schools ever actually contacted him.



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He would have gotten offered if he did well at camp.  Instead he came to camp fat and out of shape, and Pace made him look very average.


Assuming that is all true, I think the staff handled it fine.


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would ever try to convince a kid to transfer, but if Hankins wanted to already hoke would consider him. Marell Evans had a similar situation, he didn't come to Michigan to play under RR so he left. When RR was gone he came back. Hankins might not want to stay if Tressel isn't his coach.


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...Marell Evans' transfer from Michigan was for personal reasons and had nothing to do with the coaching change.  I believe he may have even started in the opener against Utah in RR's first game at Michigan. I am also fairly certain that he decided to return and was set to be a Wolverine again before RR was fired. 


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that if he transferred from OSU to Michigan he'd have to pay his own way, B1G schools don't allow transfers with Scholarships, which is why Justin Mr. Plow Boren had to pay his own way at OSU



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Not anymore... I hope im not in the minority but I don't want anyone from tOSU to come play for M a la Boren or under any circumstances.

Besides how do you think he would come in from a culture like tOSU to one like Michigan where Hoke doesn't even acknowledge them past the State name. I think Hankins would feel much out of place with his new teammates if this were to ever transpire.


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I'm pretty sure there is a rule in the Big Ten in which players that transfer from one Big Ten school can transfer to another Big Ten school but that they would have to pay for the tuition out of their own pocket.

I guess it's possible that with upcoming sanctions that that could change but I don't see why it would.

So, if he would have to pay his own way to go to Michigan or instead go to a school in another conference for free, I'm gonna side with going to another school on the assumption that most people would rather go somewhere for free than pay for it.  Of course, this is assuming he wouldn't want to finish his career off at Ohio and the sanctions you mentioned come to fruition.


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He would have to pay his way, and also IIRC he was from Southeastern, wich isn't as friendly towards us, I think he was a longshot and with UM not offering earlier we had no chance, I still don't think he liked UM very much anyways


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And his h.s. coaches still sabotaged his recruitment. He was going anywhere BUT Michigan - and the negative recruiting by the high school coach ensured that. He was told he would be watched closely throughout the season for an offer as a result of his being able to barely complete 4 reps in a row I believe it was, and when he got offered his coach was in his ear telling him to consider the late offer as a form of disrespect.

No, the Michigan coaches didn't "F" up anything. He struggled to complete 4 reps (allegedly he had an injured...ankle?), was told hey, we see some potential but we'd like to be sure so we're going to watch you this season, they watched, they offered.


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Yeah, the offer came late for a reason, there were questions about his conditioning, and the OSU offer came late too (as all of his big offers) everybody was kinda waiting, he has been playing good tough, but he wasn't highly regarded nor heavily recruited

His Dudeness

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Hankins wasn't offered early because he showed up out of shape to camp. The staff told him to shape up and he would get his offer. Apparently he didn't shape up to the Michigan Coaching Staff's expectations and thusly wasn't offered until much later.

I respect the ability of our coaching staff to know what to expect out of a kid in order to get an offer.

Perhaps the non-early offer by Michigan is what actually what propelled him to his current success?

Bottom line you don't know as much as you think you do about Hankins, our former coaching staff, the Hankins offer situation or the timing of said offer.

Also, Hoke, Rodriguez, Carr, etc. would never go to another university to actively try to snipe their players. It's bush as fuck.

This post is kind of terrible. No offense.


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You mean, pull a Brian Kelly?  (At least, he was accused of doing this when he was at Grand Valley.  I don't know if there was merit to it or not.)  I'll pass.  Another school's players aren't free agents.


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he probably has a tat and for that matter ... What.  See yah.  This kid is long gone and will be well replaced.  I'm trying to comprehnd why someone would even consider this viable.  wow