Basketball Depth Chart By Class

Basketball Depth Chart By Class

Submitted by Seth on January 11th, 2018 at 4:44 PM

As requested by DualThreat:


Pos Commits Freshmen
(c/o 2022)
(c/o 2021)
(c/o 2020)
(c/o 2019)
PG (3)   D.DeJulius E.Brooks Z.Simpson  
SG (2)   A.Nunez J.Poole    
SF (2) J. Wilson I.Brazdeikis   C.Matthews*  
PF (2)   B.Johns I.Livers    
C (3)   C.Castleton A.Davis* J.Teske  
Total 1 5 4 3 0

projected starters in bold, returning starters in italics.
walk-ons denoted with # unless they've clearly graduated from that distinction,
         redshirts denoted with *, currently redshirting denoted with (R)
links take you to articles that player is tagged in

Allotted: 12/13 

Recruits: 1

Depth Chart By Class 2016

Depth Chart By Class 2016 Comment Count

Brian January 5th, 2016 at 11:05 AM

Hello. Every year we prune the seniors and bump everybody up a year to maintain our overview of the Michigan roster. It lives under the "Useful Stuff" tab and is a wiki page editable by anyone with 500 points. Note that early-enrollee commits have already been moved into the "freshmen" column since they're on campus with the exception of Brandon Peters, who will arrive as soon as he's done with the Army game.

Ed-S: Now with mouseovers! Hold your mouse over each name to get the latest height, weight, and player he most would resemble if he totally pans out.* Click takes you to his recruiting profile, or if that's not available his Hello: post.




(c/o 2020)
(c/o 2019)
(c/o 2018)
(c/o 2017)

A. Malzone*
Z. Gentry*
B. Peters

W. Speight*

S. Morris*
J. O'Korn*


K. Enis

K. Davis
K. Walker

K. Higdon

T. Isaac*  
W. Shallman*

D. Johnson*
D. Green
D. Smith

H. Poggi*


B. Hawkins

A. Mitchell

D. Harris*      
M. Ways*

J. Dukes*

A. Darboh*
J. Chesson*


C. Evans
N. Johnson


G. Perry

  D. Jones

TJ Wheatley*
S. McKeon

I. Bunting*   

K. Hill*

J. Butt


E. Swenson
D. Hamilton

N. Ulizio*

G. Newsome

M. Cole

E. Magnuson*


B. Bredeson
M. Onwenu


D. Dawson*

K. Kalis*
B. Braden*
B. Bars*

  J. Runyan Jr*  

P. Kugler*

J. Elliott   B. Pallante*  

M. Godin*
T. Strobel*
W. Henry*


B. Mone*

M. Hurst Jr.* R. Glasgow*
R. Weaver S.Johnson*     C. Wormley*

R. Johnson

C. Kemp

L. Marshall*


T. Charlton

        A. Gant*

D. Johnson
D. Gil

R. Jones*
D. Bush Jr.
N. Furbush*
J. Wangler*
C. Winovich*
M. McCray*

B. Gedeon


S.P. Scott

K. Washington*

B. Watson*

R. Dawson*
F. Canteen

J. Lewis
C. Stribling
J. Clark*

J. Metellus B. Cole*     D. Thomas

J. Peppers*   
T. Kinnel


D. Hill

  A. David*   S. Sypniewski* K. Allen*#
23 10 17 16 26

projected starters in bold, returning starters in italics.
walk-ons denoted with # unless they've clearly graduated from that distinction,
redshirts denoted with *, burned redshirts for freshman with !.

Allotted: 92/85

Walk-Ons Or Scholarship Players: Ryan Glasgow is assumed to be on scholarship, as are all three specialists. That latter may be incorrect.

Recruits: 16 plus attrition

Latest Updates:

1/1 – updated for 2016

Like "YMRMFSPA" in this site's recruiting profiles, it doesn't say Kaleb Ringer is Sam Sword or even that we think he's a future Sam Sword, just that if he were to reach the outer bounds of reasonable expectation a senior starting Ringer may resemble Sword. For most the original recruiting YMRMFSPA is listed, though I've updated many of the upperclassmen to reflect renewed expectations.


Your First Harbaugh Depth Chart

Your First Harbaugh Depth Chart Comment Count

Brian August 31st, 2015 at 5:41 PM

Via a Utah beat writer. I put it in a table. Returning starters are bolded.


