Friday Night Lights 2010: 10-26

Submitted by Tim on October 26th, 2010 at 3:32 PM

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MI DE/LB Brennen Beyer

Last week: Plymouth defeated Adrian 48-7. I was there, so enjoy some MGoBlog original video:

Beyer had 2 catches for 50 yards (and another 29-yarder, a would-be touchdown, called back on an illegal formation penalty). Defensively, he had 3 QB hurries, 3 tackles (1 for loss), and a pass deflection.


For scouting purposes, the video is only semi-useful. Adrian mostly stayed away from Beyer defensively until the game was out of reach, running to the opposite side of the field and rolling their quarterback out in that direction. On the other side of the ball, Plymouth was having no problem moving on the ground, so they didn't pass a whole lot.

The effort shown in the video is sometimes underwhelming, but the vast majority of the clips are from when the game was already in hand, so Beyer was taking it a little easier to avoid injury.

One thing that I noticed in this game (that I hadn't noticed last time I saw Brennen play) is that he has a pretty odd physique, with short legs but a very long torso. I'm no scout, so I can't tell you how that translates to defensive end at the next level (I would guess it's a good thing), but it does make him look a little funny running routes as a WR.

This week: The 7-2 Wildcats host Saline in Round 1 of the State Playoffs on Saturday at 1pm.

FL RB Demetrius Hart

Last Week: Dr Phillips beats Oak Ridge 56-28.

Dee Hart scored four touchdowns for the Panthers (7-0, 3-0 in 6A, Dist. 6) and Nick Patti threw for two touchdowns and ran for another. Hart finished with 120 yards on 20 carries.

That rushing performance takes Hart over 1,000 yards on the year. The article also included video:

Stats below from the Dr. Phillips website.

Demetrius Hart 2010
Game Rushing Receiving Returns
Opponent Result Att Yds TD Avg Rec Yds TD Avg Ret Yds TD Avg
Edgewater W 48-7 20 79 2 3.95 1 8 0 8.00 3 47 0 15.67
Osceola W 49-7 19 98 3 5.16 3 47 0 15.67 2 23 0 11.50
Olympia W 49-0 17 224 3 13.18 5 68 1 13.60 1 20 0 20.00
Cypress Creek W 52-0 14 168 4 12.00 1 7 0 7.00 3 24 0 8.00
Boone W 45-0 18 142 3 7.89 5 132 1 26.40 1 0 0 0.00
Evans W 62-6 8 178 3 22.25 1 5 0 5.00 3 57 0 19.00
Oak Ridge W 56-28 21 126 3 6.00 4 37 1 9.25 1 5 0 5.00
Totals 7-0 117 1015 18 8.68 20 304 2 15.20 14 176 0 12.57

This week: Dr. Phillips travels to Gateway on Friday at 7:30.

MI WR Shawn Conway

Last Week: In the season finale, Seaholm defeated rival Groves 21-7.

No mention of Conway in the game article, and Misopogon reported that Seaholm didn't even throw his way. [Ed-M: In the first half, during plays when a gaggle of teeny boppers weren't trying to shove past each other in front of me -- I missed plenty of plays]

Shawn Conway 2010
  Offense Special Teams
Opponent Result Rec Yds Avg. TD Ret Yds Avg.  
N Farmington W 26-6 4 32 8.00 1 3 137 45.67
Andover W 35-21 6 134 22.33 1 1 65 65.00
Lahser W 35-17 5 98 19.60 2 1 35 35.00
Country Day L 21-28 3 62 20.67 0 3 32 10.67
Avondale L 24-52       2      
Hazel Park L 10-30 2 7 3.50 0      
Berkley L 21-48 1 23 23.00 1      
Ferndale L 21-28 1 19 19.00 0 3 124 41.33
Groves W 21-7 0 0 0.00        
Totals 4-5 22 375 17.05 7 11 393 35.73

This week: Seaholm's season is over, with a 4-5 record. Conway finished the year with about 22 catches for 375 yards, and 11 kick/punt returns for 393 yards.

OH OL Jack Miller

Last week: St. John's defeated Toledo Waite 42-6.

This week: 8-1 St. John's travels to Toledo Central Catholic on Friday at 7.

FL OL Tony Posada

Last week: Plant defeated Alonso 34-7.

Plant offensive tackle Tony Posada sat for the first quarter on what Weiner termed a "coach's decision," and then was pulled from the game at halftime for precautionary reasons after tweaking the MCL in the right knee he recently came back from.

No word on the nature of the "coach's decision," but from the sounds of things it may have been injury-related.

This week: 6-2 Plant has a bye week. They'll face Chamberlain in a couple weeks.

MI OL Jake Fisher

Last week: In the regular season finale, TC West bested rival TC Central 51-42.

