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06/28/2018 - 7:38pm The fact that you believe…

The fact that you believe that says a lot about how much you’re actually paying attention. 

10/28/2017 - 9:05am Peter Principal

Not Murphy’s Law

10/24/2017 - 5:28pm Genetic makeup?

What in the world did that Mensa candidate mean by that, exactly?

10/21/2017 - 11:28pm Stick to sports


09/02/2017 - 12:38pm Miscount

Hey, Counterpunt, only one Pistons championship, sadly.

05/22/2017 - 2:23pm Aiming...

How do you specify that your donation is for Michigan?  Do you put "Michigan" in the "I want my donation to be dedicated" box?

I'm donating $27.24.  JT was short.

02/05/2017 - 9:20am Water is wet

Titanic sinks!

01/24/2017 - 8:42am Nope, same here. I think

Nope, same here. I think iTunes has been broken for this podcast for some time now.

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07/30/2016 - 9:58am When do practices start?

When do practices start?

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06/14/2016 - 1:25pm Little Brown Jug, dude.

Little Brown Jug, dude.

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11/23/2015 - 9:59am YOU'RE a fixation.

YOU'RE a fixation.

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11/07/2015 - 5:39pm b. No simulated replacements

b. No simulated replacements or substitutions may be used to confuse opponents. No tactic associated with substitutes or the substitution process may be used to confuse opponents (Rule 3-5-2-e) (A.R. 9-2-2-IVII).

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01/13/2015 - 12:11am Congrats OSU

On your 8th national title.  Only 3 more and you catch Michigan.  Go blue!

10/18/2011 - 8:10am "In fact, there is ZERO

"In fact, there is ZERO CHANCE that the coach told the kids to go out there and rip the face of Denard, or punch Lewan.. If you think he did, you are would cost him his job. Both teams come to play, and this is what happens.....Denard is our bread and butter, and players try to hurt each other...EVERY SINGLE PLAY. D'Antonio is a good coach, that hates Michigan, and will overlook some of the incidents, just as he has proven to do by reinstating players with criminal arrest records."

Two things:

By overlooking these incidents, and reinstating criminals onto the team, Dantonio implicitly tells the kids to go out there and rip faces off.  Hell, the defensive coordinator admitted as much.

Secondly, players don't try to hurt each other every single play.  There's never an intent to harm.  That's not part of the game.  That's why those actions are penalties.

10/17/2011 - 2:02pm This

I thought the same exact thing when I saw it.

10/17/2011 - 1:27pm Gimmick Offense

Good thing Auburn didn't run into a good defense last year to shut down their gimmick offense.

Better shut it down, kid.  Your ignorance is showing.

10/16/2011 - 12:51am They're Purdue

Historically, their program isn't much different than Purdue's.  The only reason we care is because of the proximity.  Do you know how much Illinois fans hate Michigan?  I met a graduate once and was shocked to find out the number one game they wanted to win every year was Michigan.

I'm annoyed that we lost again to MSU, but only because it means we're not to where we need to be yet.  I want to get back to the Michigan teams where MSU was just another game and we only had to worry about losing one or two games a year (of course, we always made 4 or 5 more interesting than they should have been).  But Hoke's recruiting.  We'll dry up their talent pipelines and we'll be back there.  In the meantime, Sparty, enjoy it while it lasts.

08/24/2011 - 1:59pm My take on this post

08/12/2011 - 12:47pm I'll bite...

Can someone explain the relevance of either Nealon or Nietzsche on this post?  What's the joke?

05/30/2011 - 8:19pm Reaction from Columbus

05/30/2011 - 7:47am SI Article

Where's the countdown to the SI article?  Just over 28 hours to go...

05/29/2011 - 4:44pm Fire Everyone


03/24/2011 - 4:08pm Brian's comment in flow-chart form

01/21/2011 - 2:50pm Navarre did not beat the Lions

18/40, 168 yards, 1 TD, and 4 picks.

01/20/2011 - 9:04am Good night


01/15/2011 - 9:51pm We've been spoiled

By that last Big Ten title in 1986.

01/12/2011 - 9:55pm Every game, eh?

Dennis Dixon, Brad Banks, and FREAKING Joe Germaine beg to differ.  Oh, and Armanti Edwards is snickering.

Carr would have had 7-5 seasons with this talent and you know it.  My point was RR was on an upward trajectory and would have figured this out and put Michigan on another plane of competition.  Now we're back to where we were, only this time there's no tying for the Big 10 title and backing into a BCS bid.

01/12/2011 - 9:09pm Exactly

That tweet might have read, "Congratulations.  You got your Wayne Fontes, for what it's worth."  Wayne was entertaining, a good guy, made the playoffs, and you could bet he'd get this reception if he was hired in 2009 after what the Lions have been thorough.

I'm going to stop comparing Michigan to the Lions now.

01/12/2011 - 8:22pm So we're going to win games because we're "tough"?

What does that even mean?  Mike Martin isn't tough?  Brandon Graham wasn't tough?  Tate Forcier playing hurt isn't tough?  Guys in prison are tough.  Would a team of them win the B1G?

01/12/2011 - 8:09am Hokers gonna Hoke

I, for one, am looking forward to perennial 8-4 seasons sprinkled by losses to teams Michigan should beat and wins over OSU from time to time, then getting crushed in a bowl game.