Position First Second Third
QB Jake Rudock OR
Shane Morris
Alex Malzone OR
Wilton Speight
RB De'Veon Smith Derrick Green OR
Ty Isaac
Karan Higdon OR
Ross Taylor-Douglas
FB Joe Kerridge Sione Houma OR
Henry Poggi
TE Jake Butt Khalid Hill OR
AJ Williams
Ian Bunting
WR Amara Darboh OR
Drake Harris
Mo Ways  
WR Jehu Chesson OR
Grant Perry
Brian Cole  
LT Mason Cole Logan Tuley-Tillman  
LG Ben Braden David Dawson  
C Graham Glasgow Patrick Kugler Ben Pliska
RG Kyle Kalis Juwan Bushell-Beatty  
RT Eric Magnuson Blake Bars  


Position First Second Third
DE Willie Henry Taco Charlton  
NT Ryan Glasgow Maurice Hurst  
DT Chris Wormley OR
Matt Godin
BUCK Mario Ojemudia Royce Jenkins-Stone Lawrence Marshall
ILB Desmond Morgan Ben Gedeon Mike McCray
ILB Joe Bolden James Ross  
OLB James Ross Allen Gant  
CB Jourdan Lewis Jeremy Clark  
CB Channing Stribling Brandon Watson  
FS Jarrod Wilson Delano Hill  
SS Jabrill Peppers Dymonte Thomas OR
Wayne Lyons

Special Teams

Position First Second Third
K Kenny Allen OR
Kyle Seychel
P Kenny Allen OR
Blake O'Neill
LS Scott Sypniewski Andrew Robinson  
H Blake O'Neill OR
Jake Rudock
KO Kenny Allen OR
Kyle Seychel
KR Jehu Chesson OR
Jabrill Peppers
Grant Perry  
PR Jehu Chesson OR
Jabrill Peppers
Grant Perry  

Quick react

Uh, what? Part one. Willie Henry, strongside end, with Wormley back at DT. On the one hand, Henry has a lot of grrr arrgh pass rush upside. On the other, I thought he was better suited on the interior than Wormley for the reasons I posted today.

Uh, what? Part two. Channing Stribling is listed as the starter opposite Jourdan Lewis. This is odd for a number of reasons. One: Stribling didn't get a call last year even when Gary Nova was going off on Blake Countess. Two: we have heard nothing about him in about a year. Three: they moved Jeremy Clark to corner, and the assumption was that maybe that was not so much a good sign for Stribling.

If this is real, and all depth charts have to be looked at somewhat skeptically, I'm actually rather happy. Stribling looked about as good as Lewis as a freshman before evaporating.

Okay dot gif. The OR at QB. On the other hand, Smith had enough of the starting RB job that they didn't give him one at one of the most OR-tastic spots on the roster.

Poggi at FB. Weird. 266, reputed to be an inline blocking TE. Expected Hill and Poggi to be flipped. Good that Hill's done enough this fall to catch Harbaugh's eye.

No Drake Johnson. Still recovering from injury.

Grant Perry realness check. Good sign for his jitter and reliability that he's an option on returns.

The sweetest or. OR Drake Harris. I want to believe.

Ross an ILB backup and OLB starter. An indication that he will get snaps in the nickel.


Michigan Reveals Current Depth Chart

Michigan Reveals Current Depth Chart Comment Count

Ace August 25th, 2014 at 11:18 AM

Dance if you're the starting slot receiver.

Michigan released their game notes for Appalachian State, and they contain the depth chart as it stands right now. Keep in mind that OL Graham Glasgow (suspension), TE Jake Butt (knee), and S Delano Hill (jaw) are omitted—Hill is the only one of the three who could potentially be cleared for action by Saturday.

Pos First Second Third
QB D. Gardner S. Morris  
RB D. Green D. Smith D. Johnson OR
J. Hayes
FB J. Kerridge S. Houma  
WR D. Funchess A. Darboh  
WR J. Chesson F. Canteen  
Slot D. Norfleet B. Dever  
TE A.J. Williams K. Hill  
LT M. Cole E. Magnuson  
LG E. Magnuson K. Bosch  
C J. Miller P. Kugler  
RG J. Burzynski OR
K. Bosch
K. Kalis  
RT B. Braden L. Tuley-Tillman  
Pos First Second Third
SDE B. Beyer T. Charlton  
NT R. Glasgow B. Mone OR
O. Pipkins
DT W. Henry M. Godin  
WDE F. Clark M. Ojemudia  
MLB J. Ryan OR
D. Morgan
M. McCray  
WLB J. Bolden OR
D. Morgan
B. Gedeon  
SLB R. Jenkins-Stone OR
J. Ross
A. Gant  
FS J. Wilson A. J. Pearson  
SS J. Clark D. Thomas  
CB B. Countess T. Richardson OR
C. Stribling
CB R. Taylor OR
J. Lewis
Nickel J. Peppers D. HOLLOWELL  
Pos First Second Third
P W. Hagerup M. Wile  
K M. Wile K. Allen  
PR J. Peppers D. Norfleet  
KR D. Norfleet J. Hayes  
LS S. Sypniewski A. Robinson  
H K. Allen S. Morris  