"What a redemption," defensive end Jake Fisher said. "It feels really good."

Video. Fisher also scored an interception in the game. The win lands TC West in the playoffs after a loss to Central in last year's finale left them with a sub-.500 record.

This week: 6-3 Traverse City West travels to (heavy favorite) Rockford in Round 1 of the State Playoffs on Friday at 7pm.

OH DE Chris Rock

Last week: DeSales falls to Cincinnati LaSalle 30-33. Rock got on the scoresheet by blocking a punt:

In the first half, DeSales leaned on its special teams. Midway through the first quarter, Chris Rock blocked a LaSalle punt, giving DeSales the ball on the 11-yard line

This week: 5-5 DeSales travels to Cleveland Benedictine on Saturday at 7pm.

TX LB Kellen Jones

Last week: St. Pius X beat Kelly 35-7 in a rematch of a game from earlier this year. Jones had 9 tackles, 2 for loss, and a sack, his coach tells Tom. Kellen's dad also e-mailed Tom a local news feature from earlier this season:

Kellen Jones 2010
Opponent Result Tackles TFL Sack FFum  
Trinity Christian W 33-7 11 5 1 0
Sealy L 7-56 13 3 0 2
Episcopal W 31-27 6 3 1 0
Worthing W 20-12 DNP - ankle
St. Thomas W 28-10 11 3 1 0
Kelly W 28-0 14 4 1 1
Houston Christian W 37-13 9 3 1 0
Kelly W35-7 9 2 1 0
Totals 7-1 73 23 6 3

This week: St. Pius rematches Houston Christian on Friday at 7:30.

OH CB/S Greg Brown

Last week: Fremont Ross defeated Lima Senior 28-3. Brown caught a touchdown:

Ross would get the ball back once again, as Kori Campbell would recover a fumble, and the Little Giants would cap the scoring with a 21-yard touchdown pass from Tyler Wolf to Greg Brown to put the game away.

The Fremont Ross Forum Blog has no mention of Brown.

This week: Ross hosts Sandusky Friday at 7:30.

MI CB Delonte Hollowell

Last week: Pregame fluff. Cass Tech blasted Detroit Crockett 41-7. Hollowell mention (for the first time this year?):

Crockett (8-1) threw a scare into Cass on its first play when it completed a double pass for 59 yards. Defensive back Delonte Hollowell, who committed to Michigan, caught receiver James White from behind.

“We had to ball up after that,” Hollowell said. “We were expecting them to give us competition but we came back hard.”

Next Week: The Technicians host Detroit Southeastern in Round 1 of the State Playoffs on Friday at 5. Cass Tech won the teams' previous meeting this season 42-0.

FL QB Kevin Sousa

Last week: Lake Nona had a bye week.

Kevin Sousa 2010
  Passing Rushing
Opponent Result Comp Att % Yds Yds/Att TD Int Rush Yds Yds/Att TD
Harmony L 17-50 17 39 43.59 256 6.56 2 0 15 184 12.27 0
Oak Ridge L 0-48 6 13 46.15 34 2.62 0 1 7 31 4.43 0
University L 21-59 9 24 37.50 151 6.29 2 3 9 67 7.44 1
Sebring L 7-41 8 17 47.06 126 7.41 1 4 ? 20   0
Lake Wales L 6-42 14 21 66.67 199 9.48 0 1 13 64 4.92 1
Auburndale L 31-35 13 20 65.00 197 9.85 3 0 17 150 8.82 1
Celebration W 34-14 14 26 53.83 247 9.50 2 1 16 131 8.19 1
Totals 1-6 81 160 50.63 1210 7.56 10 10 77 627 8.14 4

This week: Lake Nona visits Tenoroc on Friday at 7:00.



October 26th, 2010 at 10:39 PM ^

Pretty much all the songs in the video are from the Friday Night Lights (movie) soundtrack. The main song from the film (and in a lot of Tim's videos) is called "Your Hand In Mine". The artist to many if not all of the FNL soundtrack songs is a band from Texas called Explosions in the Sky.


October 26th, 2010 at 4:06 PM ^

Everybody has been talking about Dee Hart ever since the commitment (and for good reason, the kid's a beast), but my favorite recruit is Kellen Jones.  After watching that video I can't wait to see him in a Michigan jersey.  He seems like a natural leader with a great attitude, at a position of great need. 


October 26th, 2010 at 5:15 PM ^

But isn't he going to be an early enrollee? Our LBs might be starting their transformation into Legit Big Ten Athletes next year.

Roh - Jr.

Demens - RS Jr.

M. Jones - RS So. ( if he gets med. RS)

J.B Fitz - Sr.

Herron - Fifth year Sr.

Leach -  Fifth year Sr.

Now the wildcard players

K. Jones - Fr. - Early enrollee, will most likly be around 220lbs when the season starts, Should get some pt at some point in the year in certain packages.