Talk about a return to Bo/Carr/Moeller.  It was totally worth nuking this recruiting class to get this.

01/10/2011 - 10:22pm Is now soon?

01/09/2011 - 12:19pm If Lloyd's talking like that...

He should change his name to Kurtz.

12/29/2010 - 4:46pm OK

I can see how that might have been what you meant, but considering I wasn't the only one confused by your post, and reading your other posts in other threads, I can confidently conclude that while you're a poor writer and a bag of douche, you're not an idiot.

12/29/2010 - 4:14pm Really?

I do have a credible-seeming email in the inbox about Montana getting a big time I-A QB transfer from a "west coast kid not on the west coast," FWIW, but even if that points to Forcier no names are in it. Since Forcier has a redshirt available it would seem to make more sense for him to transfer to another D-I school, anyway.

I assume you're referring to this.  If so, in the same breath Brian discounts the information and implies that the rumor is probably false.  He's "reporting" nothing other than he has an email and that he doubts its content is true.  It's way short of: "ZOMG!  Forcier's outtahere!  I'm tracking flights to Billings!"

12/29/2010 - 1:51pm How do you know he's not Superman?

I, for one, have never seen Section 1 and Superman in the same room at the same time.

12/08/2010 - 3:34pm I'm not going to comment on this thread...

Because I hate threads like this, and commenting on it just makes it float towards the top and get more exposure.

11/30/2010 - 9:23pm HAHA YARLY!

I hate facts too!  RABBLE RABBLE FIRE RR!

11/23/2010 - 8:03pm Geez

What a lunatic.

11/12/2010 - 3:39pm GIS for "1980s Vancouver Canucks" yields...

11/03/2010 - 3:18pm What he said

It does seem like this is too obvious and egregious an error (if indeed, it is one, and not just a different flavor of the defense) for it to not be done for some possibly legitimate purpose. 

What Brian has pointed out is that we aren't running the defense the same way as WVU did, but if I was asked to run this defense, I would start studying it as much as I could, so either GERG didn't do that and is just winging it, or there's a legitimate reason he's trying this strategy and it's just not working.

If it's the former (didn't study), he should be fired.  If it's the latter, it bears more investigation.  Maybe they tried having the MLB deeper and there were other, more problematic flaws exposed due to lack of talent and/or experience.

10/31/2010 - 8:44am You're right

I guess the 2nd national ranking is just a fluke.

If I pick out some data points and make a flippant argument too, I could make a case that our D is better than the '85 Bears.

10/31/2010 - 12:09am He has been recruiting

And they'd be here, if they'd qualify.  He started with the disadvantage of Carr leaving him with no recruits to start with, then having a couple losing seasons to albatross his recruiting efforts.  If you read this blog, you'll see these recruits are coming.  He needs more time.  In my mind, this is really his second year.  You have to forgive him 2008.

10/31/2010 - 12:05am Did you watch those games?

The MSU game, the offense moved the ball fine.  TOs in the red zone killed them, which are mistakes by one player, and not a problem with the scheme.

In this game, we moved the ball well in the first half.  6 possessions: the first was a 3-and-out, granted, but after that, TD, Robinson hurt, FG due to penalty, dropped KO put them at the 2, then end of half.  The rest of the game, they tore it up.

My point was, the same people that were throwing out their chests when we were 5-0 are tearing the exact same team apart.  And not even, this team didn't have Mike Martin.  

10/30/2010 - 11:43pm Calm Down

Look, this is the same Michigan team you've been watching all year.  Fantastic offense.  Crap defense.  Only difference is DR didn't get hurt this game to stifle the O, and the D didn't come up with a turnover to flip the possession equation.

No other coach can do much with this defense, especially when you have to keep MM on the sideline.

Any other coach coming in will have to blow up the team and we'll be 1-11.

Let's just wait this out, give the D some more time to mature and develop.  If this team had even an average defense, they'd probably be undefeated right now.  The best thing for Michigan Football to do at this juncture is to swallow hard and ride this out, because when it does work (and it will), it will be fantastic.

Besides, Brandon signed up to play Alabama in 2012.  Think he wants to do that with a 2nd year coach with a new offense with kids he didn't recruit.  This program is RR's, win or lose, at least through 2012.  And I have a feeling that you'll want him to be your coach for a long time after that season.  Just wait.

10/26/2010 - 4:06pm Dee Hart scored four touchdowns for the Panthers?

Al Bundy approves.

10/23/2010 - 3:52pm Ugh

I live in Lansing.  The worst part is hearing from the bandwagon Sparties who couldn't even name their starting QB if you asked them.  Need the Hawks to win out...

10/12/2010 - 1:37pm Hope

This is one of maybe a dozen plays on which one player fails to execute and costs Michigan a touchdown.

I haven't had the stomach to watch this game again, but I was hoping this is what was the case.  Hopefully these failures are coachable/correctable in a short period of time and not failures forced by a superior opponent, which will spell doom against Iowa/OSU.

10/11/2010 - 5:17pm Beat Iowa

...that is all.

08/26/2010 - 4:52pm "...the fans are about to get it in uncomfortable places"

You mean, like in the back of a Volkswagen?

08/20/2010 - 12:23pm WTF

Where is the Big 10 Commissioner of Common Sense?