[Overanalysis section, after the jump]


The Depth Chart Has Been Photographed

The Depth Chart Has Been Photographed Comment Count

Brian August 26th, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Advanced technology is on the loose:


click for small

Depth charts are always a combination of reality, politics, and the cracked-out fantasies of low-level AD staffers, but there's information to mine so mine we will:

Starting line. Not a surprise, but it's Lewan-Glasgow-Miller-Kalis-Schofield. Depth chart world second team is Braden-Bryant-Burzynski-Bars-Magnuson. In the real world it's Bryant for any interior OL and Braden for any tackle.

Asterisks. Injury asterisks accompany Courtney Avery, Jordan Paskorz, Wyatt Shallman and Jake Ryan. Ryan is obvious. Avery was spotted at the Mott practice on the sideline working with Wellman. He didn't seem to be too obviously hurt, according to reports. Paskorz is the broken hand guy we thought might be Strobel.

Avery's injury is the most worrisome since the other guys were either known or going to be fringe contributors at most. Avery was pressing to start at safety.

Raymon Taylor has fended 'em off. No OR for Taylor at LCB.

Open battle at SAM. Cam Gordon OR Brennen Beyer.

Blake Countess is your starting nickel for now. Michigan will fold him inside and play Taylor/Hollowell outside. I bet Thomas works his way into the starting lineup by midseason.

Folks not redshirting. Since Dymonte Thomas and Channing Stribling make the two-deep, you know they're playing. Jourdan Lewis is in an OR spot with Hollowell, so I'm guessing he plays as well. Jake Butt and Taco Charlton are obviously also playing.

I'm hoping that just because you're listed doesn't mean you're playing, because both freshman LBs are on there. I'd heard that Hill was probably headed for a redshirt so here's hoping.

If you say so. Jehu Chesson OR Jeremy Jackson. Derrick Green and De'Veon Smith behind all three older guys. Ryan Glasgow in front of Willie Henry.

That last one may just be plausible. The others…

No Gallon at PR. Dileo is your backup there, which yes.

UPDATE: Avery's out two weeks after a knee scope.


This Week's Obsession: Handicapping the Position Battles

This Week's Obsession: Handicapping the Position Battles Comment Count

Seth August 14th, 2013 at 10:38 AM


Weird line combinations and depth stuff have been coming out of practice. What should we believe, what's motivational, what's a boo boo, what's anything in this crazy world? We go under cover and bring you the NEWS that HITS the HARDEST (at least until Jake Ryan returns, because he hits harder than our news). The staff:

  • Brian Woodward
  • Seth Bernstein
  • Ace Bradlee
  • Heiko Felt, Sr.
  • Blue in South Katherine Graham
  • Watergathlete
  • Deep Throw

And the question:

Heiko and I have been arguing about this on gchat and I thought I'd bring it to the team. We want to know where you think there are real positional battles going on right now, and how you're handicapping them. For example:

Center: 55% Glasgow, 40% Miller, 5% Kugler
SAM: 85% Gordon, 15% Beyer
Norfleet: 100% Norfleet, 400% Norfleet, Norfleet% Norfleet.

Mathlete: Shouldn't it be Norfleet: 75% Slot, 20% RB, 5% DB, 100% Awesome?

Ace: The lineup seems refreshingly settled at most spots (hooray depth!); the only positions I see having real competition are tailback, outside receiver, center, and strongside linebacker, though it'll be interesting to see if there are any surprises in the defensive backfield with the return of Blake Countess and Dymonte Thomas's potential early impact at nickel. I'm operating under the assumption that Keith Heitzman earns the nod at SDE and Jibreel Black starts at three-tech with Chris Wormley playing a key role as a backup.

Starting from the top, we've discussed the running back battle ad nauseam; Fitz Toussaint should start against CMU and Derrick Green will push for more and more carries as the season wears on. I'll go 99% Toussaint (barring injury) and a 1% chance that Dennis Norfleet gets the season's first carry as Al Borges epically trolls Brian.