A. Kinard - Fr. - year out of High School, early enrollee ( waiting for new SAT score)

J Furmen - RS Fr. (?) - Still not sure what they plan on doing with him ( S, Spur, Bandit, or move to LB ) but he'll see the field for sure. Also lets see if he starts having back problems too ( med. RS).

J. Ryan - RS Fr. (Still think this kids going to do good things, plus he'll be 15-20 lbs heavier)

I. Bell - RS So. (maybe he'll give at least a half attempt to learn the playbook or gain another 25 lbs and move to DE)

? - Any other surprise players/ incoming freshman.

Here are your athletes for next year Robinson, please do something with them and then maybe one day we can move Roh back to his true position at DE.


October 26th, 2010 at 4:08 PM ^

Hey I saw this kid last Friday play and he is amazing.  I was talking to him on kickoffs and he said only The Citadel was talking to him and maybe the service academies.  If he can get in to West Point he can probably get into Michigan.


FYI - I talked to him throughout the game as I was working at Back Judge and I talk to the kickers on kickoffs.


October 26th, 2010 at 4:20 PM ^

I may get a chance to see Jake Fisher as he faces Rockford, my alma mater. He should be challenged all game. I'd be shocked if this turns out to be a close game, but whatever. I'm really hoping that Cass Tech plays Rockford in the playoffs. I'd be interested to see what Hollowell can do against Rockford, although I don't think he'd be very challenged as Rockford is traditionally run-heavy. It would also be cool to see Brennen Beyer, but I don't see them getting past Canton, honestly. Could be some interesting matchups.

Section 1

October 26th, 2010 at 8:38 PM ^

And the ankle was clearly slowing down Conway.

First pass thrown to Conway was into heavy coverage.  I think the ball was tipped; anyway, Conway went up over two undersized d-backs but could not bring it down.  That one would have been exciting.  Marginally catchable ball.

Later in the first half, Seaholm hit Conway on a crossing route for about 13 yards.  In trying to make more out of it, Conway was tackled from behind by a guy he did not see, and the tackler fell on Conway's already-gimpy ankle.  Conway came out of the game at that point.

Conway came back in the second half to play a bit on both sides of the ball.  And playing corner, he had a pick on a desperation arm-punt late in the game.

He returned Groves' only two kickoffs for good yardage.  He looked good on the kick returns.  He was the punt returner as well; no real good chances there, with punts flying in all sorts of odd directions.

This is a bad-blood rivalry game for both schools; Seahlom's got some outstanding trash-talkers including, quite prominently, one Shawn Conway.


October 27th, 2010 at 9:10 AM ^

That ball was thrown to Conway? I remember it, but didn't remember Conway being the hint of maroon mashed between all that green.

We left mid-way through the 3rd because my brother's girlfriend was anxious to move on to pumpkin carving (and was embarrassed by my brother wearing his '99 seaholm varsity jacket).

Weird that there would be "bad blood" between these schools now. In my day, it was certainly a rivalry, but we (Groves) were definitely the little brother -- Seaholm played a division higher, had a big rivalry with Brother Rice. The basketball rivalry was more heated.

Section 1

October 27th, 2010 at 6:19 PM ^

This was weird, and funny, in a kind of uncomfortable way...

The Groves band was playing; they march from the South endzone, to the center of the field, playing the Groves fight song.  Then they stand, play some more music, and then the national anthem.

Anyway, just before the national anthem, while the Groves band was playing at midfield, Seahlom runs out onto the field, with their flag-bearer, and does a big jump-around thing on the Falcon in the middle of the field almost in the midst of the band.  It was one of the more punk things I have ever seen, short of the Buckeyes tearing down the M Club banner in the 1970's.  Anyway, the Groves PA announcer yells at Seaholm to get off the field.  Then, when Seaholm finally walks to their bench, the PA announcer tells Seaholm to "watch your manners; you're on our side of town now..." 

All that was before they even played the anthem.


October 28th, 2010 at 4:28 PM ^

Yes, but our side of town is closer to all the fast food restaurants.

Man I used to get such a laugh watching the Seaholm kids run into McDonalds 10 minutes behind us during lunch hour, grab their food, and bolt out the door at lightspeed to get back for class, while we sat in the corner and blew straw wrappers at each other.

And they had to do either that McDonalds or the Taco Bell on Southfield cause any further and there's no way back to school in time (not to mention the cops who would sit at the Lathrup Village/Birmingham border and snag the kids entering the 25 zone).

Really, I'm so not into the Groves/Seaholm rivalry. I have friends from both, and I went to elementary/middle school with all Seaholm people, and though i was a 4-year varsity athlete, that was in skiing, where the Seaholm coach would sometimes give us pointers because our coach was drinking in the bar.