Michigan Depth By Class: 2012 Edition Comment Count

Brian February 2nd, 2012 at 10:24 PM

The Depth Chart By Class has been updated for the upcoming season, and with it comes the annual front page posting. This is that. If you see something wrong and you have 500+ points you can hit that page up and fix it yourself. It's like U-Scan.


Position Incoming
(c/o 2016)
(c/o 2015)
(c/o 2014)
(c/o 2013)
(c/o 2012)
QB (3 + 0) S. Morris

R. Bellomy*

  D. Gardner D. Robinson
RB (7 -2)  

J. Hayes*
D. Johnson
D. Norfleet

T. Rawls F. Toussaint* M. Cox*
V. Smith
FB (2 + 0)   W. Kerridge#*
  S. Hopkins  
WR (5 - 1)  

A. Darboh
J. Chesson

J. Robinson*

J. Jackson

R. Roundtree*

Slot (3 - 1)       J. Gallon*
D. Dileo
T. Robinson*
TE (4 - 1)  


R. Miller*


B. Moore*

OT (5 - 0)  

B. Braden
E. Magnuson
K. Kalis

  M. Schofield*
T. Lewan*
OG (5 - 3)   C. Bryant*
B. Bars
    P. Omameh*
R. Barnum*
E. Mealer*
C (2 - 1)   J. Miller*     R. Khoury*
DT (5 - 1)  

C. Wormley
W. Henry

K. Wilkins*

Q.Washington* W. Campbell
NT (2 - 0)   O. Pipkins R. Ash*  


SDE (3 + 0)  

C. Rock*
M. Godin
T. Strobel

  N. Brink*#


WDE (6 - 1)


K. Heitzman*
M. Ojemudia

F. Clark J. Black
I. Bell*
C. Roh
SLB (4 + 0)    

J. Ryan*
J. Paskorz*
B. Beyer

C. Gordon*  
MLB (4 - 1)  

J. Bolden

  M. Jones*

K. Demens*

WLB (5 - 1)  

A. Poole*
K. Ringer
J. Ross

D.Morgan   B. Hawthorne
CB (7 - 1)  

T. Richardson

D. Hollowell
R. Taylor
C. Avery
T. Talbott

JT Floyd*

FS (4 + 1) D. Thomas

J. Wilson

J. Furman*

T. Gordon*

SS (4 - 1)  

T. Carter*


M. Robinson

J. Kovacs*
P/K (3 + 0)     M. Wile B. Gibbons*
W. Hagerup

projected starters in bold, returning starters in italics.
redshirts denoted with *, walkons with #.

Allotted: 83

Seniors: 16.

Recruits: Pending the potential additions of Kozan and Diamond, 18 slots are open. There are a couple of fourth-year juniors who may not get renewed; Nate Brink may be in line for the Kovacs upgrade.

Latest Update: 2/2/2012 update for the 2012 season. Goodbye, seniors.



February 3rd, 2012 at 12:27 AM ^

I might just be really confused, but shouldn't it be projected starters in italics, returning starters in bold (Pipkins and Miller are italicized)?

EDIT: or just make Pipkins and Miller bolded. My sadly low MGoPoint total prevents me from fixing this and any minor errors.


February 3rd, 2012 at 12:19 AM ^

Brian is projecting that we aren't going to start anybody on the defensive line!!! Ahhh, I'm nervous about what sort of scheme Mattison is utilizing!!

Yes, Jim Parsons, this is sarcasm...


February 3rd, 2012 at 3:27 AM ^

Isaiah Bell at WDE?  The enigmatic Mr. Bell arises in a strange position.

Other notes/opinions that are of course merely conjecture at this point:

Heitzman more likely at SDE - if not moved to TE..... however the other "Z" (Paskorz) should definitely move to TE as he is buried at SLB.

I know they keep listing Wilkins as a DT but he seems more like a SDE.

T. Carter a bit light for SS - see him more as a FS - or switch to corner  where he played in HS since we struck out on Reeves.

RJS will likely wind up at SLB but for now he was recruited to the middle slots so yeah.

BWC more likely a NT than DT?  Hard to imagine just Pee Wee and Ash at the nose.

OL:  Kalis at Guard  and Bars at center (Unless we get Kozan ?!)



February 3rd, 2012 at 5:44 AM ^

It would be helpful to show which Fr players are projected to redshirt - may be a @ after the name? We can then update the projections as players burn their redshirts in maddeningly unanticipitated ways.


February 3rd, 2012 at 6:07 AM ^

Seeing the positions laid out like this really makes the holes apparent.  It looks like it will take another two years or so to build up to a point where Michigan has every position filled with enough players to rotate and back up. We are in desperate need of more centers, guards, and tight ends.

San Diego Mick

February 3rd, 2012 at 6:13 AM ^

Gives us a picture of where things potentially stand.

What I'm interested in is what attrition might we see after the spring practice or even fall camp, I gotta believe there are some guys who want to see where they stand and might have to make a life decision to transfer if it's what's best for them.


February 3rd, 2012 at 8:39 AM ^

Same gaping holes in the middle classes, and you need TWO of them.  Obviously position changes and what not, but still... RR=fail on this front.  You can tell from the NSD presser that this in particular really grinds Brady's ass.

"C'mon, fergodsakes, the game is won or lost up front.  Eight scholarship lineman...fergodsakes!"  (This is funnier if you imagine Pipkins saying it in his Hoke voice.)

I believe that the coaches will get this fixed.  2012 signees are a huge step in that direction.  Hoping 2013 NSD patches it completely.


February 3rd, 2012 at 10:16 AM ^


  Hey, just wondering what do the numbers next to the positions mean i.e.

  FB (2+0), SDE (3+0)

I assume its the total # of people at the position and then how many people we are losing (senior Roundtree leaving, -1) or gaining (high school recruit Shane Morris coming in, +1)

but then the fullback numbers (will have 3 fullbacks listed) and SDE numbers (we have 4 total SDEs) throw me off 

Any help appreciated, Thanks