[Surprising (and probably meaningless) revelations and scandal, minus the scandal, after the jump]


Michigan Depth By Class: 2012 Edition

Michigan Depth By Class: 2012 Edition Comment Count

Brian February 2nd, 2012 at 10:24 PM

The Depth Chart By Class has been updated for the upcoming season, and with it comes the annual front page posting. This is that. If you see something wrong and you have 500+ points you can hit that page up and fix it yourself. It's like U-Scan.


Position Incoming
(c/o 2016)
(c/o 2015)
(c/o 2014)
(c/o 2013)
(c/o 2012)
QB (3 + 0) S. Morris

R. Bellomy*

  D. Gardner D. Robinson
RB (7 -2)  

J. Hayes*
D. Johnson
D. Norfleet

T. Rawls F. Toussaint* M. Cox*
V. Smith
FB (2 + 0)   W. Kerridge#*
  S. Hopkins  
WR (5 - 1)  

A. Darboh
J. Chesson

J. Robinson*

J. Jackson

R. Roundtree*

Slot (3 - 1)       J. Gallon*
D. Dileo
T. Robinson*
TE (4 - 1)  


R. Miller*


B. Moore*

OT (5 - 0)  

B. Braden
E. Magnuson
K. Kalis

  M. Schofield*
T. Lewan*
OG (5 - 3)   C. Bryant*
B. Bars
    P. Omameh*
R. Barnum*
E. Mealer*
C (2 - 1)   J. Miller*     R. Khoury*
DT (5 - 1)  

C. Wormley
W. Henry

K. Wilkins*

Q.Washington* W. Campbell
NT (2 - 0)   O. Pipkins R. Ash*  


SDE (3 + 0)  

C. Rock*
M. Godin
T. Strobel

  N. Brink*#


WDE (6 - 1)


K. Heitzman*
M. Ojemudia

F. Clark J. Black
I. Bell*
C. Roh
SLB (4 + 0)    

J. Ryan*
J. Paskorz*
B. Beyer

C. Gordon*  
MLB (4 - 1)  

J. Bolden

  M. Jones*

K. Demens*

WLB (5 - 1)  

A. Poole*
K. Ringer
J. Ross

D.Morgan   B. Hawthorne
CB (7 - 1)  

T. Richardson

D. Hollowell
R. Taylor
C. Avery
T. Talbott

JT Floyd*

FS (4 + 1) D. Thomas

J. Wilson

J. Furman*

T. Gordon*

SS (4 - 1)  

T. Carter*


M. Robinson

J. Kovacs*
P/K (3 + 0)     M. Wile B. Gibbons*
W. Hagerup

projected starters in bold, returning starters in italics.
redshirts denoted with *, walkons with #.

Allotted: 83

Seniors: 16.

Recruits: Pending the potential additions of Kozan and Diamond, 18 slots are open. There are a couple of fourth-year juniors who may not get renewed; Nate Brink may be in line for the Kovacs upgrade.

Latest Update: 2/2/2012 update for the 2012 season. Goodbye, seniors.


Your 2011 Two Deep

Your 2011 Two Deep Comment Count

Brian August 29th, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Released in the depths of the WMU game notes:

Pos First Second Third
QB D. Robinson D. Gardner
M. Shaw OR
F. Toussaint
V. Smith S. Hopkins
FB J. McColgan S. Watson
WR 1 J. Hemingway K. Grady J. Jackson
WR 2 R. Roundtree J. Gallon M. Odoms
TE K. Koger B. Moore S. Watson
LT T. Lewan M. Schofield  
LG R. Barnum E. Mealer  
C D. Molk R. Khoury  
RG P. Omameh E. Mealer  
RT M. Huyge M. Schofield  
Pos First Second Third

W. Heininger

N. Brink
NT M. Martin W. Campbell
DT R. Van Bergen Q. Washington
WDE C. Roh J. Black F. Clark
MLB K. Demens J.B. Fitzgerald

M. Evans

WLB M. Jones B. Herron B. Hawthorne,
D. Morgan
SLB C. Gordon J. Ryan B. Beyer
SS T. Gordon C. Johnson J. Furman
FS J. Kovacs M. Robinson
CB1 T. Woolfolk B. Countess G. Brown

C. Avery OR
JT Floyd

T. Anderson
Pos First Second Third
P M. Wile OR
S. Broekhuizen
K B. Gibbons OR
M. Wile
PR J. Hemingway OR
D. Dileo OR
J. Gallon OR
M. Odoms
KR J. Gallon K. Grady V. Smith


  • Heininger didn't get the memo that Brink was the walk-on who was supposed to start at SDE. Seriously, Hoke said point blank he would start.
  • Will Campbell is back at one tech?
  • Martavious Odoms is way down the depth chart.
  • That horrible, horrible OR at K.
  • Freshmen who made it on: Beyer, Clark, Morgan, Brown, and Countess
  • Hopefully Barnum's presence means his injury isn't significant.
  • Somewhat surprising that Mike Jones managed to hold on to the starting WLB job without so much as an OR. Seems like we've heard about everyone save him.


