Rip this out of here. Ckersh74 is an idiot.

Submitted by ckersh74 on March 10th, 2011 at 7:42 PM

For what it's worth. This is not my original content. From Gopherhole's board:

Charles Robinson, one of the investigative reporters for Yahoo! Sports, was just interviewed on the Waddle and Silvie show on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago. He stated that there are two additional high-profile stories he is working on, on which will break within the next few weeks and another that looks like it will break in August. Mr. Robinson was prodded fairly hard by Tom Waddle, but would not divulge any individual or institutional names. He was asked to rate the Tressel story on a scale of 1-10 scale, and gave it an 8. Mr. Robinson rated the story to be broken this month as a 6-7, and gave the late-summer story a 10-rating, without hesitation.

This ends any speculation that this was the "big one," even though most of us thought that already. And the plot thickens.....