Michigan's Depth By Class, 2011

Michigan's Depth By Class, 2011 Comment Count

Brian February 2nd, 2011 at 4:35 PM

This is the front-page version of the post that lives in the "useful stuff" tab updated for 2011. Since Hoke announced Michigan would be running a shifted 4-3 I've changed the defensive depth chart to reflect what's likely to happen in spring. Defensive ends have been split into strong and weakside positions and Ryan Van Bergen has been moved back into the DT row on the assumption Michigan's starting DL reads Black-Martin-Van Bergen-Roh next year. Large sections of the secondary are wild-ass guesses we won't get resolution on until Spring.

Right now Michigan has 16 slots for the 2011 class and two players who are obvious candidates to not get fifth years, so with normal attrition they'll be in the mid-twenties again next year.

As far as the end result of The Process: Michigan is two scholarships short pending tomorrow's Willingham commitment, which right now looks like it won't go M's way. In addition, they're carrying Mike Williams—a likely medical redshirt—and at least two more players who could have not gotten fifth years after graduating this spring. Michigan forewent up to five additional recruits thanks to the awkward timing of The Process. They didn't sock themselves with USC scholarship penalties—they socked themselves with half of USC's scholarship penalties.



Position Incoming
(c/o 2015)
(c/o 2014)
(c/o 2013)
(c/o 2012)
(c/o 2011)
QB (3 + 0)

D. Gardner*
R. Bellomy

D. Robinson  
RB (8 - 1)   J. Hayes
T. Rawls
F. Toussaint*
S. Hopkins
M. Cox*
V. Smith
T. Jones
M. Shaw
FB (0)   Kerridge#     McColgan*#
WR (8 - 3) R. Miller*
J. Robinson*
D. Williamson*
J. Jackson

J. Stokes

J Hemingway*
D. Stonum
M. Odoms
Slot (5 - 1)   J. Gallon*
D. Dileo
R. Roundtree*
T. Robinson*
K. Grady*
TE (2 - 1)  

C. Barnett

B. Moore* K. Koger
OT (4 - 1) T. Posada M. Schofield*
T. Lewan*
M. Huyge*
OG (4 + 0)   C. Bryant P. Omameh*
R. Barnum*
E. Mealer*
C (4 -1) C. Pace*
J. Miller
R. Khoury*  D. Molk*
DT (6 - 2)  

T. Talbott*
R. Ash*

Q.Washington* W. Campbell M. Martin
R. VanBergen*
SDE (3 + 0)

K. Wilkins*
C. Rock 

J. Black W. Heininger*#
WDE (3 + 0)

J Paskorz*
B. Beyer
K. Heitzman

C. Roh S. Watson*
LB (12 - 2) J. Ryan*
K. Jones
A. Poole
F. Clark
D. Morgan

M. Jones*
I. Bell*
C. Gordon*
B. Hawthorne*

K. Demens*  B. Herron*
JB Fitzgerald
K. Leach*#
CB (9 - 1)

G. Brown
R. Taylor

C. Avery
T. Talbott
C. Christian
JT Floyd* T. Woolfolk*
SS (6 - 1)   J. Furman* M. Robinson
T. Gordon*
C. Johnson
J. Kovacs*
F. Simmons#
M. Williams*
FS (2 + 0)  

T. Carter

R. Vinopal

P/K (3 + 0)   M. Wile B. Gibbons*
W. Hagerup

projected starters in bold, returning starters in italics.
redshirts denoted with *, walkons with #.

Allotted: 83  (Counting Kovacs and Grady as a scholarship players)

Seniors: 14.

Recruits: Right now Michigan has 16 scholarships. There are two redshirt juniors who may not get fifth years if Michigan finds it needs a little wiggle room: Terrance Robinson and Mike Cox.

Latest Update: 2/2/11 – Updated for 2011.


Michigan Depth Chart by Class

Michigan Depth Chart by Class

Submitted by Brian on September 15th, 2010 at 8:42 PM

JpEd-S: Now with mouseovers! Hold your mouse over each name to get the latest height, weight, and player he most would resemble if he totally pans out.* Click takes you to his recruiting profile, or if that's not available his Hello: post.